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  1. You could just boost up to 75 construction with stew/crystal saw (if you have the quests done)
  2. thanks :) Update Yet another barrows day, I did 57 runs. Leveled up to 79 magic :) I should be able to finish my magic goal tomorrow (80) I'm still unsure if I will continue barrows after that, I really want some sort of melee legs from there... #236 Torag's Hammers 281 Chests opened in total 12 Barrows items Drop rate: 1/23,4 [spoiler=Gained levels (+1)] +1 Magic
  3. So I made a guide on safespotting the melee brothers in barrows, might be useful for other DIY's :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wN5AMjmW5fg[/url] Btw sorry for no update in a while. I really haven't played much as I've been busy as hell this week.
  4. Bit of data from opening 200 chests in beta http://forum.tip.it/...59#entry5282859
  5. Did some barrows tests today in beta... Looks like I have alot better luck in beta lol (I didnt even use ring of wealth there cause it kept unequipping it on login)
  6. Didn't play a whole lot today. I only did 24 barrows runs with no items :( Got 75 Ranged though and finished Within the Light (74-75 ranged fully by killing Ahrim in barrows haha) [spoiler=Gained levels (+4)] +1 Constitution +1 Ranged +1 Agility +1 Magic
  7. Wow, just wow. My day was real nice... I did 71 runs of barrows and got 7 items, 4 of them being really useful. Especially the start was something unbelievable.. 6 items in 17 chests, with back to back karil top and skirt! Now I just want some sort of melee bottom (verac preferred) and ahrim top. Karil's crossbow would be nice as well to complete the set! #145 Torag's Platebody #147 Torag's Hammers #151 Karil's Coif #155 Karil's Top #156 Karil's Skirt #162 Verac's Helm #191 Ahrim's Robe Skirt 200 Chests opened in total 11 Barrows items Drop rate: 1/18,18 10M in loot! I also cooked 600 monks, did this week's circus and finished 2nd set of strange rocks. [spoiler=Gained levels (+3)] +1 Cooking +1 Fletching +1 Magic
  8. Continued the journey to 80 magic as you might have expected ^^ after 6 barrows runs I got 75 magic, which was the last level needed for Elder Kiln. I ran out of monkfish too so I headed off to piscatoris and fished around 700 monks. Started cooking them as well but I got pretty tired after cooking 100 so I just decided to finish Elder Kiln quest and call it a day. Quest reward got me to 76 Magic, 4 to go now! I haven't got much playtime the past few days, but tomorrow I have no other plans so I should get a load of barrows runs done. Sadly I only got 40 ish prayer pots left. I had 300 or so at some point... Maybe I shouldn't of pietyed that much when I was training slayer haha... +2 Magic (76) +1 Fishing (76)
  9. I forgot to add a picture of the loots I've got so far so here it is I hardly get any deaths/minds cause I use slayer dart which uses those up. Hopefully I'll get a full barrows set soon so I can finish morytania hard tasks for double runes in barrows :)
  10. Sorry for not updating yesterday. Some unexpected plans popped up so I didn't have time. So I did only barrows yesterday. Did a total of 50 chests, found 4 barrows items! #77 Guthan's Platebody #83 Verac's Brassard #92 Torag's Platebody #117 Ahrim's Hood 123 Chests opened in total 4 Barrows items Drop rate: 1/30,75 or 3.25% [spoiler=Gained levels ()] +1 Magic
  11. Update of the Day I didn't have time to play much today... However I did manage to do a bit of barrows. 38 chests opened today, yet again without any barrows pieces. Frankly its getting little boring to kill them brothers with such bad luck. (73 Chests opened, 0 Barrows items) [spoiler=Gained levels (+3)] +1 Constitution +1 Magic +1 Fishing
  12. Update of the Day I finished training agility today. I'm now 65k xp off 77 agility which I will get from quests. I did a few runs of barrows mainly to figure out xp rates... There's no way I'm getting quest cape by next monday if I train magic in barrows. It's something I really should do though as rune armor is getting rather old. 2923 Magic XP per barrows run 363 Barrows runs for 80 Magic 7 Minutes per barrows run Time until 80 Magic: 42 Hours 21 Minutes Btw I'm up to 35 chests opened now with 0 barrows loot. [spoiler=Gained levels (+)] +3 Agility
