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  1. Hello fellow members. I have a quetsion about a skill that really disgusts me - hunter. I am planning to get all skills 90+ , but the one that really distresses me is hunter. Now I have heard it gets a lot easier past 80, but I am having difficulties motivating myself to even get it that high atm. So my question would be - what would the experienced hunter suggest for me to hunt for during BXW? I was considering red sallies - but these guys are very high apm with very slow results in my mind + it's hard enough getting a free spot on a regular weekend - so I am afraid it will be damn near impossible during BXW. But i don't really know of other possibilities - any suggestions? ALso, for BXW I am planning on doing PP for thieving - I hope the 2x multiplier works there as well - or do any of you reccomend a better option? All other skills I'll do whenever, mining is easy with gold and other skills are buyables, so idm when i train them. BXW is aimed at high grinidng skills exclusevly. EDIT: Agility I don't train - exclusevly bonus xp since lvl 77! Will use effies on that one, so not going to do that on bxw either. Thanks for your help!
  2. I didn't even concider that. That is amazing, having just been collecting crimsons and blues from bosses, I have unintentionally banked summ 98+500k from 99. That's gonna be nice, seems like I will parttake in BXW anyway. Sweet
  3. - Yea you could put it that way - In my opinion it's not false logic, in a way you can extend it to anything yes. What I meant was more like - Be thankful for what you got, if you are displeased with how things are take action. If somebody gets so worked up about a game which is supposed to be fun, maybe that's not the right game? ^^^THAT in a nutshell was what I wanted to say, but I got carried away venting... 8-)
  4. As a semi active member of the communit and RS player for more than 10 years all of the whining is what bothers me most about the community and it keeps getting worse and worse every year. What really disgusts me is that people get so worked up about something so meaningless as a 2 day BXW. Don't get me wrong, this is not the problem of RS community exclusevly, this is a problem in the society as a whole. We are living such a good life, that we make up pseudo problems and whine on them endlessly and it accomplishes [bleep]-all. The following text is not aimed at anyone specifically, so don't feel offended
  5. Falconry is definetly the way to go. Personally I did swamp lizards to lvl 43. Thieving - not sure. Mining - you can also go into dwarwen mines, mine iron next to the resource dg, bank in resource dg, rinse-repeat. That's what I did to lvl 70. It is easy and it is not terribly worse xp than dropping. I prefered it, cause i cbf to drop that many ores.
  6. Just so you have different opinions, in general I agree with what has been said, with some exceptions Tasks I almost always did: Dark Beasts - after the temple quest, you can cannon them, while meleeing, easily a 40-50k/h task, while being relatively AFK Ice Strykes - cannon with fire surge - similar xp to dark beasts Vyrewatch - with 500 corpses burnt it is a quick, almost 100% AFK task, all you gotta do is keep potting that ovl Tasks I sometimes did when I needed points or a change of scenery: Fire giants - CT with highest fighting fam Gargoyles - Kuradal's dungeon - semi AFK Blue dragons - Kuradals dungeon, no banking Nechryals - CT with highest fighting fam Even at 95 slayer All ganodermic tasks should be on permablock imo.
  7. Personally, I just get a 15litre bucket, in which is do my number 1's and 2's - while sitting conveniently behind my computer, next to the fridge. In the end of the 48 hours I'll just empty the bucket in my yard. My wife doesn't much approve for the aroma, but [bleep] her, it's only 48 hours, as opposed to when we had longer BXW-s. I agree, there are better ways, but that doesn't mean that everyone needs to [bleep] and moan... Life doesn't give a [bleep] about me and my problems, why should jagex be any different. So my message to the RS community as a whole is:Suck it up and move on, nobody gives a [bleep] about you. Video game addicition is a real thing, and it is very dangerous, but I don't think BXW contributes to fueling that addiction. As with most addicitions, the problem isn't the activity itself, it is that it is used as subtitute to fill a void or get instant gratification. So addicts are gonna play as much as they can, regardless of BXW.
  8. I have never seen so many complaining little [beep]s as I see in the BXW related posts (especially on RSOF, but some people here as well) if this bothers anyone so much, their priorities are really messed up. Personally, I don't care that much, the only thing is that some of my usual spots might be more occupied. Hopefully there will be room in red sallies, gotta get that disgusting skill up, but then there's always the option to smelt gold or do PP. Yay for double xp - if I am online. Don't plan to play any more than I regularly play though - this game is not that important to me.
  9. I think the game has been pretty much the same since when I started in ealry 2001, but the main thing is, that you have so many other ways to communicated other than bankstanding and chatting. I prefer to keep my private chat on friends and publick chat off, while talking a lot in PM and FC/CC. Also, what ahs changed that computers have improved a lot, which mean you can easily multitask. So while I'm bankstanding fletching or crafting, I am also watching shows. Which means all of my chats are off and I am just grinding away. In my mind that is perfectly normal, because if you still find novelty whcih takes up a lot of your time in the game after even 2 years of play - you really haven't done a lot in the game. RS has always been grind based and the people who stay here are grind orientated.
  10. As long as you're not 99 in mage and summoning I definetly reccomend Glacors. They are great charms and some cash on the side. Once you get these up you might consider moving on to Kiln, QBD, Nex or other high lvl PVM.
  11. It depends how do you wish to train RC. If you are looking to AFK while watching shows or whatever then just stay in one place siphoning your highest nodes and creatures. If you wish to train actively then after the XP tweak chasing the yellow wizard is definetly the way to go. I believe there is a few FC-s for that as well as a dedicated world, not sure what they are though.
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