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  1. Hey Tip it community. I recently installed a new extension on google chrome, and I've now discovered that every web page i go to.. I have pop ups galore.. It's seriously annoying me. I have a pop up which is by a page called Razor web, whatever that means. I wish to remove it.. and I don't know how. Any advice is highly appreciative.. If it comes down to it, I'll just do a factory reset on my laptop. - Zodiac Lotus.
  2. Congrats on 200m Woodcutting exp dude. That's an amazing feat ! well done! :D
  3. Ironically my brother said the same thing. But sadly, my laptop isn't the greatest.. And I'm yet to see the specs for Fallout 4 on Computer yet. So I am a little worried in that aspect.. Hopefully, we'll hear something about the specs at Bethesda's E3 Conference. Don't need to play it on highest. For example, the NMC Texture pack for New Vegas has 3 versions, one upper high end, a mid tier, and low end for different systems. Plus turning off AA etc can drastically improve performance. You can easily make it beautiful without Ultra High. Mmmm, That's true.. but sadly, i don't think my laptop would handle Fallout 4. Even on it's lower graphic settings.
  4. Ironically my brother said the same thing. But sadly, my laptop isn't the greatest.. And I'm yet to see the specs for Fallout 4 on Computer yet. So I am a little worried in that aspect.. Hopefully, we'll hear something about the specs at Bethesda's E3 Conference.
  5. Blog Update: - 18 ~ 90 Hunter, 90 Agility, 97 Fletching, 95 Mining & Fallout 4?! :D Heh heh heh .. I caught you.. Sadly ... i missed my level 90 Agility screenshot. It Ran away. Fletching... Woot, what a day to be alive. Off to the mines of erbor I go.. Yay! I'm going on an adventure. [Off topic] *Internal fan-girl intensifies dramatically* A few days ago, on June 4th. The reveal trailer for Fallout 4 was released, I'm super excited for this next game in the series. I've loved the Fallout series, and I'm looking forward to the new enter in the series. However, It seems to be only coming out on Xbox One, Playstation 4 or PC. Rumours are currently circling stating, they may release it on the Xbox 360 & Playstation 3 eventually. I'm left with a difficult decision, do I go out and buy a Xbox One. Mind you, I've been a Xbox fan.. since the original Xbox, and bought my very own Xbox 360 when it first came out. Or, do I buy/upgrade a PC? ... The decisions, the decisions. - Stay Classy, Tip It Community.
  6. Blog Update: - 17 ~ 89 Agility & 93 Fishing. run forest... run!! Here fishy... fishy... fishy... !!! HERE FISHY!!!! In other news: I've hit 67.3m Ranged experience.. Slowly, making my way up there in ranged experience. I had to laugh, when a friend pointed out... my preferred combat method is Ranged. Which of course it is, but he pointed out.. that it was estimated about 75% of my preferred method. My adventure log confirmed this... And, I do have to agree with it. :D ~ Stay Classy Tip It Community.
  7. y u do this life is like a smoothie in other news, did as a first resort Y no last resort...
  8. Thanks Buddy, it snuck up on me actually.. :) Had a great avianse task too.. which i extended. 4.4k exp each Kree'arra kill. :D
  9. Blog Update: - 16 ~ 99 Slayer, 89 Farming, 89 Hunter, 94 Smithing, 94 Mining and 96 Fletching. Slay 'em good.... Slay 'em real gooood.... I've got the green thumb, have you? Good luck, good hunting. Swingin' ma smithy hamma!! Will the Dwarves of Erebor accept me now?! Fletchy... fletchy!!
  10. It has, slightly.. but the drakes are still an annoyance. I've heard, they're implementing a no summoning zone around the J mod, but we'll see about that.
  11. Hey, welcome back! Come, stay a while.. we have cookies & coffee. :wub:
  12. #Support. I'm so sick to death of these Drake pets, i seriously don't care.. Trying to just simply bank at Priffindas G.E bank is now becoming a nightmare, as some inconsiderate jerk... Has their pet in the damned way. And another thing, trying to get the "chits" needed for skipping tasks in the Runescape Road Trip thing is beyond a joke, as everyone swarms the J Mod clone, with their Drake pets on display... Which is great. BUT!!! It's not great, when it crashes a world.. and your locked out of your account for a good 30 minutes, as the world crashed. It's great that Jagex are creating awesome purchasable pets, and stuff like that. But, think before you implement Jagex... Seriously, it's not that hard.
  13. Blog Update: - 15 ~ MEGA LEVEL UP UPDATE .... !!!! + 1 Champion goal's, crossed off. - (Please Note) I missed my 96 Attack level up, even the message to boot. So this is here to suffice. Sadly. :( Today, I also checked off... Finally, one of my champion goals i had set for myself. I've finally made, a full set of Superior Death Lotus. Woot !! ~ Stay Classy, Tip it Community.
  14. I just realized in your signature/banner.. You've spelled your name Alble and not Albel :o..
  15. Or... or, hear me out... Get trim? :P hahaha... Congrats on Comp man, that's something I hope to have one day.
  16. Oh, I can't get into either resource dungeon in Priffindas as of yet. But thankyou. :)
  17. Where is this? :o I seriously dislike hunter.. so any tips and tricks are appreciated. :3 Also, major congrats on everything.. Especially the chickens, I didn't realize you could get an Off-hand rubber chicken from a chicken... lol
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