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  1. Update of the Day [spoiler=Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup & Skilling a bit] I started out really lucky I guess. I got that gout tuber within 30 mins of logging in. That was the last task for Karamja Medium tasks. I used the lamps on summoning, then I did this week's penguins and I got 3 levels in total (to 52 summoning). I then made 100 Spirit terrorbirds and 2000 scrolls for them! This should make slayer, and activities that require running alot easier :) Then I used some of my silver bars mainly testing the experience rate. I was positively surprised at how fast it was. I did a 20 minute test, which gave an estimate of 80K exp per hour. Not bad at all considering silver bars are easy to get. Slayer time. [spoiler=The Slayer Log + The Path of Glouphrie] As I had finished smoking kills earlier, I now could gain points from tasks. I wanted to do 4 tasks from Machna first as the first 4 tasks dont give any points. 10 Wall Beasts 65 Wolves | Levels: 65 Attack 58 Hobgoblins 60 Cockatrices | Levels: 55 Slayer White Mystic boots :) Back to Chaeldar. 161 Kalphites | Levels: 65 Strength, 63 Defence, 56 Slayer 56 Slayer allowed me to finish my next quest I also had enough melee levels for Warrior's Guild and that was my next destination [spoiler=The Warrior's Guild and King's Ransom] Bronze Defender | 74 Cyclops | Levels: 66 Strength, 64 Constitution Iron Defender | 10 Cyclops Steel Defender | 47 Cyclops | Levels: 64 Defence Black Defender | 3 Cyclops Mith Defender | 25 Cyclops Adamant Defender | 36 Cyclops Rune Defender | 36 Cyclops | Levels: 65 Defence Dragon Defender | 57 Cyclops + 2 Cyclossus Now that I had 65 Defence I had all the requirements for King's Ransom I tried the knight waves as well but they were far too hard for me atm [spoiler=Magic Training & Partially completed Hard Clue] I wanted to train magic for few reasons. I needed 66 for Swan Song and it's a quest I really want to do so I can fish monkfish. Another reason was so I could make a ring of wealth. I found a rather good spot to train on in pollnivneach dungeon, the Mighty Banshees! Crumble undead completely wrecks em, while being rather easy to get runes for. They also drop hard clues which I've been desperately looking ever since I needed to get a rune hatchet. I actually got a hard clue from them within 15 mins, and got to 4th part of it until this slapped my face I have blue dragonhide chaps already. I'll get the battlestaff from fire giants and rune full helm from greaters tomorrow. [spoiler=Clues] Bandos Robe Top :) [spoiler=Gained levels (+22)] +4 Summoning +2 Crafting +1 Attack +3 Slayer +2 Farming +2 Strength +4 Defence +1 Magic +2 Constitution +1 Herblore [spoiler=Quests] The Path of Glouphrie King's Ransom
  2. Update of the Day [spoiler=Skilling & Trekking] I wanted 55 Fletching today, for two reasons. First was so I can craft my own broad bolts later, and other was a quest. I chopped some more maples at Seers. After I had enough maples I headed off to Temple Trekking, as I had ran out of bowstrings. Got my first companion to level 99 :) Btw he's such a beast. Construction hat ^^ Construction gloves Pazuzu level 99 :) Construction pants Lumberjack boots Construction boots 3rd companion to 99 Construction garb (full set now!) I figured it was good time to stop trekking at this point, as I had the full construction set. I also had 65 craft banked :) Then I finally got 55 Fletching and finished another quest. I boosted my smith and fletch to 59 with spicy stews and made some mithril grapples for tasks. I actually hadn't done tasks in a while so I had quite a few unlocked. In the end I managed to finish Ardougne, Seers and Falador medium tasks. I was supposed to do alot more stuff today but I got stuck in Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup activity for 8 frigging hours trying to get a gout tuber for my last Karamja medium task. I gained 820% favour and I didn't even get that damn tuber! Worst thing is some other guy came by there and randomly got a tuber from his first jungle that he cut >.< [spoiler=Gained levels (+16)] +2 Attack +1 Woodcutting +1 Cooking +3 Thieving +5 Fletching +2 Summoning +1 Farming +1 Constitution [spoiler=Quests] In Pyre Need
