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  1. Really late congratulations you muppets :3
  2. Isn't CC the endgame for a decent amount of the player base? Being essentially the best cape in the game along with the array of niche effects that it does come with, why is it an issue to discuss it? I personally owned one, and I'm not particularly happy with another 'forced group' req. It's very rare that the positive side of any update gets discussed anyway so everyone will end up focussing on the negative which at the very least once a month is the CC. With regards to the Raid's themselves, I personally would of liked to have seen a scaling boss fight with a very low drop rate, more people increasing the difficulty and in turn increasing chance of rare drops. This may have saved a lot of the complaints I struggle to find these groups of people where I can trust them enough to get through a boss fight. Also the Goebie world is rather interesting and looking forward to 'rebuilding' the world, and is the PvP minigame worth doing?
  3. Who said you can only have one of ea boss pet.. right Jagex? EDIT: Just incase for those wondering, it's only me there and no one under me :)
  4. Given my own personal experience with clues.. I don't feel like you have enough trim/god rune :(
  5. TFW Witchtoria gets her 2nd piece of 3a before you get your first
  6. Figured this was halfway decent enough to upload :x
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