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  1. Runescape used to be very much involved with their players, letting us vote on the changes we wanted instead of just adding them. I feel like nowadays, as the world economy plummets, their focus has shifted to only gaining new players and increasing membership fees for more money. The opposite will be happening most likely as players are quitting the game and they are losing money. The only thing Jagex really can do is almost rewind their updates back to before the armor update and start letting players vote on content again. The SoF and Solomon's general store are of no concern to me because I honestly can't really care how people will spend their hard earned dollars on spins that rarely give anything good or cosmetic items with no real value. But the rest of runescape should be focused on what the players really want. Jagex, bring back voting!
  2. So you're obviously overlooking the fact that when they decided to change all of rs classic, they moved over to rs2. And the fact of this matter is everyone, jagex is going to be changing the entire game soon. The one thing that has never actually changed on runescape is combat. They should be taking their combat idea to make a brand new game, because changing the combat of runescape is like making it a new game. And notice how more people played Runescape from 2001 to 2007, but once jagex started trying to change everything, they lost players and as a result of losing lots of players, just upped membership to 7.95 now. Those are my thoughts.
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