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  1. I get 7 blood rune drops all the time from there.
  2. Making money is the best way to beat the game, mostly because the more you have the faster you level your skills. But the people I play with, we play to have fun.
  3. Look for the Royal Crossbow to be effective on future bosses.
  4. I don't know if this has been said or not, but Mod Osbourne has said having a Black Dragon task will not help and will not count towards it.
  5. That's a monster goal. Good luck if you give it a try.
  6. Like what, exactly? :rolleyes: Effigies? Oh no they didn't...
  7. Suomi is completely insane, best scaper in history.
  8. Good luck on your adventures! It will be challenging.
  9. Thank god 0.00000000002% vs. 0.0000000002% I like those odds, where do I put my money? Be optimistic, in the time it used to take you to get 1 rare prize, you can get 10.
  10. I was getting 200k exp in summoning a week from it! Please no don't take away my free exp! Just kidding though, they do need to take out some of the lamps.
  11. I usually stick to Frost Dragons and slayer for money, but some people find that too boring. Try bossing!
  12. My clan has a list of rare available names on our offsite :P
  13. I like. If only they would take out buyable spins.
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