  13. Update of the Day I started with 2 quests today like I said I would. First I did firemaker's curse which was overall really enjoyable quest. Especially the boss fight. They should make more skill based bosses :) Blood Runs Deep done too. Surprisingly the dagannoth sentinels were alot harder to kill than the dagannoth mother itself. I got 75-78 prayer from the quest reward. Later I leveled to 79 prayer from xp lamps I got from SoF and random events. Then I moved on to train agility. First I headed off to wilderness course to get 69 agility for Within the Light. However I decided to stay there until 70 as I heard that was the good level to switch to Ape Atoll course. After I got 70 agility I felt like just continuing straight to 77 for Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest. So I switched to Ape Atoll course and got 73 Agility. 527k agility xp gained today, not bad as I really don't like the skill. Once again I'm behind my schedule, with 6 days and 7 quests left. Hopefully tomorrow I can get 415k agility xp, which puts me 65k xp away from 77 (Rest of the xp will come from quest rewards). Then all I need is 1 ranged level to finish within the light. If I have time I'll try to catch the schedule and do another quest as well. Looking at the picture below I doubt I will have time though, rather far from any of the other quests :( [spoiler=Gained levels (+15)] +8 Agility +1 Firemaking +4 Prayer +1 Dungeoneering +1 Magic
  14. Melee or Mage up close with prayer on so they dont use firebreath so much. You're probably better off maging them. At 74 att 75 str, piety and supers I had no trouble hitting them with melees. Thanks! Yeah I've played alot too :o
  15. Hey thats neat :D Shame it's pretty hard to figure out xp/hr for diy.. that would be nice addition
  16. :evil: :evil: :evil: Congrats on the D axe! How'd you get in, did you follow someone else or something? This or next weekend I want to get one :) Also, do slayer helms stack? Friend helped me through the doors, and when I got to king dags I just sneaked past supreme and prime without them noticing me, was really lucky :P Yes slay helms stack, picture was taken from inventory. I had just watched too many episodes of Dexter in a row :P
  17. Update of the Day This update is for 2 days pretty much, 7th and 8th. I sort of pulled an all nighter (I woke up at 5pm yesterday and its 4 pm now) because I wanted to fix my sleeping rhythm, not cool sleeping all day. I did a truckloads of slayer, along with finishing few task sets. Got my 2nd slayer points upgrade as well, the ability to make slayer helms. Heres my 4 beautiful helms :> Now this one was reaaaalllyyyy nice surprise. I went to mage rex for 6 dagannoth hides for fremennik tasks... Ended up getting dragon hatchet from 2nd rex kill EVER on this account. I realise I'm now 2 quests behind my schedule.. I do have all the requirements for Firemaker's Curse and Blood Runs Deep which I will be doing as soon as I wake up. Hopefully I will also get levels for one more quest tomorrow. [spoiler=Slayer Log] 148 Bloodvelds: 73 Ranged 10 Mutated Zygomites (Special) 122 Trolls: 68 Slayer, 72 Strength 156 Shadow Warriors 168 Brine Rats: 73 Strength 118 Jellies 124 Trolls: 74 Strength, 75 Constitution 141 Turoths 160 Jellies: 69 Slayer 41 Bronze Dragons 168 Shadow Warriors: 75 Strength 157 Bloodvelds: 73 Attack 185 Dagannoths: 76 Constitution, 74 Attack, 70 Slayer 147 Dust Devils 92 Grotworms: 75 Attack (72 grotworms left still) [spoiler=Skills left to train] 78 Attack 78 Strength 76 Defence 76 Constitution 76 Mining 74 Smithing 77 Agility 65 Summoning 80 Magic 75 Ranged 70 Construction [spoiler=Gained levels (+15)] +2 Ranged +3 Slayer +4 Strength +2 Constitution +3 Attack +1 Cooking Also it seems the image uploader I've been using has been blocked so I'll reupload the stat pictures on first post tomorrow.