  3. Ha-ha pokemon. Oh the memories... Are they still just like Pokemon Red and Blue?
  4. Update of the Day [spoiler=Skilling & some more quests] I started the day by finishing penguins, troll invasion and then using up my charms. This got me the last requirement for Salt in the Wound (45 Summoning) Then I finished the quest for some nice exp rewards. Afterwards I finally decided to get the requirements for Tai Bwo Wannai Trio. I was missing 65 Fishing. Got bored at 63 so I just boosted it with fishing potion I had some TV series that needed to be watched so I decided to woodcut some willow and maple. I cut around 600 willows and 300 maples. At some point I started alching while woodcutting at same time. Works like a charm, basicly gain magic exp with no woodcutting exp lost. I used all of my willows to get 50 fletching. That's it for today's skilling, Slayer time! [spoiler=The Slayer Log + Smoking Kills] 154 Kalphites Levels: 62 Attack, 62 Defence, 52 Slayer, 61 Constitution, 62 Strength 23 Cave Slimes 161 Trolls Levels: 53 Slayer, 63 Strength, 64 Strength 149 Banshees Levels: 63 Constitution, 54 Slayer This task got me to 85 Combat and that was last req for Smoking Kills. Also got an easy clue from the Banshees [spoiler=Gained levels (+42)] +12 Summoning +2 Defence +3 Herblore +1 Dungeoneering +1 Prayer +3 Fishing +1 Cooking +1 Attack +2 Constitution +3 Strength +3 Slayer +7 Fletching +1 Magic +2 Woodcutting [spoiler=Quests Completed] Salt in the Wound Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Smoking Kills
  5. Good luck =) Little tip; do The Tourist Trap quest for easy agility levels :)
  6. Update of the Day [spoiler=Some quests, again!] When I logged in I noticed I had almost no bank space left :( Cleaning my bank also led me to finish Rag and Bone Man Part 2, as those bones were taking up 27 spaces from my bank. I also had tons of strange rocks in my bank. I never picked up the bag to keep em in so I went to get that. I was only missing 1 crafting rock. Then I made some molten glass and got the rock after few trips. First time building the statue! I got 3 levels from building it, but I also gained 10 kudos bumping me to 158 total. That gave me some exp too, giving me 3 more levels. Next I did this quest Then I got 42 fletching for Catapult Construction and did it. I got 46 Construction off the earlier quest and had all requirements for Hunt for Red Raktuber That's it for quests, atleast for now. Back to slayer :) [spoiler=The Slayer Log] 87 Vampyres Levels: 59 Defence 132 Blue Dragons Levels: 58 Constitution, 53 Ranged, 48 Slayer, 54 Ranged, 55 Ranged, 49 Slayer, 56 Ranged This task took frigging SIX hours to finish :( 124 Dagannoths Levels: 59 Constitution, 60 Defence, 50 Slayer 119 Basilisks Levels: 61 Strength 137 Jungle Horrors Levels: 61 Attack, 51 Slayer, 60 Constitution [spoiler=Gained levels (+29)] +1 Herblore +1 Firemaking +1 Farming +3 Construction +1 Crafting +5 Slayer +5 Ranged +4 Fletching +1 Woodcutting +1 Strength +2 Defence +3 Constitution +1 Attack [spoiler=Quests] Rag and Bone Man - Part 2 Glorious Memories Catapult Construction Hunt for Red Raktuber
  7. Update of the Day [spoiler=Fish Flingers & Questing] I ran out of food, so it was time to start fishing again. I fished tuna/swordfish at Catherby, while using up my tickets at fish flingers. I almost have tokens for my first fishing set piece now. After fishing 200 swordfish I got bored of it so I went questing a bit. First I did Summer's End. It was kind of tricky quest, especially when the spirit beast basicly 1 hit killed me if I messed up. I died 3 times but finally I got it done! Spirit shield woohooo! Next up was the pirate quests. Holy Wrench <3 God's gift to DIY! 500K FROM SPINS :o Cabin Fever and 50k from spins.. :D The Great Brain Robbery. The boss for this quest was really strong, probably strongest one I've fought so far. He kept hitting me 250s and I barely could keep up with healing, let alone try to attack. Took me 3 tries until I finally got lucky enough that he wouldn't do those crazy combos. I had gotten enough bronze spears yesterday