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  1. Update of the Day Just cooked the monkfish I had fished yesterday and then spent the rest of my day slaying. Had crazy luck on my first task, got a vecna skull!! [spoiler=Slayer Log] 120 Aberrant Spectres | 70 Attack | VECNA SKULL! 10 Mutated Zygomites SPECIAL TASK | 61 Slayer 111 Harpie Bug Swarms 115 Warped Tortoises | 68 Defence 146 Bloodvelds | 69 Defence, 62 Slayer, 70 Defence 166 Jellies | 71 Strength 121 Jungle Horrors | 63 Slayer [spoiler=Gained levels (+14)] +2 Cooking +1 Prayer +1 Attack +3 Slayer +2 Herblore +3 Defence +1 Constitution +1 Strength
  2. Update of the Day Started off with few slayer tasks then I ran out of food. Spent the rest of the day just fishing. Nothing else really, didnt even bother to do farm runs for some reason. Did do few clues though Black d'hide top :) [spoiler=Slayer Log] 80 Grotworms | 70 Constitution 144 Jungle Horrors | 68 Attack 145 Kalphites | 60 Slayer 147 Dagannoth | 69 Attack [spoiler=Gained levels (+7)] +1 Constitution +2 Attack +1 Slayer +3 Fishing
  3. Yeah I think you were afk as you were in lobby :P and thanks <3
  4. thanks :) Update of the Day Combat was topic of the day. I did 22(total 28) runs of barrows without any drops :( After I got bored there I finally continued slaying. When I got 58 Slayer I went camping cave horrors for black mask drop. I got REAAALLLYYY lucky. 2 clues, torstol seed, black mask and plenty of other herb seeds in about 50-70 kills. I couldn't finish the first clue though. Of course I had to test the mask right away! Infernal mages felt like butter but mature grotworms are still pretty hard to hit. They're a good task nonetheless.. I killed only 39 and got close to 200k just from alching. Decent clue. 2 Ranged upgrades :) Today marks my 1 month blogiversary, so heres a comparison on how I've progressed this month. [spoiler=Slayer Log] 102 Fungal Mages | 69 Magic, 58 Slayer 167 Infernal Mages | 80 Grotworms | 59 Slayer, 70 Strength (got too tired and left halfway thru task, will continue tomorrow) [spoiler=Gained levels (+14)] +1 Summoning +1 Hunter +4 Fletching +1 Farming +2 Magic +1 Constitution +2 Slayer +2 Strength
  5. Update of the Day Today was really productive day one could say. I started by doing some weekly stuff, namely pengs and circus. Then I had to afk a bit so I trained at runespan till 65 at the same time. Death runes :) Then I wanted to update my binds a bit so I did a few floors. I smithed a brand new Argonite 2H, and bound fire staff + 225 blasts in my blastbox :) I realised I had reqs for the 2nd fremmy saga so I finished it. I was pretty close to Rocking out reqs, was just missing few agility levels. I headed off to wildy course and in no time I got 60 agility. I wanted to try Mourning Ends Part 2 again with bit higher agi level and succeeded on finishing it :) Now I can actually make my own death runes for slayer dart ;) Next up was rocking out It gave me 61 agility and it meant I was only missing mining requirement for curse of arrav. I mined a bit more iron ore and eventually got the levels then I finished 2 more quests I hit 2 big milestones today (big for me anyway!) 1600 Total & 300 Questpoints! [spoiler=Gained levels (+20)] +1 Magic +1 Ranged +2 Farming +5 Agility +3 Runecrafting +1 Dungeoneering +1 Herblore +3 Mining +1 Prayer +2 Summoning
  6. Update of the Day I wanted to get a bit of smithing done today. I trained it in artisan workshop because of the high exp per ore. I didn't realise I had enough ores for 70 smithing, which was really positive surprise. I finished watching season 1 of Dexter while smithing as its highly afk :P Awesome show btw! I feel like doing something afk tomorrow so I can start watching season 2 ;) At 65 smithing I was able to do Devious Minds And at 68 I finished all Lumbridge tasks & got myself Explorer's Ring 4! [spoiler=Gained levels (+17)] +13 Smithing +2 Farming +1 Prayer +1 Mining
  7. Ahah yeah I know I guess I'm a bit lucky. Didn't play at all yesterday really. I slept like 16 hours, woke up at some point and did a farming run which got me 60 farming. I feel really energetic today so I'll probably get lots done :)
  8. Maybe its you who suck! Na just kidding :P You're not far from 58 slayer now, are you gonna camp cave horrors for black mask? :)
  9. Update of the Day Got back from the vacation today. Was pretty tired so I didn't play much. Did a few farm runs and mined iron ore for 59-60 mining so I could finish Lunar Diplomacy and Dream Mentor. Few lucky spins too :) No idea what I'll be doing tomorrow. Most likely train mining or smithing a bit more. Levels: +2 Farming +1 Mining
  10. Couldn't sleep so I played a bit more. I mined 1800 iron ores and got 59 mining. Then I did Defender of Varrock. Meh gonna try to sleep a bit before I have to head off.
