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  1. In addition to what the others said above, have you become a youtube partner? thats how you receive ad revenue
  2. Greetings, I'll have to look up what you've posted then :P
  3. What they said above but make sure you have the dungeoneering scroll reward that saves some bars.
  4. I've read somewhere on the RS forums that they are considering making an option to turn off randoms. However it seems this well be for max players only. I'll try to find the link later on.
  5. Personally I use a Salve Amulet (E) over a ranged amulet
  6. Jagex themselves I can respect however the involvement of IVP has degraded them and forced jagex employees to change their stances...
  7. I'd like to know more about the clan guard's etc how did they get there? who recruited them? Do they get payed? where do they live?
  8. My first (and currently) only 99 was Crafting. Did a mix of Urns, Air Battlestaffs, D'hides and effigys. Made a load of profit from alching everything and selling the urns to people skilling to 99 fishing/cooking.
  9. Hey, long time user of Tip.it, but only just really got round to using the forums. Long term player of RS albeit on and off over the years. Hopefully look forward to getting to know the tip.it community better :) Feel free to ask me whatever you want.
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