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  1. Trying to make a VERY ROUGH Hours to 99 Spreadsheet, was wondering if my guesstimated Xp\Hr's were accurate?
  2. I don't believe so, you would have to sneak back into ape atoll and I believe the only ways are to use evil trees or the free pass from daero, both which aren't out yet..
  3. I believe there was another thread that said you don't actually need the Woodcutting req..
  4. Pretty sure anything can\will be botted if bots are let to run rampant.
  5. I think those who did buyables are going to have a good advantage, since they actually MADE money from them. Also, those of us doing RC should have a little bit of a lead atm as there's not much competition for 91+ RC'ers atm. In the end, there's nothing anybody could have done atm to save TOO much time, maybe decrease their time needed by like 5% or less by doing special things first.
  6. Updated "First To" list: First 99 Thieving - Atrate - 2/28/2013 First 99 Cooking - 10th Vongola - 3/1/2013 First 99 Fletching - Bonno51 - 3/2/2013 First 99 Hunter - Elvis99 - 3/3/2013 First 99 Firemaking - Dearranged - 3/4/2013 First 99 Ranged - Lv 100 Hax - 3/7/2013 First 99 Magic - Kusiak1 - 3/9/2013 First 99 Crafting - Paulrat07 - 3/9/2013 First 99 Woodcutting - Pureyoo - 3/11/2013 First 99 Fishing - Alfie Shark - 3/13/2013 First 85 Slayer - Sc0ooby Doo - 3/13/2013 First 99 Agility - Jebrim IV - 3/14/2013 First 99 Strength - Hyger - 3/14/2013 First 99 Smithing - Ra Ra - 3/14/2013 First 99 Herblore - Gentle Falls - 3/15/2013 First to total level 100 - phenetiik - 2/22/2013 First to total level 200 - Pur - 2/22/2013 First to total level 300 - Pur - 2/22/2013 First to total level 400 - Pur(?) - ? First to total level 500 - Pur/Ritche - ? First to total level 600 - Pur - ? First to total level 700 - Pur - ? First to total level 800 - Kjott/Pur - ? First to total level 900 - Pur - ? First to total level 1000 - Pur - 2/27/2013 First to total level 1100 - Dark Lust - 3/2/2013 First to total level 1200 - xMorgan - 3/5/2013 First to total level 1300 - xMorgan - 3/6/2013 First to total level 1400 - xMorgan - 3/11/2013 First to 1m total XP - Stupidman990 - 2/23/2013 First to 2m total XP - 10th Vongola - 2/23/2013 First to 5m total XP - 10th Vongola/Atrate - 2/25/2013 First to 10m total XP - Atrate - 2/27/2013 First to 20m total XP - ?? - ?? First to 30m total XP - Suckitlosers - 3/11/2013 First to 40m total XP - Suckitlosers - 3/14/2013 Incoming Firsts: mmiq - 99 Prayer Arthrima - 99 Mining Are See - 99 Runecrafting
  7. Really hope that unids stay unids and I'm able to remove roofs, besides that I don't really care about any of those things..
  8. It's annoying enough that every other trade at W2 Varrock is someone trying to scam by changing 34000 to 3400 or w\e, don't need another thing that people can try to scam with. Even though luring was fun as hell, it really was just a pain in the ass to everyone. 3. You try to sell an item legitly -You get mass spammed with people begging you to meet above edgeville. If your reason for having it removed is people standing in its safe-zone, then they will just move to the 1 square divider between wildy\non-wildy... it'd make no difference.
  9. Crafting could have easily rushed a certain level by being pushed by 1 or 2 people and then sustained himself making money making amulets\rings\hides for people. Fletching could also have been pushed just until yew long level and then easily sustained himself, some of the top fletchers had 1-2m less than a day after they were able to start fletching yew longs. Idk about herblore, I know Mithril is mass buying unids, so maybe he merches them while using the better ones? Also, I don't believe that n0valyfe jr is n0valyfe. :(
  10. This, so much this. It's so gawdy and I swear impossible to navigate...
  11. If i'm not mistaken, the old thing Jagex did to interfere, was increase the awareness of the 2007scape poll and release the game early? Yes. Release it 1-2 months early and hype it with the "vote now 4 phr33 1 month!" Thinking jagex didn't originally plan for this to get 500k votes no matter what... Kappa
  12. Is it bad that I laughed at this? Hard like side splitting laughter. I'm just adding up the numbers now man. I'm looking at the Highscores list and wtf there can't be more than 400k+ members!!! Jagex played us. If you look at the highscores, there are 1,821,826 members. Just saying 1.2 million are Trialists. Can you tell who is on trial? Just wondering..
