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  1. It hits way too hard for it to be worth it sadly :( Anyways, social life requires me this weekend, cya on sunday :P
  2. Oh thanks didnt even realise those use chaos runes. Thats not a bad idea! Wow just checked what spells use chaos runes in EoC.. A whole 3 spells! Curse, Vulnerability and Teleblock...
  3. Btw does anyone have any good suggestions on where/what to use 50K chaos runes on rofl? Maybe they will be more useful in EoC..
  4. Meh... My barrows luck seems so awful :( After 46 dry chests I end up getting my FOURTH torag's platebody. Thats 9 melee plates, 0 melee legs. Not much else done today except barrows and a bit of cooking. Cooked total of 2k monkfish for 73-76 cooking :P
  5. Tested out the challenge system Dem rocktails... 3 dragonstones 77 wc 77 fm 81 magic
  6. Been doing bit of barrows again hoping to get dharok/verac/torag/guthan legs.. No luck so far. Got this though Currently owned barrows items:
  7. http://forum.tip.it/...60#entry5303390 Pretty sure all SoF related stuff goes in that topic. Also you're a day late.
  8. Had a blast today. Best update in months! I spent like 10 hours killing bandos/sara and will continue to do so tomorrow :) More updates like this please ^^
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_366305&feature=iv&src_vid=Znwt7beVZls&v=aBlxm5A644M[/url]
  10. Congrats on the 2nd mask, placeholders are always nice :) Btw I forgot, do you have rune crossbow yet?
  11. Have you tried downloading the client again from runescape website? Does http://www.runescape.com/game.ws?j=1 this work?
  12. Turn off your firewall and then load up the runescape client. If it works then the problem is that your firewall is blocking the client. In that case you need to unblock it. Can't help you much more unless you give more details sorry..
  13. Nah google spreadsheets, but its almost the same thing.
  14. Yeah that was pretty awesome :) For some reason not being able to sell them doesn't bother me at all, except maybe for the fact that my bank is really full :( Anywho, boring day today. First I made 170 Decorated fishing urns as I ran out of them last time I went fishing. Got both of my crafting and mining rocks while making them :) Then I proceeded to fish some monkfish, as well as using my fish flingers tickets. +3 Fishing (79) Tempted to get 90 fishing now for rocktails, though I wouldnt even be close to 93 cooking. I'm fan of spreadsheets so I made one that updates my fish/cook stuff for me as its a pain to calculate the urn bonuses and such. As you can see I need bout 10k more monkfish after gaining 90 fishing, and that doesn't even take the burn rates into account.
  15. Damn what a day again. Got loads of drops but still no melee legs... 8 melee tops but no legs, what are the chances? lol Atleast I ticked off that ahrim top off my to do list ^^ Finally finished my goal of 80 Magic (needed for Void stares back) but I'll continue doing barrows for a bit more in hopes of verac skirt. Tomorrow I'll spend my day fishing monkfish though as I ran out of them again :( Chart of my currently owned barrows pieces #282 Ahrim's Robe Top #287 Verac's Brassard #289 Torag's Platebody #291 Verac's Flail #294 Dharok's Platebody #309 Karil's Coif #319 Dharok's Platebody 341 Chests opened in total 19 Barrows items Drop rate: 1/17,9 Total value from barrows so far [spoiler=Gained levels (+1)] +1 Magic
  16. I like rocktails being the "best" healing item. Maybe it will raise fishing profits as well.
  17. I pull 12-15 hours quite often to be honest. I think once I played for around 40 hours to win a training contest haha.. Never again. I like sleep way too much.
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