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  1. No, but really thanks didn't know I always went to draynor for any garlic I've ever needed lol
  2. If you're going to include races, definitely include the option to have races with more people than 1v1.
  3. This is basically the path I took for 179 QP(Can definitely be edited\trimmed\random things added to make it better, but this is a pretty solid base) After 99 RC I started questing with the easy quests and with These stats doing the easy quests in this order, I barely had to level at all for anything until I started listing levels to get as pre-reqs.
  4. Theres a 3 minute gap from when you die in fight caves until you can go in again, the other two methods are pretty common from what I remember training melee in 07. This time around I've only done slayer so can't really speak on camping spots.
  5. I personally just used a sceptre+ring of dueling, bank at CW when out of food and then tele back with sceptre.
  6. I think the best solution would be to make all of the untradables tradable, yet unequippable without completing the requirements to obtain them in the first place. Similar to dragon weaponry. I imagine fighter torsos, void, and fire capes would be worth a healthy amount of money. But yeah, that's the main reason why I quit PK'ing back in the day. Wasn't worth the risk. Fun fact: the reason you can't open/close the doors in Lumb castle is because people used to go to world 18 and spam close the doors there to prevent people from getting their untradables back Yes.. yes.. so much yes.
  7. http://services.runescape.com/m=rswiki/en/Combat_Formula#OldScool_RS_Combat_Level
  8. Yeah, use it freely i don't mind, it's just a small starter list I made in 5 mins so I would keep myself busy(aka not sit around thinking "what should I do next..."), not like it's the comprehensive YOU HAVE TO DO THESE IN THIS ORDER OR YOU ARE INEFFICIENT list. :P
  9. I think most combat related accounts are doing barrows for gp.(even pures) You should do a lot of the attack\strength easy quests such as waterfall\fight arena and such and then work on training + getting mith gloves, that's pretty much the end all be all for pure questing, after that maybe work on 55 slayer for barrows. Here is a list I made of good "starter" quests, just delete any that give defence\pray, most are worthwhile to do and are fairly easy for someone on low income(90% of early bosses can be safe spotted with fire strike) and some are requirements for mith gloves anyways.
  10. Next Few Days: Varrock Museum - http://runescape.wik...al_history_quiz Merlin's Crystal - http://runescape.wik...n's_Crystal Holy Grail - http://runescape.wik...wiki/Holy_Grail The Restless Ghost - http://runescape.wik..._Restless_Ghost Priest in Peril - http://runescape.wik...Priest_in_Peril The Feud - http://runescape.wik...m/wiki/The_Feud -- Draynor -- Vampire Slayer - http://runescape.sal...ire-slayer.html !!!!GRAB EXTRA GARLIC FOR FISHING CONTEST!!!! Ernest the Chicken - http://runescape.wik...est_the_Chicken -- Varrock -- Demon Slayer - http://runescape.wik...yer_(historical) Romeo & Juliet - http://runescape.wik.../Romeo_&_Juliet Gertrude's Cat - http://runescape.wik...trude's_Cat -- Falador/Taverly -- Doric's Quest - http://runescape.wik...ric's_Quest Black Knights' Fortress - http://runescape.wik...s'_Fortress Goblin Diplomacy - http://runescape.wik...oblin_Diplomacy Druidic Ritual - http://runescape.wik...ual_(historical) Witch's House - http://runescape.wik...tch's_House -- Lumbridge\Al-Kharid -- The Lost Tribe - http://runescape.wik.../The_Lost_Tribe Pirate's Treasure - http://runescape.wik...'s_Treasure Prince Ali Rescue - http://runescape.wik...ince_Ali_Rescue The Golem - http://runescape.wik.../wiki/The_Golem -- Camelot\Seers -- Waterfall Quest - http://runescape.wik...Waterfall_Quest Murder Mystery - http://runescape.wik.../Murder_Mystery Elemental Workshop I - http://runescape.wik...ntal_Workshop_I Elemental Workshop II - http://runescape.wik...tal_Workshop_II Fishing Contest - http://runescape.wik...Fishing_Contest -- Ardougne -- Sheep Herder - http://runescape.wik...ki/Sheep_Herder Biohazard - http://runescape.sal.../biohazard.html Plague City - http://runescape.sal...lague-city.html Monk's Friend - http://runescape.wik...nk's_Friend Hazeel Cult - http://runescape.wik...iki/Hazeel_Cult Observatory Quest - http://runescape.wik...servatory_Quest Clock Tower - http://runescape.wik...iki/Clock_Tower Fight Arena - http://runescape.wik...iki/Fight_Arena -- Random\Down The Line -- Tribal Totem - http://runescape.wik...ki/Tribal_Totem Nature Spirit - http://runescape.wik...i/Nature_Spirit The Digsite - http://runescape.wik...ki/The_Dig_Site Recipe For Disaster - http://runescape.wik...pe_for_Disaster This was the quest list I made up when I started questing after Runecrafting, basically just a list of all the easy quests to do in each area.(I can't remember 100% but I also think with the stats I had at the time(http://puu.sh/2EGlY.png) allowed me to complete MOST of them in the order listed without training stats. EDIT: For low level income make sure you don't cut trees\pick flax\fish pretty much, seems a lot of people(myself included) are being wrongfully banned just after doing random activities like that, it's scary times out there. :P EDIT2: Also, make sure you pretty much don't drop items required for quests, as most are used again down the line.(Things like iron chainbody, bronze helm, etc)
  11. Used to, meaning in 2007 and now meaning in 2013/EOC? Or used to meaning in 2013 on the 07 servers last month and now meaning in 2013 on the 07 servers, well, now? This oldscape lark is confusing sometimes. Ips in 2007 and 2007scape(2013), randomly generated in EoC("now")
  12. Yeah, I've heard many of the top stakers are getting VPN's to grab better IP's for staking lol EDIT: As for the banning situation, an F-Mod made a thread saying to post there if you were wrongfully banned recently. Quick find code: 317-318-21-64916178
  13. Yeah, this is getting very annoying now.. they need to sort out their bans. :\ I appealed and e-mailed their customer support, you should try the same.(Although I'm still waiting)
  14. Why ditch RC'ers? Also, might want to go based on the real top 15 just for the sake of continuity once the people with low hours catch up in overall?
