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  1. The only thing I don't get is why you would want to use the pointer. LIke what advantage is there to passing a pointer instead of just the variable itself? Either way, I'll google that and read that link
  2. I seem to get lost right around in here: http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/pointers/
  3. That sounds like a good idea, thanks. I'll check out the website and book!
  4. I meant more like a website to learn the basics/what it can do
  5. Just curious on how you guys learned C++, and just in general any tips. I'd ideally not want to purchase anything like a book, but if you've found that it's a great resource worth my money then I'll consider it. The only other programming language I really know is Java, so i'm fine with OOP. I also understand PHP if it makes a difference Thanks! - tips EDIT: Sorry that this doesn't really flow, I have the flu and aren't thinking straight :D
  6. I agree but to me it doesn't matter too much
  7. I can't seem to have the first kiss with the girl I like. I feel like she wants me too, and I know I want to, but I can never find a good moment/alone. I tried to kiss her once a couple months ago and she kind of moved out of the way so I respected that but now I know that she wants me to kiss her. Any advice?
  8. I agree this would be useful because every time I've tried to use the search it basically doesn't work :P I agree if you use the trim function it will only take off leading and trailing spaces so you should be fine
  9. Weird, I was in a p2p world. Thanks!
  10. Tried to trade today, got this message: Why?
  11. I was never going to sell the client, I was also considering other programs that I may sell (I've made a couple grand of Minecraft plugins)
  12. Thanks, I'll probably just use this just because it's so easy. It's good to know the forumla though in case I ever need it, so thanks guys
  13. I have experience moderating Bukkit (A minecraft mod) and I know that people definitively don't respect licenses at all :P The only reason why I don't want to opensource it is if I ever make it commercial. Tbh I doubt I will so I'll probably just open source and license it and hope for the best. In fact, I'm nearly positive I won't ever sell my programs and I'm not really looking for money so open source is probably the best way to go. It's not a calculator, It's a RS client. I used (and still use) SwiftKit, and great as it is, there are a lot of things that I personally don't like about it. I realize I could write a post to the devs on the forums but this also doubles as a fun side project because I haven't coded anything big in a while. Anyway thanks for your input guys!
  14. Ouch, is that true with anything in the GWD? the reason being that gwd bosses as a group (excluding nex) are in the top 5 bosses to kill for profit and because they can be camped by higher leveled players for long periods of time and there is a finite amount of worlds to hunt them on they are often crowded and players with better stats/gear will crash weaker players to take most if not all of the kills.. I would suggest the giant mole or kbd if you want to boss right now.. or train your skills up some(and quest for rewards like ancients/curses/etc) and I would even recommend slayer and use that so you end up training all 3 combat styles while getting used to using abilities and get more immersed in the entire game as to not burn out by powerlevelling you can also add me if you want to and I'd be glad to help you out as much as I can Alright, thanks. I've been powerleveling my combat stats right now, hence the 69 defense. I'm going for 70 all around. I've started to mix in slayer and it's fun but I get some super shit tasks (Grotworms suck for me because mature grotworms are botted too much and the rest give horrible xp. Things like crawling hands are pointless, etc) I'm also having problems training range at my level. At the moment I train @ Lesser demons but they are *horrible* xp and hit me hard enough to require a full inv of food (Using sara dhide which is the same stats as black) I've unlocked ancients but not curses. if you can give any advice on things that can help me with slayer or training combat in general (Where to train, atm I train melee at fire giants or baby black dragons), I'd be appreciated! You can PM me or add me in game (T R Tipster) Thanks alot, - Tips
  15. Hey guys, I'm looking for some help on how I should release one of my projects. My problem is that I want to release the source code because of suspicion that my programs a virus, but I may start charging for it in the future and if so would obviously not want to release the source code. Here are some things I'm considering: - Release the code and license it, but build in something that checks online if I want to charge for it - Release the API portion of the code and license it Do you have any suggestions or experiences? Please share! Thanks, - Tips
  16. Couple of questions: - Is there a forumla to get the xp needed for a level or do I have to hardcode it in a List? - Is there any easy way of getting all the ways to gain xp or is that something I have to do myself? I'm using Java but if you post in PHP I *should* be able to figure it out. Thanks! - Tips
  17. Good guide, I may start doing runs
  18. What do you mean by that exactly? If there's a design issue please report it so we can fix it! Looks like it was fixed, the ad used to go over the bar. Thanks!
  19. I know, disappointing though. I really liked the mobile site and the desktop hardly displays correctly. Would you be open to a third party creating apps for Apple/Android devices?
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