  18. Update of the Day First I did all ardougne hard tasks Then I watched a bit of dexter and runespanned at same time, gaining 71 runecraft. When I was bored of dexter I decided to use up my planks, which got me to 63 construction. This next part is a response to Runar :D.... Did 3 quests, leaving me with 9 left. They were Prisoner of Glouphrie, Do No Evil and Love Story. I lost the picture of PoG somewhere :( My goal from now on is atleast 1 quest per day, meaning I should get quest cape in 9 days, but this will be really hard so I doubt I can do it. If that doesn't work out I'll just try to stay ahead of Runar :D Tomorrow's quest: Within the Light (Need 4 agility and 3 ranged levels) Oh I also did the elite clue you get from Do No Evil's reward Btw some replies would be nice, you leechers :( [spoiler=Skills left to train] 78 Attack 78 Strength 76 Defence 76 Constitution 76 Mining 74 Smithing 77 Agility 65 Summoning 80 Magic 75 Ranged 70 Construction [spoiler=Gained levels (+26)] +6 Runecrafting +14 Construction +2 Agility +1 Thieving +1 Magic +1 Smithing +1 Crafting
  19. Update of the Day Ticked off 2 skills from quest cape reqs, 76 woodcut and 67 slayer. This leaves me with 11 skills remaining. Been getting tons of jelly and cave horror tasks, luckily they both have decent drops. Even managed to get my 4th black mask drop haha 1700 total :) I also did branches of darkmeyer. Rather fun boss fight, although I expected it to be bit harder. The blisterwood stakes really owned that guy. I only ended up using 12 monkfish against him. Reward got me to 75 prayer! Hard to say what I will be doing tomorrow. Most likely something combat related though. [spoiler=5 Hard clues] [spoiler=Slayer Log] 140 Fever Spiders 163 Jellies | 67 Ranged 145 Cave Horrors | 68 Ranged, 73 Constitution 117 Jellies 117 Cave Horrors | 69 Ranged 137 Bloodvelds | 66 Slayer, 70 Ranged 86 Grotworms 43 Mutated Zygomites | 71 Ranged 158 Jellies 127 Cave Horrors | 67 Slayer [spoiler=Skills left to train] 78 Attack 78 Strength 76 Defence 76 Constitution 76 Mining 74 Smithing 77 Agility 65 Summoning 80 Magic 75 Ranged 70 Construction [spoiler=Gained levels (+15)] +1 Woodcutting +1 Firemaking +5 Ranged +2 Constitution +2 Slayer +1 Magic +1 Agility +2 Prayer
  20. Update of the Day Did the new quest that was released today. Really liked it and the rewards was nice. Picked 2K pure essence from killing the wolf, and used the xp lamps on prayer and gained 45k exp. I managed to train 2 skills today to the required levels for quest cape, 70 fletching and 74 firemaking. I had plenty maple logs from kingdom and I used those to train fletching. For firemaking I just continued to woodcut teaks as I need 76 woodcutting anyway. I'm about 100k xp away from that (and yet another skill done for quest cape) Below you'll find the updated list of skills I need for quest cape. Tomorrow I'll finish off that woodcutting, and hopefully slayer as well. That also means I will be able to do Branches of Darkmeyer :) Honestly I feel like the cape is so close already as theres only 5 noncombat skills (I count slayer as combat) I've always loved combat skills so I should be able to plow thru those levels real fast. [spoiler=Skills left to train] 78 Attack 78 Strength 76 Defence 76 Constitution 76 Woodcutting 76 Mining 74 Smithing 77 Agility 67 Slayer 65 Summoning 80 Magic 75 Ranged 70 Construction [spoiler=Gained levels (+17)] +1 Prayer +10 Fletching +3 Firemaking +3 Woodcutting
  21. This is true. I'm always really hyped when a new quest is released.
  22. [spoiler=After quest]Cant find philippe in shilo village I've looked everywhere :o
  23. Update of the Day Not much to write about today. I basicly spent the whole day just cutting teaks and doing herb runs every 90 mins. After gaining 72 woodcut I did few a quests I unlocked. Probably my highest exp gains in a day so far, which I intend to break tomorrow :D [spoiler=Gained levels (+17)] +1 Agility +6 Woodcutting +7 Firemaking +1 Farming +1 Slayer +1 Dungeoneering
  24. Well according to wiki its one of the rarest drops from rare drop table. Maybe you got incredibly lucky on your main? Update of the Day This day started off incredibly lucky as well haha. On my first ever Cave Horror task I got 2 black masks within 5 kills of eachother :o I passed a total of 300 slayer points today and immediately bought the ability to fletch broad bolts. Tested em out on lesser demons and I'm really happy of the result. Tomorrow I will probably range slay more as I want 70 ranged. I used up some of my herbs and got 60 herblore. Then I figured it was time to finish my first grandmaster quest, none other than While Guthix Sleeps :) Rather easy quest and the boss fight gave me no troubles. 67-72 Prayer from reward :) Then I went woodcutting a bit. I recorded a 20 minute sample of my method. I'll be using this method all the way to 99 wc and 99 fm (not right away obviously) It's about 60K woodcut and 66k firemaking exp per hour at level 65 woodcut and rune hatchet. Will be alot higher when I get dragon hatchet. Also sorry about the quality but it should be watchable at 720p or 1080p.. It's my first vid :( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyjwgrADfp4 [spoiler=Slayer Log] 155 Fever Spiders 117 Cave Horrors 143 Shadow Warriors | 71 Attack, 72 Constitution 137 Fever Spiders 10 Mutated Zygomites special task | 64 Slayer 142 Lesser Demons | 66 Ranged 153 Cave Horrors | 72 Attack [spoiler=Gained levels (+15)] +2 Attack +1 Constitution +1 Slayer +1 Ranged +1 Herblore +5 Prayer +2 Woodcutting +2 Firemaking
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