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  1. Augmentation tattoos are awesome. A friend of mine has one on the inside of his bicep, but it's a couple of gears turning. Still looks good though. I've been thinking more on the sugar skull idea, and I think I've came up with a decent decision, but subject to change. I was thinking about getting the Mandalorian skull as a sugar skull. I've already seen a Vader and storm trooper one.
  2. Artillery


    EDIT: I don't know why I posted my post here, totally wrong spot. My apologies.
  3. Almost finished with The Folly of the World by Jesse Bullington. It's a very graphic and explicit book but it's very well written. It's kind of confusing at the beginning but it has amazing plot twists and is a good read altogether. If anyone likes to read about 1400's Europe I'd recommend picking it up if you're of age.
  4. I'm a fan of the Sugar Skull tattoo. I don't have any yet but in about 7 more months when I get back to the states I'm going to start working on my sleeve with the main piece being a sugar skull. Not going to use this picture exactly but this is something I'd like to get.
  5. Artillery


    I looked at my bank and noticed I was low on Swordies, so I took a trip to Catherby. Nobody was there, not even a bot. Started harpooning and the 4th fish I catch is a Big Swordfish. Not sure how rare this is, just wanted to share. Edit: I take that back, I've just caught another Big Swordfish.
  6. For some reason the remember my login option doesn't work for me. I click the box and it says that option is available on this website, or something along the lines of that. Anyone else have that issue?
  7. If you have a generic idea of what you want, the tattoo artist should be able to come up with something. I've never met a tattoo artist who wouldn't draw something up. 80% of the time they come up with something better than I had in my head anyways. Rule of thumb, good tattoos are never cheap and cheap tattoos are never good.
  8. Ahh, I guess it makes sense. It's a work in progress though and the more Jagex adds updates the more bots will get updates.
  9. Just hoped on RS3 about an hour ago. It's laggy but not as bad I expected, especially since my internet is really slow and my laptop isn't excatly geared for it. I'm not a fan of this new, i guess you'd call it a "minigame" where you collect tears. Seems kinda pointless with low XP and just consumes time.
  10. I don't see what the big deal is for taking a gnome ball to Entrana. On the other hand, I'm very pleased with the voting.
  11. I used to kill for Unidentified Herbs, aka Unids, and sell them for a decent bit of money. Haven't done it in years though so I'm not sure if it still works.
  12. Just realized this, but the fact that nobody plays Pest Control anymore. I'm so behind the times.
  13. I started playing when I was introduced to Classic back when I was 11, I'm 21 now. Classic was fun because I played with some of my friends from school and then I got bored after about 2 years and just gave my character away. I joined RS again and played a good bit on what is now considered OSRS with a few friends. Once again, I was bored and gave away my character that I worked on for about 3 years. Then I started playing again about 2 years ago and I would get really hyped about trying to get a skill to 99 and would get bored training about a week later so I was always bouncing back and forth. There's really no motivation for me with EoC, I'm not a big fan. I just get on there every now and then, do some quests or challenges and then get right back on to OSRS. I'd just say my motivation is just because I enjoy playing this game and never really ventured into any other ones.
  14. I love watching Hockey, I'm a Pittsburgh Penguins fan. I'm also really big on American College Football. I've never been able to actually play hockey, but I'm decent at American Football and Basketball.
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