from goblins for As a First resort and I decided to do it now. [spoiler=Circus, Agility and Quests] Now I wanted to get 56 agility (53 with pot works) for Regicide. I remembered I hadn't done Circus this week yet. It's kind of easy exp so I like to do it. I got 61 magic, 51 ranged, 51 agility thanks to it :) Then I headed off to wilderness agility course to get the last 2 remaining agility levels. I had kind of a funny experience while there. A level 44 in addy full tried to kill me haha :D he just kept chasing me forever, I got 52-53 completely with him on my tail :D Anyway after I got 53 agility I did regicide. Unsure if I should buy dragon halberd.. I continued with the elf chain and did Roving Elves as well, but unfortunately I forgot to screenshot it. I picked the bow as my reward. Throne of miscellania done as well. I need to get bit more money to start using it though. And the followup quest for it Fish Mask :o (Could alch it for 500k hmmmm) [spoiler=Gained levels (+)] +2 Farming +3 Fishing +2 Cooking +9 Summoning +1 Mining +2 Prayer +1 Firemaking +1 Smithing +1 Defence +1 Crafting +1 Woodcutting +4 Agility +1 Ranged +1 Magic +1 Slayer [spoiler=Quests] Summer's End Rum Deal Cabin Fever The Great Brain Robbery As a First Resort Regicide Roving Elves Throne of Miscellania Royal Trouble
  8. Update of the Day [spoiler=Temple Trekking & Fletching] So I continued where I left off yesterday, trying to get 39 fletching for the medium clue I had. I've never really liked picking flax and I found a great alternative place to get bowstrings, Temple Trekking! I spent around an hour playing the minigame and it was really fun and good way to get loot. I will definitely be going back there someday for other rewards. I gained 2 defence + 1 constitution levels there as well. Loot from around 1 hour. As you can see it's pretty great for bowstrings (and would be way faster at higher combat) So I made 150 willow shortbows for 39 fletching and finished the clue. All that effort for junk, oh well. [spoiler=The Slayer Log] [spoiler=67 Harpie Bug Swarms] Drops: Levels: 36 Slayer Charms: Additional Notes: [spoiler=87 Ogres] Drops: Levels: 37 Slayer, 55 Defence, 38 Slayer, 56 Strength Additional Notes: [spoiler=111 Cockatrices + Medium Clue] Drops: Levels: 39 Slayer, 55 Constitution Additional Notes: Finished the medium clue [spoiler=32 Dwarves] Drops: Nothing Levels: 57 Strength Additional Notes: I originally got Killerwatts as my task but they're not worth it. They hit way too hard for crappy loot. [spoiler=116 Vampyres] Drops: Levels: 40 Slayer Additional Notes: [spoiler=61 Ice Warriors] Drops: Levels: 58 Strength, 41 Slayer Additional Notes: [spoiler=81 Banshees] Drops: Levels: 42 Slayer Additional Notes: Easy clue reward [spoiler=66 Mogres] Drops: Levels: 59 Strength, 56 Constitution Additional Notes: [spoiler=75 Grotworms] Drops: Levels: 43 Slayer, 60 Strength Additional Notes: [spoiler=91 Ghouls] Drops: 2 Green charms, 10 Gold charms Levels: 56 Defence Additional Notes: [spoiler=29 Goblins] Drops: 2 Bronze spears (needed for quests), 1 Gold charm Levels: Additional Notes: Replaced Killerwatts [spoiler=105 Harpie Bug Swarms (Uncut Dragonstone!)] Drops: Levels: 45 Slayer, 57 Defence, 57 Constitution Additional Notes: [spoiler=83 Pyrefiends + Medium Clue] Drops: Levels: Additional Notes: Clue reward [spoiler=Gained levels (+35)] +5 Strength +5 Defence +4 Constitution +4 Fletching +10 Slayer +2 Fishing +1 Cooking +4 Summoning
  9. Update of the Day First of all I'll have to apologize for quite lengthy update, but I like writing even about the smallest things. Keeps me from getting bored :) (Even though I hardly get any replies :() I'll have most of stuff spoilered starting today and you can choose which parts to read. Thumbs up or down for the sort of new format? [spoiler=Tasking my way to riches and expees]I planted limpwurts in morytania yesterday so I could finish easy tasks there. When I woke up they were dead so I replanted them and went to do some random stuff while waiting. This included hunting Kyatts and Graahks to make new camouflage clothing (and both were required for tasks as well) Hunting the graahk completed Rellekka medium tasks. Leveled up prayer from the xp lamp. I returned to the limpwurt patch, harvested it and got 39 farming. I used the xp lamp from morytania easy tasks on slayer, gaining 2 levels. For the next task I had to choose a colour of a new kitten (with the aid of ring of charos). To be able to get a 2nd kitten I had to build a menagerie in my house and put my wily hellcat in it. Leveled up construction from this. After choosing a new kitten I had completed the Varrock Medium tasks. I'm on a roll here! [spoiler=Desert Treasure-ish (Since when can magic be called treasure?)]Now I wanted to do desert treasure, but I was missing 1 thieving level so I headed off to master farmer to get that. The success rate still sucked even with gloves of silence but I only needed 4k exp so it came relatively fast. I went to thieve cakes for the quest, and got 58 attack from killing the guards that spotted me. I started Desert Treasure going after Shadow Diamond first. I had incredible luck with thieving the gilded cross, I only used FIVE lockpicks. Killing Damis was too easy, theres plenty of safespots in his lair. I just had loads of trouble making him spawn for some reason. Smoke Diamond part's sub boss Fareed was even easier than Damis. Used 0 food without any kind of safespots Blood Diamond was next. Dessous died in about 20 Iban blasts and I only used 9 lobsters. Before going after Ice Diamond I needed to make some prayer and stat restore potions but I had no herbs. I went to kill chaos druids in Edgeville resource dungeon (Thanks for Dankaz who told me about the ranarr spawn in there as well). Ice Diamond part was not too bad honestly. I had to run from Kamil first time though cause he was immune to my Iban Blast and I didn't know that. After killing all 4 of them, I have to admit I remember them being alot more dangerous... I mean I was using REALLY bad gear (look at picture below) Running through the ancient pyramid turned out to be rather painless as well. Didnt trigger a single trap :) [spoiler=A Sort of Legend's Quest]Okay it's finally time to work on the requirements for Legend's Quest (45 Herb, 50 Agility). I decided to start with the herblore. I'll be training farming alongside it to get faster herbs. I made a total of 120 energy pots, 69 prayer pots and 91 super attack pots and got 46 herb. I also got 60 attack so now I'm able to wield my dragon weapons :P Now all I needed was 50 agility. First I went to barbarian outpost to get 3k exp, which got me to 49. Then I used agility potion to get into wilderness agility course. Damn the xp difference is huge between these courses, got 50 in no time. Legen- wait for it...... daryyyyyy! Alright. Legend's Quest was progressing nicely until I got to the last part and realised it requires a god damn RUNE HATCHET! No problem right? WRONG. This item is really hard for DIY to get... The choices are to smith it yourself, get it from a hard clue, or get it as a drop from some high level monsters like KBD. I guess I'll go clue hunting (aka slaying) till I get it. But hey on good side, I got 3 karamja tasks done in kharazi jungle. [spoiler=First slayer task ever, Ice Warriors!]Drops: clue scroll (medium), 2 death rune, 12 chaos rune, 8 nature rune, 1 limpwurt seed, 1 jangerberry seed, 1 ranarr seed, 1 spirit weed seed, 1 harralander seed, 1 uncut ruby Levels: 35 slayer, 52 defence Charms: 14 gold, 2 crimson, 1 blue Notes: The clue requires 39 fletching so I have to get 4 levels in order to finish it. Will do that tomorrow. [spoiler=Gained levels (+23)]+1 Prayer +2 Farming +2 Slayer +1 Construction +1 Thieving +1 Attack +2 Constitution +1 Magic +3 Attack +5 Herblore +2 Agility +1 Slayer +1 Defence [spoiler=Quests]Desert Treasure
  10. Great progress mate. Bad luck with the rune square :(
  11. Hey thanks, I didn't even think of that myself. It sounds useful, especially since I hate training mining.
  12. Thanks! Sure it's alot work sometimes but at the same time it's way more satisfying when you actually achieve something.
