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  1. It was never difficult, people just struggled due to lack of knowledge
  2. the guestion is, is the 60K slay xp even gonna be that good? You can average like close to 150K slayer xp an hour on an ironman already. Probably more on main accounts. Maybe you have to fight all of the 16 champions once a week to gain that 60K slay xp, which would probably still be faster but not by that much. If it's only 1 champion it's pretty generous but even then I don't see people going after scrolls any more than usual.
  3. Personally I experience huge lags for couple minutes after logging in on a fresh client. I prefer keeping the client open in the background. Imagine if steam client had to be restarted every 6/23 hours? same thing really, or close enough atleast
  4. goal for now is to get within top 10k ironmen for all hiscores, not too hard I know :P
  5. never done monkey madness without protection prayers or energy potions :3
  6. I wanted to teamview lobsters from my work but its not working for some reason when im using wifi. Cant afford to use bandwidth from my phone. I really need to upgrade my costs to todays standards. I just got my first smartphone a few weeks ago so its all still new to me. gg 10 hour night shift with barely anything to do. should of brought my laptop
  7. I started ironman on osrs few days ago and ive been enjoying rs more than in months :o Still keeping it very casual though
  8. Use bonecrusher and dragonrider. I was getting around 140K pray xp an hour that way with extremes, piety, chaotic claws. Banking only gets faster once you get yak. Melee xp and loot is also better when bonecrushing :) Although I guess before super antifires your trips arent going to last long anyway so you might be better off banking.
  9. Should have reported that straight away to Jagex. They can lock your account till you have secured it once again. Yeah, I thought "Good the guardian works" and chalked it up to nothing. My own mistake, hindsight is 20/20 sadly. Haha.. Not sure if I want to bother starting over or not, as this account is not very old. You could try to contact Jagex still. Say you saw someone having having unautorised access to your account (which is true) and you want to have a double check on it. They might then see the account has indeed be hacked and then botted on it or something. Yeah they should be able to resolve the issue. Also hi Imp, Tomiz here :D
  10. Rocktails to 120 fish please. Imagine having like 250K rocktails yumyum. Then again I guess hcim don't have much use for them..
  11. 40 ranged: Yew Shortbow - from dried zombies in southeast corner of the desert. It's a really common drop and theyre easy to kill. Ammo: Adamant arrows - range guild (100) + varrock ranged store (30) 50 ranged: Orange Salamander Ammo: Marrentill tar 60 ranged: Red Salamander Ammo: Tarromin tar 70 ranged: Black Salamander / Crystal Bow Ammo: Harralander tar / bow repair 75 ranged: Handcannon - these explode pretty commonly now but you're gonna want to camp for dragon pickaxe anyway Ammo: Handcannon ammo
  12. That doesn't explain the purpose of the damage stat though. It shows you the maximum unboosted hit of the weapon. And don't worry, I'm not ignoring any advise at all, I will be getting that whip in the near future. You mean other than the drygore advice? I didn't ignore it, I just don't agree with it, there is a difference. But that would mean I would have to stop fighting monsters for a while to cut trees, mining, or something like that, to get the money back for the degraded item, which is something I don't wanna do. Why would you need to stop fighting monsters? fighting monsters IS the best way to make money. Outside of merching anyway. With better weapon you also kill faster which means more loot per hour = more money per hour. Use that increased money per hour to fix your weapon. Other benefits include: more experience and less supplies used. Edit. I'm pretty sure if you got the chance to even test drygores for once you would never touch your dragon battleaxe again
  13. Yes, it is a big deal to me since I don't like having to pay every couple of hours just so I can use a weapon/armor. I'd rather use my money for something else. By most powerful, I mean which one has the most damage, not the most accuracy, so the abyssal vine whip isn't really what I'm looking for. Since dragon battleaxe causes more damage. As for that sword, well even though I probably haven't done the required quest yet, I am willing to try. that's not how damage works in eoc. Dragon battleaxe deals pretty much the same damage as dragon dagger for example. The damage is scaled when using abilitys. All that matters is the level of the weapon. I'd suggest saving up for drygore weapons.. Drygore is level 90. Korasi sword is level 78. Abyssal Vine Whip is level 75. Dragon is level 60. Mithril is level 30. Now imagine how much more damage drygore weaponry deals? It's basicly the same jump as between dragon and mithril.
  14. Nope. I actually started a new job on monday and I wanna focus all my energy on the job/going to gym/wooing a certain lady friend right now so no runescape for me in the foreseeable future. Funny how life can change so fast.. If by life you mean how much you play a computer game then sure Nope.
  15. Nope. I actually started a new job on monday and I wanna focus all my energy on the job/going to gym/wooing a certain lady friend right now so no runescape for me in the foreseeable future. Funny how life can change so fast..
  16. Hunter camouflage gear hasnt worked since the launch of the skill which was released november 2006
  17. Her health resets if she leaves combat. It's not an issue though because she's alot easier than pre-EoC
  18. If you had posted the image correctly I would tell you it is 86 fletching. oops first time for everything
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