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  1. He's doing FMing atm, actually and did some while WC'ing. Besides that, all of his skills left are 200k+\hr, so while they're not buyable, they're the fast non-buyables.(He even did WC at 240k~? xp\hr I believe)
  2. Don't ever invest into a ton of low level trees for farming, you'll most likely end up moving up to the next tier at a later time and regret having 500 maple(or w\e) trees. Definitely do maples for the time being though if you're strapped for cash and herbs are decent(pretty low, really) farm xp, but can be good cash. EDIT: You could also do some livid farm if you have the requirements for it, knock out some that you'll eventually do anyways + get farming xp.
  3. I was crushed when I found out all of these: Karamja was not Karmaja Taverly was not Traverly Al-Kharid was not Al-Kaharid Ar-doug-ne was not A-druj-in(Almost sounded like Rocky shouting Adrian! but with a J in the middle) Still not sure if these are right, but at this point(8? Years later), I don't care: Neitiznot = Nee-itz-not Jatizso = Jayts-zo Yanille = Yah-nill(The Yah is like a Jamaican saying Yah, Man!) Pollnivneach = Poll-vee-neech Morytania = Mor-tane-ya Port Phasmatys = Port Fast-Miss Fremennik = Frem-nick Tai Bwo Wannai = Tae Bo Wanna Also, looking at the map I just noticed it's Fenkenstrain, I always just assumed it was Frankenstein and never looked that hard at it.. lol
  4. Maybe he's doing Livid Farm while waiting for people to help him do C2 WC? Also, is WC\FM Arctics better than C2 WC\Bonfire? I was always under the impression that arctics were better.. but I guess not? o.o
  5. Assuming that one person doesn't actually have to do anything I could see people using spare accounts, getting them to the requirement to block the max amount of tasks and then just using them to start duo tasks with your main account for the added block list.(Assuming that's how it works)
  6. Black demons, 60 ranged.. I think it's just your level\gear.
  7. Dual-wielding is definitely my favorite part of this update so far and I'm truly excited waiting for next Tuesday. Come at me bro:
  8. Already happened. Yeah I rarely see people with hoods anymore.
  9. As long as Rathe\Pi\Chris L are around, I have some hope for this game.
  10. Looks great except that only a few values load. :(
  11. Using a range top instead of gloves might be a better idea. I'm not sure if the accuracy > the chance to get double bolt shots, because the QBD has such low range defence. Oh, and red glowing eyes >>> yellow glowing eyes. Pretty sure swifts are better but I might suggest spirit cape instead of ava's for more steel titan specs, they help a lot.
  12. It IS a Medium SoF Lamp. :P Only took me like 30 mins to kill all 5, lag was pretty bad though.
  13. Wasn't sure where to post this, but just made a new account for RaF and somehow got the McM Bonus XP? http://puu.sh/wo7x
  14. In the top 15 update, for Dragonscenace it says +14 xp, I'm assuming +14m? lol Also, if Suomi could very well get 1b ahead of Jake depending on what each of them do, if Suomi finishes crafting\atk and then does Hunter\Thieving those are both 200k xp\hr, so it's not like he has any slow skills left.. so it really depends on what Jake does, not so much Suomi.
  15. could u add klonki and roger al and skiller 703? they all have a p good amount of slow xp so i wonder where they are Could you also add someone who is 13m every skill and 104m dg for comparison? Or the time required if someone has exactly all 99's and exactly 120 dg to be more accurate lol
  16. Is that with 100k rc xp\hr? And wow, the loss of effigies destroyed his time, he was on track for December 2012 for a while, wasn't he? Also, isn't 42 hours a bit low for him?
  17. I got Freaky Forester and kept all of my runes, was pleasantly surprised.
  18. Would an Orb of Occulus work for tracking down the yellow wizard\high level nodes?
  19. If you are in constant siphon with the Soul Esswraith and it takes 1~ second per chest pump and 5~ chest pumps on average to collect the 106.5 xp from him it would be a max of 76,680 Xp\Hr. Personally across 45 minutes I've averaged 54.6k Xp\Hr without hunting down the mage or siphoning anything except the soul wraiths, this would increase if I did either of those 2 other things.. so I can see 72k xp\hr just not from only siphoning wraiths.
  20. The wizards were playing with the ball and then it turned into "pure energy" and they all tele'd away with it... fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  21. Absolutely, you wont miss your hood much after you have your bneck. Telling someone with under 50 dg to kill hood? Wat even is this.
  22. I've seen a TON of Jellies\Those Little Green Circles\Night Spiders\Seekers, probably about 5-10 of each, and I've only done 4~ floors.(All occs, too)
  23. Yeah, there's a thread on HLF addressing this, hopefully jagex actually does something about it. Quick find code: 262-263-224-63680140
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