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  1. Sounds like fun! Goodluck. I wish I had a brother or a friend IRL that plays Runescape but sadly enough none of my friends are into rs hahaha.
  2. I wanted to tell Runar that he will need all the luck he can get...I should have done that... 9 days? I believe in you :thumbsup:
  3. Gratz on the progress made. I felt sad when I read that you had to make your own vials. Too bad your rules don't allow you to easily get them from the shops :D. Anyway, keep it up :thumbsup:
  4. Gratz on the progress, a bit of work on cons, dung and summoning and you have all your skills over 60! :)
  5. Gratz on the vecna skull!!! I'm happy for you :)
  6. Gratz on 1600 total & 300 qp!!! A great achievement, no doubt.
  7. You know what I'd say about that 1M from the SoF so I'm just gonna keep calm... Other than that, I won't be online. IRL keeps me busy atm ): but, gl on the rest of the quests :), not that you'd need it.
  8. Really enjoyed reading your history and everything else :thumbsup: Goodluck with all your goals!
  9. I can honestly say that Finland players are amazing at any game. Congratz on the cape and 100 cmb!!!
  10. Today was the first day of a week of questing! I have done 6 quests and almost finished Monkey Madness. I am going to finish it tommorow, gonna have a fun fight with that demon :) Other than that I have gained a few levels: +1 prayer, +2 hunter, +1 agility, +1 herblore, +1 mining, +2 fletching. Current total level: 1233 Quest points: 134 [spoiler=Quests done today] [spoiler=Current Stats]
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