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  1. Today I realized this forum is beyond dead and I won't be vising anymore. It was nice knowing you, TIF. Goodbye.
  2. Elvis99 got perm banned for Goldfarming/Macroing. He knows Jmods personally, so if the ban was wrongful I would assume he would be unbanned by now. The last skill he was training was mining, and he has made it very apparent in the past that he hates Mining... it's all speculation on whether or not be botted/goldfarmed though. Only he and Jagex really know.
  3. Thanks, I have tried the message center for a separate issue ~6 weeks ago and haven't received a reply. I might as well try.
  4. I've appealed both offences, I've asked countless times on the Twitch chat during the last live stream, I've contacted the OSRS Jmods on Twitter, I've e-mailed customer support and I've posted on and messaged the OSRS Facebook page. No response.
  5. Congrats man. As for me, I'm done. I bought around 50k gold *ore* from 3-5 different accounts I suspected were bots. Jagex issued me a permanent ban for "gold farming" - they even went as far as to give me 2 different permanent ban infractions. I had just gotten 90 Agility for the rooftop courses... went to bed, woke up and tried to log in to do a farming run before class and got the 'Your account is disabled. Check your message center for details.' Thanks Jagex. 1000 hours wasted.... and that's only my OSRS account. Easily 4000+ hours down the drain including my EOC account... with nothing to show for it. I quit.
  6. Yeah Dorg is better at 80+ but I haven't done the quest line yet so I just said f*** it. Also about the agile (it'll be called Graceful) I read on the RSOF or the dev blog (can't remember) that to be able to wear the full outfit you'll need 90+ Agil, so I'm guessing you can only redeem a certain piece for every 10 levels. Yesterday I got around 800k Smithing exp getting 73-78. Also got ~250k Magic exp, 150k Farm and 300k Agil. 600k experience left until 90 Agil :)
  7. I'm thinking Firemaking. Current #1 is at ~171M exp.
  8. Not necessarily planning but hoping to yes. I like to train my skills evenly. My current goal is 80+ all and top 300 in-game, but I really want full agile when it's released so I've been going hard with Agil. I'm currently ranked 2050 or something overall, but I can easily jump up 1-1.5k ranks by getting 70 hunt, 70 fm, 80 prayer and 70-80 construction in a day or two.
  9. I wish this forum was as active as 'Runescape General' was in 2007. :( Today I've spent about 4 hours at Ape Atoll. Currently 150k exp from 84 agility, but still a long way from 90. If the rooftop agility courses are released next monday, I may have a chance to get 90 before the release! Other than that I'll probably get a few 100-k crafting experience today as well as re-organize my bank and get back into farming.
  10. I would say ignore it for the time being, but when range/mage training comes opt for methods that will also give you HP experience.
  11. Agility! Been at Ape Atoll for 5-6 hours... so far I've gotten 65-70 today. Hoping for 80-85 before rooftop agility is released.
  12. GP actually has value, the 'real' RS combat system, the fixed screen, the simplicity, the fact that I know more or less everything about the game, the fact that I can actually move up in the hiscores if I put some effort in and also, because this is how I see Runescape in my mind. This is what I remember playing and loving, this is what pulled me in, and I love that I have the opportunity to return to 'my' Runescape. .. so yeah, mostly nostalgia, I guess.
  13. I either alch and make 20-50gp per or I sell them and make 50-150 per. Usually sell though. It's surprisingly easy to find buyers.
  14. Jump in man. The player base seems steady to say the least - I see a lot of the same people on my home world day after day. New 'big' updates are GWD, Nightmare Zone and an upcoming Agility update... there could be more but that's all I know of. I also quit for 3 months too though.
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