  11. Didn't have much time to play today but I did manage to get 74 thieving I won't be playing at all from tomorrow until sunday as I'm going on vacation.
  12. Lets say your account has 99 Magic, 99 Defence, 1 Attack, 1 Strength for some reason. Your combat level would be 200. You would only get experience from monsters of level 150 and above. How would you train attack and strength?
  13. I decided to train mining after thieving. I'm not sure if I'll train it to 76 straight away though. I'll try to get 60 today.
  14. Update of the Day Not much to tell about today. I thieved master farmer for ages and it's getting slightly easier now. Probably getting around 50-60K exp an hour at 70+ I tried to do some farm runs as well but the farmer gets untrapped if theres no one else thieving it so I only left when I wasn't alone. At 70 thieving I had all reqs for Deadliest Catch so I did it. Easy 15 min quest for awesome exp rewards. I hunted the thalassus 10 times afterwards for some more hunter exp. I did this week's penguins too and it got me to 64 prayer. 6 more for piety! Farming/Herblore tab from bank. Dang that harralander pile just keeps rising. I hope I'll get 74 thieving tomorrow to tick off one skill from the quest cape requirements list. Any suggestions on which skill I should do next from the list below? (and methods!) [spoiler=Skills remaining for Quest Cape] 78 Attack 78 Strength 76 Defence 76 Constitution 74 Firemaking 76 Woodcutting 70 Fletching 76 Mining 74 Smithing 74 Thieving 70 Prayer 77 Agility 67 Slayer 65 Farming 65 Herblore 65 Summoning 80 Magic 75 Ranged 70 Construction [spoiler=Gained levels (+13)] +1 Prayer +7 Thieving +3 Farming +1 Hunter +1 Fishing [spoiler=Quests]
  15. Update of the Day [spoiler=Skilling and Questing] Today I spent most of my time thieving the master farmer, while doing farming runs. By leveling those two skills I unlocked a bunch of new quests which I naturally completed right away. I decided to get all skills 50+ as well as I was only few dungeoneering and constructions levels off. I passed the 10M XP milestone today as well :) After all that work I decided to have some fun by killing the barrows brothers. I did total of 5 runs but got nothing but runes :( Oh well better luck next time. [spoiler=Gained levels (+25)] +4 Construction +2 Dungeoneering +1 Strength +1 Prayer +1 Constitution +1 Agility +1 Herblore +8 Thieving +1 Mining +1 Smithing +4 Farming [spoiler=Quests] Mourning Ends Part 1 Fairy Tale Part 2 Fairy Tale Part 3 Dealing With Scarabas A Guild of Our Own (Thieving guild subquest) Toktz Ket Dill
  16. Update of the Day [spoiler=A Day of Questing] I mainly focused on quests today but first I needed some monkfishes (besides I needed 66+ cooking for RFD). I got my 3rd piece of fishing xp outfit and 70 fishing. Then I went on a quest spree. Then I went to mage mighty banshees for 25K magic xp so I could finally enchant my ring of wealth and amulet of glory :) I wanted to take a picture of my gear but RS is down for me atm so I can't Neitiznot Helmet Rune Platebody Rune Platelegs Climbing Boots Culinomancer Gloves 10 Amulet of Glory Ring of Wealth Dragon Scimitar Dragon Defender I'm not far from 70 defence so I think I might start doing barrows soon for better body and legs armor. [spoiler=Gained levels (+18)] +5 Fishing +5 Cooking +1 Firemaking +2 Herblore +1 Defence +1 Prayer +1 Hunter +1 Agility +1 Magic Can't get a stat picture atm cause rs is down [spoiler=Quests] Legend's Quest Recipe For Disaster Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf
