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  1. I saw an ad about trolling so hard and being stupid shaves decades off your life. Ooooweeeee!
  2. Got this cardinal done on my foot on Sunday, was about 4 hours of work.
  3. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  4. Ink Poisoning occurs from idiots guzzling writers ink or printer ink. The symptoms you experience with guzzling writers ink is generally vomiting. Printer Ink can cause nervous system damage. Tattoo "ink poisoning" isn't poisoning at all and is generally confused with an allergic reaction to a pigment. For instance I have a friend that has a reaction to specific types of red, so if any of the tattoo he is getting done has red in it the artist will choose the color he wants and just apply a small bit with a q-tip to the skin and see if there is a reaction. If there is, he'll generally mix the color by hand with other pigments.
  5. It's great to see these games coming back. Halo 1 and 2 were the pinnacle of FPS competitive gaming, nothing has really come close except MAYBE Black Ops 2. I played Halo 1 a lot with friends when it released, I was almost 14 at the time it came out. Halo 2 really launched me into the competitive scene, and it's great to see and still have friendships that were forged back in the day on that game still going to this very day. I've been friends with a lot of these people coming up on a decade now solely because of Halo 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMEpalBx00o
  6. The campaign is what will receive the full anniversary revamp. Essentially what it comes down to is you'll have like 5 multiplayer experiences to choose from. H1, H2, H3, H4, then H2A. H2A is what will contain those 6 remastered maps that will be running on a newer XBox One engine. Everything else will be running their native MP's the only difference is the resolution will be at 1080p and 60fps. It's also been stated you will be able to specifically choose on MP experience if you want to. Otherwise when you go in you'll receive the following voting options for example... 1. Halo 1 - TS - Prisoner 2. Halo 2 - CTF - Beaver Creek 3. Halo 3 - KOTH - Construct 4. Halo 4 - Extraction - Haven Whichever one gets the most votes it will load that engine and the subsequent gametype and map for that engine.
  7. Halo 3 was utter crap compared to H2, you get a far better experience with Halo 2 without all the shenanigans of crap maps, bullet refunding, BR spread, double reloads on rockets, and all the other problems that came with it. The way the anniversary is work is H2 will be in it's original form, graphics, just up-res'd to 1080p 60fps. Then there will be 6 maps remade and redone for a separate portion called H2A which will run on a completely different newer engine. And for the first time you'll be able to play H1 online aside from the PC experience. The game actually holds massive potential if received correctly by the community to revive competitive Halo.
  8. Just unlocked the HCOG last night for the SMG, absolutely hated it, I felt way more inaccurate and switched back to using just Iron Sights, but that's personal preference. I pretty much stick to the SMG, Carbine, and Hemlock. On rare occasion when I'm feeling saucy I'll bust out the LMG. Right now I'm nursing a 5.2 K/D overall, with a 2.1 K/D against other Pilots. I'm really enjoying the game and have managed to play consistently, I play two very different styles based on if I'm just a Pilot or I jump into a Titan. Pilot, I'm very methodical and sneaky. Where in my Titan, (Stryder, 40mm cannon w/ burst fire, vortex shield, cluster missile, fast autoloader, survivor) I'm a balls to the wall aggressive player. But I use the dashing to my advantage to out strafe the stronger titans, and get in and out with melees.
  9. Oh I know, March 11. But I don't think NewEgg ensures pre-orders for same day delivery/release like Amazon does that was my point. So I have to debate whether my need/want for the game outweighs my need to save $30.
  10. Played a solid amount of the beta over this weekend, and I just kept yelling at my screen to take my money and give me the full version of the game. I've yet to pre-order simply because I'm debating where to actually pre-order. When I purchased my XBox One I received $30 in promotional gift cards. So realistically I could have the game for $30, but I have a feeling I'd be waiting a week after its' initial release to get it.
  11. I just bought a 3DS/XL and Pokemon X. It's my first Nintendo Handheld and Pokemon game since a Gameboy Color and Pokemon Yellow. I know there's been a ton of changes to the meta game, can anyone point me in the direction of some helpful resources?
  12. League play is great, finally a good way to find a good team if your friends arent online. League play I won't say hugely but on a weeknight there is an average of 4,000 people in Champ series, and weekends it doubles easily. As a way to find a "good team" you have to wait at least until about 5 days after the new month starts because it seems you got thrown into games with kids that don't know the difference between their a-hole and their elbows and you're playing on some deplorable connections because not enough people have been placed. The only way I suggest going in to League at the start of a new season right away is with at least 2 friends if not a full team. I'm interested to see what the exact "Clan vs Clan" will be. I"m going to have to do some more research into it.
  13. I'm sure the outrage would include something about casino's and being red backs anyway you look at it something equally insulting and ignorant. I'm ashamed to be an American sometimes simply due to the belligerence the greater population displays toward such trivial "issues."
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