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  1. 64 Battlestaff = 448K 64 Water Battlestaff = 595K I add water orbs and then alch them for 147K profit. I don't do this everyday though because orbs take a while to make so I rather use only the ones that I get as drop from Waterfiends. If you're wondering why I need cash, well there's few things: kingdom, construction, shards for summoning, broad bolt tips.. Edit; It's also easy crafting xp.. Which is pretty important skill for me. I want onyx ring, amulet of fury, flasks, ganodermic armor.
  2. Thanks! And as far as I know Itam hasnt played in few years
  3. :razz: Did a bit of dom tower and got 80 str & 112 combat ill try to get dreadnips and goliaths tomorrow <3
  4. Last 2 quests done! Quest point cape at 36 days of online time =) I think ill start working towards taskmaster now :D
  5. Oh god im so tired right now so I'm just gonna upload the pics I took during double xp :) Stats before and after [spoiler=Some level up pics] 80 summon 74 smith 1900 total 80 fm 75 farm 82 craft 91 cook 70 cons and 42 uncut dragstone from challenge lolol 110 combat (Kura and Dom tower unlocked!) [spoiler=Levels Gained: 65!] Farming +7 Crafting +4 Construction +4 Herblore +5 Summoning +20 Cooking +15 Dungeoneering +1 Magic +1 Agility +1 Runecrafting +1 Fletching +4 Firemaking +1 Smithing +1
  6. I'm ready for double xp weekend! I probably won't be using those ores/maple logs but decided to add them anyway as a possibility :P I wont be updating until the weekend is actually over. Expect a big one on monday :)
  7. Sorry for no updates in a while.... I caught a flu last weekend and haven't done anything interesting to be honest. Ive only been fishing monkfish while watching tv :P I've been trying to get enough monkfish by bxp to get 93 cooking, but it's not looking good.. I'm only at 12k/15k and yesterday I realised I cant even make decorated cooking urns. So I have to get 4900 silver bars as well to get the crafting levels required, not to mention the 1300 soft clays or so required for the urns. I'll also be doing summoning on bxp and I should have charms for 60-80 :) Right now theres 20 hours left until the bxp starts. This will take about 13 hours:
  8. Didn't get as much done today as I wanted but oh well.. 200 battlestaffs drop! 1860k more cash to my summoning fund. 80 attack I did varrock hard tasks today as well. Now I get 64 battlestaffs per day :) [spoiler=Levels Gained] Attack +2 (80) Constitution +1 (82) Herblore +1 (62) Dungeoneering +2 (56) Summoning +1 (60)
  9. Chaeldar's task list seems better than Summona to me :P Grats on the levels!
  10. Whew... I'm pretty happy right now! Reason should be obvious by reading further ^^ The new doric's quest was released a bit before I logged in, so of course the quest freak that I am, I did it right away. Also did the extra tasks (minus last smithing task as I'm not high enough). Accumulated like 120K bonus mining xp I think. Perfect reward cause I was going for 76 mining anyway. So in barely no time I got this "You now have all levels you need to complete Ritual of the Mahjarrat." HELL YES! Quest itself was rather easy, but fun at the same time. XP lamps gave me 84 prayer! only 8 levels off soulsplit. I also have 251k double prayer xp from the event. Now that I know summoning will be 2x 100% during bonus weekend I will be hardcore nolifing slayer hoping to get tons of charms ready. I'll also try to finish Varrock Hard tasks tomorrow so I can increase my profits from battlestaffs per day from 73k to 146k. Cash has to be the biggest problem to summoning training cause shards cost more than my mother's liver. Current charms/tertiarys: Those 265 blocks of granite are 5kg, which I will craft into 2650 blocks of 500g My goal is to get enough GOLD and GREEN charms for 60-74 summoning, which allows me to use crimsons on the level 74 granite lobster. Tertiarys for crimson charms before that are horrible to get. I hope I can save my blues for higher levels, but if I end up needing some more xp I will be using them.
  11. I spent the whole day at lava flow mine yesterday and I went from 68 to 73 mining. Only 3 more mining levels till I can do Ritual of the Mahjarrat. Full golden mining suit :) Stats 16.10
  12. Was celebrating my birthday this weekend so I didn't really play at all on fri-sun. Yesterday I did a bit of questing, finishing the new Al Kharid quests and King of Dwarves 3 quests left I've started planning for BXP somewhat by farming my herb seeds. I'm still undecided on what skills I should train then... I kind of wanna just slay and gather charms, hoping summoning xp will be boosted as well. Stats 15.10.2012
  13. Heh I got an interesting challenge as I logged in, it was to make 120 teak cape racks. Decided to do it cause I need 70 Construction anyway. Doing it with challenges should give back loads of mats back as well :) First I started by cutting 40 special teak logs, got 1 woodcutting and firemaking level (burnt the normal logs as I have enough teak banked) Made some planks and used em up and got 67 construction from that. Reward for challenge wasnt bad, but I would of preferred herbs/planks/bones Then I went back to slayer and finished off the 2 defence levels I needed for Clockwork Syringe (Got 74 slayer as well) 107 combat [spoiler=Levels Gained] Firemaking +1 Woodcutting +1 Construction +1 Defence +2 Slayer +1 Tomorrow I'll probably do a bit of mining and some woodcutting to get teak planks.
  14. Only did slayer today (apart from that little sidetrip to tzhaar) 73 Slayer which unlocked Jungle Strykewyrms (Hexcrest!) - Got them as task today as well but no drop :( Hard clues #15, #16 and #17 [spoiler=Levels Gained: 7] Attack +2 (78) Defence +3 (74) Slayer +1 (73) Constitution +1 (81) 2 Def, 10 Mining, 4 Construction and 7 Summoning levels till quest cape :)
  15. Heh died at waterfiends today because I was making dinner at same time and forgot about RS totally.. No big deal got back in time but I didnt realise Tokkul-Zo loses it charges if you dont protect it. I'm too used to it now so I've been camping tzhaar for 48k tokkul to recharge it. Got Toktz-ket-xil drop from them so far :) 30k/48k tokkul so far as well
  16. Right now all im focused on is quest cape. After that I'll probably get goliath gloves which are pretty awesome DIY weapon lol. Then I'll probably just try to get 80 all skills Edit: I Hope they start rolling out really high level quests soon. They keep me motivated better than anything lol
  17. 1800 skill total Hard clues #13 and #14 83 prayer!
  18. Thanks ^^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gA3KbFSTA0g
  19. Well I'm glad I saved the saradomin brew drops I got from doing grotworm tasks... Nomad killed on first try! Kyatt is awesome! I also had the advantage of practicing nomad on my main in dominion tower while using replica of my diy gear I'll upload vid of the fight later :P
  20. Finally got all requirements for Nomad. I will probably give it a try later today :P
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