  17. Yea I can't even load the client/website
  18. Yeah I admit that pretty lucky :smile: I did work hard for it though!
  19. Update of the Day [spoiler=Crafting] Wooh. Today was a really long day... I am finished with temple trekking for a while now. 76 Craft banked! I used some of them and got to 71 crafting, then I finished off that hard clue I was stuck with. Stupid spider attacked me as I got the casket so didnt get real picture of it. Awesome loot, rune crossbow and hatchet! I headed back to crafting and eventually got 76. Now I just need 1 magic level so I can make Ring of Wealth, Amulet of Glory, Skills Necklace and Combat Bracelet [spoiler=Gained levels (+13)] +10 Crafting +1 Attack +1 Strength +1 Herblore
  20. Update of the Day [spoiler=Swan Song, A Void Dance and Trekking] Bit tired atm so I'll just quickly summarize what I did today. First I went to circus and tears of guthix. Then I did Swan Song and fished some monkfish. 300 Monkfish later I did A Void Dance. Then I headed back to morytania to gather silver bars from temple trekking. I maxed out my 4th companion and got the hard ones to levels 59 and 45. That unlocked the Burgh De Rott teleport on games necklace. I also got full lumberjack outfit. Got enough silver bars for almost 73 crafting (only needed 71 for clue but might as well get 75 then boost to 80 for amulet of glory) [spoiler=Gained levels (+14)] +1 Attack +1 Prayer +1 Magic +1 Runecrafting +2 Construction +1 Constitution +1 Herblore +1 Mining +2 Fishing +1 Cooking +1 Firemaking +1 Summoning [spoiler=Quests] Swan Song A Void Dance
  21. RIP Luke. I didnt know you very well but I had the pleasure of talking to you once in a while about some rsc related stuff. You seemed like smart individual and your work over at the rsc private server community will never be forgotten. I really don't know what else to say, makes you think about how fragile human life really is.
  22. Thanks man. Where have you been? :( Update of the Day [spoiler=Trying to finish up a hard clue] So yeah I continued where I left off yesterday. I headed off to fire giants in waterfall. I had pretty bad luck at them and it took around 200 kills for a battlestaff. 56-60 Ranged. Next up was greater demons for rune full helm. This took a LOT longer than expected. I killed like 400 of them, gaining 64 ranged when I finally got a drop. I was pretty happy at this point, even though it had taken forever (I was using bronze arrows and yew shortbow for most of the kills) Next step in the clue continued beating me down.. Well I'm not the give up type so I WILL get these items and I will get them real soon too. So I needed 71 crafting to make blue dragonhide body. I had 5k silver bars banked and I used em. I tried making some urns after that but it's excruciatingly slow and I was kinda tired so I just decided to call it a day. Did get to 66 crafting however :) [spoiler=Gained levels (+20)] +8 Ranged +8 Crafting +1 Constitution +1 Woodcutting +1 Fletching +1 Farming
  23. nice private chat in that screeny :lol: oh btw for some reason your account on rs is offline for me so I can't respond when you talk to me :(
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