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  1. As I didn't see it mentioned anywhere in the thread, I felt the need to point out that the idea of splitting an item into shards, was originally put forth a few months ago on the OSRS forums, as a potential way to split loots in OSRS, without the need of strict GE prices. Good to see some of the sterling suggestions are filtering their way.. up! Nice to see the number 12(0), as an old friend almost. Divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, etc.
  2. Keep searching & google will learn it's not a typo. In fact I searched for it just now & it worked, no list for me!
  3. ...except membership purchased through bonds is 25% more expensive. (Everything purchased with a bond is at least 25% more expensive) As I detalied in an earlier post, it's about $1 extra revenue per bond to Jagex. So using your figures, it's straight off the bat an extra $60-80k extra profit to Jagex, excluding the other aspect of conversion of non-buyers into buyers. We can't say that with certainty though. I mean look at the existing disparity between payment method on costing. Equally the disparity in payment length and the cost. Logic would say that there are admin fees and taxes involved in processing any singular payment. 1 fee/tax per transaction means smaller payments have to be proportionally higher to cover the fees. The price discrepancy we see is likely mostly due to these factors and any left over extra profit margin can probably be largely written off in server/maintenance costs of running the new system. If there is any extra profit in the bonds vs normal membs etc I'd be surprised if it was more than a few pence all told per bond. I disagree with a few of the things mentioned, I'll try and reply more fully later. Fundamentally though, that argument is based on people purchasing individual bonds, which may primarily be true, but in the long run it's questionable.
  4. ...except membership purchased through bonds is 25% more expensive. (Everything purchased with a bond is at least 25% more expensive) As I detalied in an earlier post, it's about $1 extra revenue per bond to Jagex. So using your figures, it's straight off the bat an extra $60-80k extra profit to Jagex, excluding the other aspect of conversion of non-buyers into buyers.
  5. This is bollocks. We've already seen the people saying how they can finally get the bank-boosters, various cosmetics, etc. That's runecoins they would not have bought otherwise, which is 'additive revenue' for jagex. If it weren't additive revenue, the rewards would be equal to their normal cost. The thing upcoming with charity is just jagex taking advantage of our generosity/greed to count it against their tax-bill as well. They'll be middlemen to the donation, and then count it as their donation for the end of year accounts. Jagex's estimate is 5100B RWT each month. For bonds to meet that demand, at the 7M price, 730k would need to be sold, which would correspond to 365,000 memberships for 28 days (a month?). The 1 month cost of membership is $7.95, sinking to $6.25 the longer your billing period is. Let's call it $7.50 to take a spread. So that means 365,000 memberships would be purchased at the premium of $2.50. That extra $912k, no that's not Jagex lining their pockets, it's definitely not additive revenue. An almost identical argument applies to runecoins, and to spins. If they wanted it to be fair, and not line their pockets, a rune bond would simply be $5 "store credit" to be spent on either runecoins, membership, or spins, or any of the packages. I don't mind the update so much, just their flat out lies and the self-portrayal as selfless & saviours to the game, is patronising, and infuriating. Edit: I see in hindsight that it's simpler to just note if you buy a bond, you instantly lose 20% of your real life cash if you were to redeem it. (160:200 RC, 8:10 spins, 7.95:10 membership). So, 20% of the value of bond sales is what Jagex claims isn't lining their pockets nor additive revenue. A dollar a bond, goes to Jagex, basically. (It's more in reality due to the packages making bonds worth even less)
  6. Now we need a new tool to analyse the analysis.
  7. I like that bonds prevent DDoS attacks... :rolleyes: Do you just hold one in your characters hand as a voodoo protection charm or something? Honestly I wouldn't mind so much if Jagex had so much as tagged on a line saying "The extra revenue from selling bonds (& from the permanent closure of our anti-goldfarming division.. :rolleyes:) will help us to make better quality updates". Even if there's ony the tiniest fragment of truth in that sentence, it at least acknowledges they're the ones getting the money (the $40,000-80,000 a day according to their 170B traded daily figure), rather than purporting to be doing this all out of the kindness of their hearts and for the good of the community.
  8. First off, the newspost made me feel sick. I don't believe bond-fuelled RWT will ever match the demand for RSGP, and I think bonds will crash unless their ingame value is boosted somehow. I also think it's a gateway to real RWT. Once you've got a taste of how much easier it makes the game, you'll want more, without the hassle of selling in game items, and go directly to a gold-farming website.
  9. While I agree with a lot of this post, definitely that part that it shouldn't have been a skill in itself, but a training method, I do have to disagree with the part comparing it to fishing. Fishing came out when RS did (correct me if wrong?). Estimating release dates here, but the point stands. SC 2009, C2 2011, FOG 2007, urns 2012, familiars 2008, flingers 2012, fishing outfit 2013? Basically I think that's an unfair comparison on a one-day old skill, and when the variety-filled fishing came out, you would have said the same thing about it. I did wonder whether the time required per resource may dramatically decline and the xp per dramatically increase as the levels go up. (Like if in woodcutting a mage log was 1.5k xp, it would be competitive XP but at a relaxed pace type thing). But I'm not seeing any trend to suggest that... I keep seeing the comparisons of divination to mining/fishing without smithing/cooking. I think they're good comparisons. But who would ever release mining without smithing, it's mad. Jagex should at least give some hints towards what the 2014(?) skill will require in the way of resources gathered by divination. How valuable are the energies we may be chucking away on divination. It could be the equivalent of power-mining runite (ok slightly bad analogy..)..
  10. minimum for 2496 is ~416m (24*13+104) theoretically though, someone with like 119 or 118 dg could be rank 1 with a bit lower xp tomorrow. Oh wow I had a total brain-derp with level 30 appearing on high-scores first, and stuff. I'm sure someone can see the mistake I made :oops:
  11. Ahh fair point about his standard efficiency levels, that was an assumption on my part. My xp rates always took a fairly severe hammering as I grew more tired, though I never did precisely the same thing for an extended period of time, mainly no-lifed slayer & dungeoneering, and I also in no way claim to be a good no-lifer. Ahh I have fond memories of falling asleep at my computer in the middle of an aberrant spectre task the week slayer was released. That gradual slipping where you feel you've been asleep for moments, but really in the last 5 minutes you've been awake for maybe 40-60 seconds. Fond memories indeed! Any advance guesses on what will be rank 1 24 hours after the skill has been released? I wager level 73-77. Big update, bank yo daughters bank yo wife. A question of curiosity, what is the lowest total XP we might get to see holding rank 1 OA tomorrow. The theoretical lowest possible would be about 319M total XP if I calculated correctly.
  12. Right Kr148. At the 2pm time mentioned earlier, which is probably a good estimate, that puts us 14-15 hours away from divination being released.
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