  13. With all the debate and what-not, I just thought about it and there's really no reason to not vote... even if you don't want to play it, just go throw a vote in, it'll make someone elses day lol
  14. Nostalgia failed then and it will fail now. The big difference is that nobody was really obsessed over RSC(on a large scale), it was pretty much a general improvement from RSC->RS2. The difference here is that people have put 2007 on a pedestal and think of it as the holy grail of Runescape.(As for many of us, 2004-2008 was probably the most fun we've had on the game) But the thing is that it was mostly fun because of the people we met and that everything was so new and exciting, NOT entirely because of the mechanics, which I think people will realize after the vote.. but for now the votes will keep pouring in lol
  15. Ah delusional hope. I'm betting it falls short or maybe hits the 250k mark. Numbers clearly back me up. Closing in on 70k votes, 17 hours left. If we just average 3k votes will have almost 130k votes before tomorrow. I'm 100% sure this will hit 250k by Monday or Tuesday. I'm 100% sure 0% of the time
  16. 2007 sounds cool... but http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3sz9ia/
  17. Rudder>Crew>Morale Hull>Decks>Sea Hull Also, sounds like you have bad luck, with just lvl 7 scythe teams I was able to 80-100% almost everything until I had enough jade to get upgrades to ship\crew and the ability to 100% a lot more often.
  18. Good if you barely have any time, but if you have some time you should do arc\skull\[Caution: Jagex Rule Violation]\etc missions to use up your final 5-10 missions that you normally wouldn't be able to complete.
  19. Friend said his times went from avg 9 hours to avg 7 hours on bowl with the rudder upgrade, I'm definitely going for it first.
  20. Sent a Trader on a 2000 chimes and 800 jade mission, got 2798 chimes and 1056 jade. It confirms my suspicions, but it doesn't change anything about equation. All 4 possibilities of combinations still apply. Bah. Anyone else willing to help? Preferably use a Merchant since he has an odd double-digit multiplier. Also, preferably on a voyage with chimes ending in #50. I've sent out a 500 cherrywood mission with a 25% from the merchant (a=1.25), 5% bonus from warehouse (b=1.05) and 10% bonus from the fortune of the sea (c=1.1). The end result was 721 cherrywood. The formula for the end result is quite simple reward=(base reward)*a*b*c=500*1.25*1.05*1.1=721.875, rounded down to 721. I checked the formula for different voyages and it always fitted. It also fit with your examples. Since the bonuses are multiplied and the result is only rounded down at the end, the order of multiplier doesn't matter. http://puu.sh/1IRJ7 Got this a while ago. 650 Wood*1.25*1.1=893.75 rounded down to 893. Fits
  21. The only thing that prevents them is if you have one. Just left click talk to the barmaid+black marketer and if they don't initiate the random then you're just being unlucky.
  22. Jake just realized I messed up on Elvis' xp gain(500m xp off LOL), so if anyone sees any errors on my post, let me know. http://forum.tip.it/topic/244419-200m-in-all-skills/page__st__21080#entry5349066
  23. Top 15 Most Experience Update (December 31st 2011 to December 31st 2012) Quick Highlights Highest 3 Gains in the Top 17 this year: 1.) Dragonseance (1,168M) 2.) S_U__O__M_I (1,087M) 3.) Robbie (958M) 4.) Jake (956M) <-- Shafted by Robbie! 5.) Paulrat3 (937M) Rank Changes: - Drumgun rises from 6 to 3 - Almostlost(Richard) rises from 11 to 7 - Paulrat rises from 21 to 8 - Dragonseance rises from 33 to 11 - Alkan rises from 17 to 12 - Robbie rises from 27 to 13 - Nico Robin(Chilly) rises from ?? to 14 200m's Gained by the top 17: - XXXXXXXX Total experience gained by the top 17: 11,974 M Full Update Here's a template for you, Poppe.. All you have to do is add your insight.(I decided to include Paperbag + Kngkyle because I felt they were a big part of 2012 and deserved a spot on the list) I'll edit this later to include the 200m's gained. Gonna go eat, maybe someone wants to do it for me. :P
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