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  1. You can try to merch with ge as it requires no stats
  2. Can rc nats now thanks to one small favour :) I hit top 8K as well. Next up I want, yes you guessed it, top 7k in everythin :D aka magic, agi, slay and hunt
  3. Should take me couple weeks still. got work 13 days in row now so not much scape :P
  4. Finally hit top 9K in all skills. Next goal is top 8K obviously :) (fletch, mining, agil left)
  5. looks alot better today. paprika, chili, onions, ham, mince meat and cheese. gotta let it set before I can eat so the filling stays in place :(
  6. Expect some more food pics in few hours :D making more pie! meanwhile on rs, still racking up qp quite nicely :3
  7. asked Mo for medium clue, gives me a frigging elite. I managed to do 2 steps then i got pked on the 3rd step :(
  8. Inspired by jason's food porn i decided to make something new for dinner tonight :) creamy ham pie (left is mine, right is original). tastes really good but doesn't look as good as I had hoped :P apple pie for dessert
  9. I'll keep that in mind, I lack armour right now though :( 2 councils left to save :)
  10. got 900 ess banked now but I don't have fire talisman :D :D guess i'll have to camp something for one.. dumping these here
  11. I don't really see anything useful apart from sweets. Don't get me wrong I don't really mind, I just do them for fun :)
  12. done for tonight, got to 40 ranged but I cant afford greenhide at the moment. When I wake up im gonna go thieve ham chests for jewelry to alch. Should get cut emeralds and emerald rings for runecrafting as well :3
  13. totally worth posting these but who cares it gives no post count
  14. did a few quests to unlock ava's device. banshee grind can begin whee
  15. yeah they got pretty good drops but i had to log from pkers like 15 times during the trip rofl. only got 4 kills too
  16. got a bit sidetracked cause I noticed prayer was my only skill not in top 10k hiscores so I went to lava dragons. Next goal in terms of hiscores is being top 9k everything :D also i feel like im spamming the thread today but i dont feel like having picture tabs open. rune kite and lava bstaff biznatches
  17. I love how in osrs you can get real good xp from fletching darts if you're willing to put the clicking in. Make-X interfaces in rs3 ruined alot of things like that. I still think they should give an option to either do it automatically slightly slower, or manually but faster.
  18. Yo :D It comes very naturally to me these days, I haven't played normally since like 2011 ish haha.
  19. got bit more time for rs in the next few days :) next shift is on friday woop woop plans are to go on questing binge (110 qp atm), to get all easy diaries done and some other random stuff. today im gonna get 30 runecrafting so i can use xp lamps from easy diaries on rc. I'm 24 atm from questing. I need 900 ess and I decided to range banshees for herbs+ess to get some range+herb xp on the side as well. I'm making 5K iron darts for that which will help me skip some early fletching too! :) stats now
  20. I wasn't actually going for clues just got one randomly. One of my goals is to get ranger boots from mediums though, but I think I'll camp cockatrices because of limpwurts/nats being rather useful drops as well.
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