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  1. I'm gonna say that the warriors lose before the sixers win, but I'm just your average pessimistic Philadelphia guy.
  2. Idk about that. There aren't any other basic t50 magic weapons that are f2p so unless they make new ones they have to keep batwing wand and orb at 50.
  3. Are you allowed to redeem these later (in a couple of months) or must you use it right away?
  4. Kinda want to play rs3 right now just to see what a camel warrior is supposed to look like.
  5. Wow I did not think I would live to see this day lol. Nice to hear anyway.
  6. It's going to be weird seeing people mix the rune and gud raider chainbody together. Personally I dislike how endgame f2p content gets released with such an easy minigame (unless it has been made harder since I last played it).
  7. Too bad, it's a shame they give us all this bonus xp we can almost never use. At least I have a good reason to play this weekend.
  8. Does anybody know if bonus xp being f2p is permanent or just for the weekend? By bonus xp I mean the stuff you get from lamps and can be used anytime for members. If this happened awhile ago don't hate I play irregularly.
  9. Pets are supposed to be extremely rare stop complaining I like this update, I always thought it was weird that greater demons were cool with me chilling in the forinthry dungeon
  10. Boss pets arent designed to be camped for, you guys are lucky there is even an increasing chance as you kill more bosses. I'm pretty sure this was made clear when they were being developed When you get a boss pet you should be saying "hahaha nice that was random" not "finally!"
  11. I used to do the demons every now and then when I was bored. They definitely needed a rework. The average drop was 30k or something lol. It was fun that they were hard to kill but it also ruined any chance at profitability really.
  12. Dont see why Runescape 3 needs an autotyper, it doesn't need a trade solution like 07 does. The only people who use them now these days are bots trying to direct people to websites. The other 14 were good though.
  13. It's a lot more than an inflation shift, at least if we are talking US dollars. Inflation has not been all that great in the past decade due to the recession and general fiscal sanity.
  14. A lot of you guys are hating on this Runelabs idea but Old School Runescape has had a similar thing for over a year now (Player Designed Content, or PDC) and it has worked fairly well. It has produced several good updates like rooftop agility and the Motherlode Mine. I think it works a little differently though.
  15. Nominally, for people who have 'completed' the skills to be able to discuss stuff. I know what happens in a high level forum, I'm asking why they exist.
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