  13. This day started off with a small chain reaction. I wanted to do As a First Resort quest, but looking at the items required I noticed it requires 4 spears of any kind. I could of gone to kill monsters for them, but I think they are rather rare drop. My other option was to smith them, but that requires Tai Bwo Wannai quest, which in turn required a Raw Karambwan. It can be fished (65 fishing) or gained from hunting Gourmet Implings. I was nowhere close to the fishing requirement so I chose to hunt implings. But before I headed off to Puro-Puro I wanted to get 58 hunter, so I could catch Nature Implings for Magic Logs (Needed for Desert Treasure and Unlocking 1 balloon route and maybe some other stuff) I trained 54-57 hunter at orange salamanders. I now had the requirement for dark kebbits whos fur can be exchanged for Gloves of Silence. I caught dark kebbits for the last hunter level. Got 81 pairs of gloves :) Those will be highly useful at master farmers later. 58-65 hunter with IMPLINGS! god damn that took forever. At some point I went 2 hours without a single magic log... I also realised the wiki entry for gourmet implings is wrong. They do NOT drop raw karambwans, only cooked. At 65 Hunt I was able to catch magpie implings which have really nice loot. Important items I got from there: - 12 Magic logs - 3 Amulet of Power!!!! - Rune Warhammer - Mystic Gloves - Adamant Kiteshield - Blue Dragonhide Chaps - Spiky Red Vambrace Soon! I wasnt quite done with hunter yet. I decided to go to red salamanders as I noticed there's a task in varrock that requires 69 hunter. I got 65-66 hunter, then it was time to call it a day. Time Played: 7 days 9 hours [spoiler=Levels (+12)]+12 Hunter [spoiler=Quests:]None :(
  14. I started the day off doing "a bit" of dungeoneering, gaining total of 26 levels in there. I wanted to get 59 Magic for Family Crest so I used all my spare cash to make cosmics, and when the floor was finished I just kept making Gatestones. Easy & cheap magic xp for DIY. As I ran out of high level floors I did the lower level ones in C2, while woodcutting and fishing all resources, then using the logs and fishes to train cooking & firemaking. Got a few random levels from solving puzzles as well as a attack level from clearing guardian rooms. Family Crest was easier than I remembered. Chronozon died in around 15 seconds, was expecting it to be bit harder as he is level 170. As a reward I chose the cooking gauntlets which will come in handy when I start fishing food for slayer. All required quests for legends done now. I was running out of cash so it felt like a good time to do some tasks. I was only 7 tasks short of 400 tasks done. I needed a skull sceptre for one task so I set out to get that. Got pretty lucky with the pieces, only had to kill 7 minotaur, 3 catoblepan, 3 ankou and maybe 40 flesh crawlers. So many bots at flesh crawlers it really got me annoyed though >.< For my 400th task I needed to hunt some swamp lizards, and I decided i'd stay there bit longer to train up my hunter. I got 15 Hunter levels (to 44) catching swamp lizards. I wanted to go do Falconry next as its quite decent exp, with good chance of getting strange rocks. But first I wanted some items.. so i set out to get the larupia hunter gear from feldip hills. After this I went to snare rabbits to make strung rabbit foot's. I gained 45 hunter from making 2 sets of larupia, and 10 strung rabbit foots. Next destination: Falconry! By the time I was 47 hunter, which is the requirement for Orange Salamanders, I had got(gotten?) both of my strange rocks. Falconry is quite click & inventory heavy so I moved off to the desert to catch some sallys. Trained at orange salamanders until 54. Hunter was also my 17th skill to 50. Then I realised I was only 1 woodcutting level away from being able to do As a First Resort quest. So I headed back to Daemonheim. Did 5 floors of C2 dunging, gained 1 woodcut, 1 fishing, 2 cooking and 1 firemaking level. Got kind of sidetracked from trying to get requirements for Legend's Quest... Oh well, tomorrow then :) Time Played: 6 days 21 hours [spoiler=Levels: +56] +5 Dungeoneering +5 Fishing +5 Cooking +3 Woodcutting +4 Firemaking +5 Magic +1 Summoning +1 Attack +1 Constitution +1 Herblore +25 Hunter [spoiler=Quests Completed]Family Crest