  15. Just got banned, pretty sure it was a jmod misclicking during a bot hunt or something. Probably doesn't help that I get reported 20+ times a day for being a noob and wearing my 99 rc cape :(
  16. I personally have the title of an IRC channel I go into with the 4 main fairy rings I use, so I have it always on my screen(http://puu.sh/2AMWk.png) and then I have a pastebin with all of the info of quests I need to do, and skills I need to train before doing them, etc. also in the title of that irc channel.
  17. I tele to house for all my glory needs, pray at altar then use mounted glory and go to fairy ring for chaeldar tasks.
  18. I just made a large modification to the code that calculates time to maxed total. These numbers for each user will be inaccurate until every player's tracker gets updated WITH an xp change. These modifications account for level differences causing different XP rates. These XP gains may be tweaked later when I can gather more data for XP rates. You can see the new algorithm by looking at the JavaScript code on this page: http://crystalmathla...uppliescalc.php var Rates=new Array(0,0,0,0,0,0, new Array(0,350000), //Prayer new Array(0,250000), //Magic new Array(0,40000, 7842,130000, 37224,175000, 1986068,230000, 5346332,330000), //Cooking new Array(0,7000, 2411,16000, 13363,35000, 41171,45000, 302288,84000), //Woodcutting new Array(0,30000, 7842,45000, 22406,72000, 166636,102600, 737627,135000, 3258594,192150), //Fletching new Array(0,14000, 4470,30000, 13363,40000, 273742,44000, 737627,55000), //Fishing new Array(0,45000, 13363,130500, 61512,195750, 273742,293625, 1210421,445000), //Firemaking new Array(0,57000, 368599,170000), //Crafting new Array(0,40000, 37224,150000), //Smithing new Array(0,8000, 14833,20000, 41171,30000, 547953,52000, 1986068,60000), //Mining new Array(0,60000, 27473,200100, 2192818,380000), //Herblore new Array(0,6000, 13363,15000, 41171,43000, 449428,50000, 2192818,59000), //Agility new Array(0,15000, 61512,80000, 166636,120000, 449428,220000, 5902831,250000), //Thieving new Array(0,5000, 37224,10000, 273742,15000, 1986068,20000, 5346332,25000), //Slayer new Array(0,10000, 2411,50000, 13363,80000, 61512,150000, 273742,200000, 1210421,550000), //Farming new Array(0,8000, 2107,20000, 1210421,25000, 2421087,29000, 5902831,50000), //Runecrafting new Array(0,5000, 12031,40000, 247886,80000, 1986068,100000), //Hunter new Array(0,20000, 18247,100000, 101333,250000, 1096278,360000) //Construction ); new Array(0,8000, 2107,20000, 1210421,25000, 2421087,29000, 5902831,50000) //Runecrafting This means you get 8000 xp/h starting at 0 xp, and 20000 xp/h starting at 2107 xp with fire runes ect. I'm not sure about these xp rates which is why I'm taking the time to explain the code. Awesome, I was going to ask if you could make a page similar to that or give out the xp\hours you were using. Havent looked into the accuracy of the rates, but did you only list FM\Pray\Con\RC's GP's because of how large they are comparitive to something like crafting/fletching/cooking where you basically break even atm? EDIT: Just looked, magic xp seems high, is that because you should be low\high alching while doing other activities?
  19. From a skillers perspective, it's very much like it was in 07 and very fun.(Although, it feels so much slower after playing 08-10, lol) As for pking, I'm sure that it's going to chance massively from what it is now(looots of pures), I know a few people who are still working on their zerkers, let alone someone working on a main.
  20. Oh, was it buffed since 2007? My bad. Teaks should be almost as good, maybe 80k-ish. I believe arctic pines, as well as those splitting stumps, were updated at the same time Ivy and the Sawmill training area was added, some time in 2008. Yeah the splitting stumps are there just they're not near the trees iirc.
  21. There's a thread on RS Forums. Quick find code: 321-322-100-64303155
  22. Changed cooking to 250k, doubt any\many people are going to 2-tick and left prayer alone.. I think it's reasonable with ahk/mouse keys.. Still welcome to other people to prove me wrong though :P
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