  15. Got quite a lot of stuff done today. Started off by doing 3 floors of dungeoneering, gaining few levels in dung, fish, cook, woodcutting. (Slowly working towards bonecrusher). Then I proceeded in training construction for few quests. Used up 120 Oak planks and 150 Teak planks, which got me 40 construction. I figured it was about time to finish Heroes quest so I used fish pie and spicy stew to boost my levels for getting the lava eel. While I was getting spices from hellrats I decided to catch 100 rats there for the varrock task. Now I have a decent stock of spices if I ever need em for some reason. Then I did Fremennik Isles, weird thing is the quest requirement for it is 56 woodcutting, but I did it at 54 without any kind of boosts :blink: So now I have the Neitiznot Helm but I need 55 def to wear it, which I'll probably get after 60 attack. Goal for tomorrow: Legend's Quest! Levels: +60 Time Played: 6 days 7 hours +9 Herblore +2 Farming +5 Agility +3 Magic +1 Ranged +3 Prayer +2 Fishing +2 Woodcutting +2 Cooking +3 Dungeoneering +1 Constitution +1 Crafting +2 Attack +16 Construction +2 Runecrafting +2 Summoning +2 Thieving +2 Strength Quests Completed Eadgar's Ruse My Arm's Big Adventure Land of the Goblins Heroes Quest Fremennik Isles Cold War Missing My Mummy (100% restored) Spirit of Summer The Chosen Commander
  16. Bit too tired to post anything lengthy. Basicly just hunted some birds for 27 hunt, did Eagles' Peak. Then trained construction to 25, did rune mechanics. Then I did 2 floors of dunging and got 31 herblore for Eadgar's Ruse (Which I will do tomorrow). Total Levels: +22 +12 Hunter +1 Prayer +1 Strength +1 Runecrafting +3 Construction +1 Fishing +1 Dungeoneering +1 Herblore +1 Attack Quests Completed: Eagles' Peak Rune Mechanics
  17. Had a little more time to play and I decided to finish the last quest I had reqs for, Contact. Rather easy quest, killed the Giant Scarab boss with 11 Iban Blasts... That spell is so overpowered for only level 50 magic lol (max hit 250 I think?). Got a thieving level from the quest, which is now 50. Btw, is 75 woodcutting the only way to get magic logs? :(
  18. Continued from where I left off yesterday, which is medium clue hunting. Only THREE guards later, a medium clue dropped. On my first medium clue I got just the thing I needed, a yew shortbow. Adamant Crossbow will prove highly useful as well I would guess. I'm one lucky duck. Then I headed off to Daemonheim to get a few cooking levels needed to make Chocolate Cake, which I needed for few things. After that I continued my questing, doing three relatively easy quests. Then I ran out of quests, except for Contact! and Monkey Madness so I decided it was time to wreak some havoc at Ape Atoll. Honestly, this quest was alot easier than I remembered it to be... I thieved 50 ish cakes for it, ended up using less than 10. 70 Minutes later the Jungle Demon laid dead before my eyes and I gained the ability to use a Dragon Scimitar. 60 Attack is however required, and will now be my choice of combat style until I achieve it. I was 1099 skill total after gaining multiple combat-related levels from the quest so I just caught 1 Polar Kebbit to gain a hunter level. Now I have to get off, as I have a party to attend to. Will continue tomorrow unless I'm far too hungover :P Levels: +33 Time Played: 5 days 11 hours +3 Herblore +3 Ranged +4 Constitution +5 Fletching +2 Cooking +1 Fishing +1 Woodcutting +2 Firemaking +1 Dungeoneering +2 Farming +1 Strength +3 Attack +4 Defence +1 Hunter Quests: 221 QP Temple of Ikov A Tale of Two Cats Enlightened Journey Monkey Madness
  19. Slow, slow day. Got 14 ranged levels just trying to get a medium clue, and didnt even end up getting one. Anyone know a good monster that drops em? I was killing pyrefiends/guards. I need yew/magic bow for Temple of Ikov so my best bet is medium clue for yew one. I also trained my smithing so I could smith a Zephyrium 2H. Never realised how fast iron ore mining is in dwarven mine near that resource dungeon. Then I went dungeoneering a bit, mainly to train wc/fm/fish/cook which are exceptionally fast there at this level. Slowly working towards heroes quests reqs (fish and cook still too low). I finished the first fremmy saga too. Ah I almost forgot that I did a bit of farming as well. Was doing farming-related quests so it felt appropriate. I'll put that on hold for now though I think, until I'm bit higher thieving to not fail master farmer so much. And Yay I got a willow seed from bird nest too! I planted that big boy so I can later get the needed 18 Willow Branches for a Quest and a Task from it. SoF was definitely on my side tonight. Got Rune Scimitar and Adamant Hatchet both of which are welcome upgrades. Is it safe to eat candies given by some guy in purple robes called Uri? Hey btw if anyone wants to add me go ahead, I have no friends :( Level ups +66 Play Time: 5 days 3 hours +2 Prayer +5 Thieving +13 Farming +2 Summoning +3 Cooking +1 Strength +14 Ranged +3 Mining +6 Smithing +1 Defence +3 Constitution +1 Agility +3 Fishing +1 Attack +6 Dungeoneering +1 Woodcutting +1 Magic Quests 214/332 Quest points From Tiny Acorns (Buyers and Cellars Subquest) Lost Her Marbles (Buyers and Cellars Subquest) Forgettable Tale of the Drunken Dwarf Garden of Tranquility Between a Rock... Spirits of the Elid Itchlarin's Little Helper The Rat Catchers Lumby Medium tasks done Seers Easy tasks done
  20. sure thing I actually was meant to but I forgot.
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