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  1. Just went with a friend for my first time today. It was maybe my 10-20th kill EVER when... I didn't hardly know what I was doing lol. And I get claws on a duo trip. I wish I was keeping a drop log lol. EDIT: LMAO, today I just decided to go solo. I know I'm not using your lure (I wanna know what I'm doing well before I gotta worry about two at once), when... Like what the f'? I'm not complaining but I've gotten WAY too lucky. Like wow. Anyways, thanks for inspiring me to go to these things, killing one of these was sure a heck of a lot easier than killing green dragons for 36 hours (Like I've already done...)
  2. I had to keep some of the items under the price of a Green Dragonhide to get 5 bank runs per tortoise. It is always crowded but I could outkill almost everyone and whenever I was 50-50 with anyone I hopped. I hogged two spawns too. I probably will be hitting up the TDs now :D Just waiting for you to let me watch you once. Hey Saru, I'm Elferin's brother lol. I know you :D. And yes there is like 80% autoers down there, I reported a LOT of people. It's actually 167k/10(mins) :thumbsup: Thanks for the posts guys.
  3. Well I finally did it. A few weeks ago I got the crazy idea of killing green dragons for (more) money. I knew the prayer update was coming out and I wanted to get a head start. Unfortunately, I didn't make it very far before the update did come out. However, I managed to complete my goal. My goal: Use 7.5 war tortoise pouches per day at green dragons, killing them for 5 hours a day for 20 days straight. I made roughly 1M/h being level 125-128, combat potting, using a war tortoise and using a glory to telly. And if someone comes and takes your spot, just hop. It takes 45 seconds to hop and can easily affect how much you make an hour by 300k. It sucks not flexing your e-muscles/stubbornness, but it's worth it just to hop. What ended up happening was I did it in 19 days, finishing today. Tomorrow I'll be going to my Grandparent's for Christmas and I didn't want to leave my goal unattended for a week or so. I've been playing Runescape for 19 hours or so straight today to finish before leaving tomorrow (my paragraphs might not make much sense or be all that fluent) but I finally did it. I also did every clue I got along the way. Some of my noteable rewards are: Zammy D'hide Body Sara D'hide Body Zammy Kite Rune Platelegs (g) Rune Kite (t) Black Cav ~8 Zammy Pages Here are some of my clue rewards (about half of them, bank was filling up so I had to sell some of them halfway through) I also got 94 defence from either 90 or 85 (can't honestly remember) and 97 hitpoints from ~94-95ish. Anyways, yay me! :D I can now afford a red phat without it totally leaving me poor. But for the meantime I plan on using the cash to buy some more equipment so I can do GWD/TDs.
  4. C a v v e H, Could you add me in game please? RSN: A Dreamy Guy And a section on killing would turn your guide into the best TD guide out there (that I've found). It would completely eliminate someone having to use another guide alongside yours. :thumbsup:
  5. Wow, I think I'll definitely switch over to these guys once I have enough charms for 88 summoning. For the guide I suggest you add a section about prayer switching, and the attacks of the TDs (even though I know you can't vid, a description and screeny would help). Also a little more detail on the technique would really help. Since you don't use a D Hally I'll assume that once you're done meleeing you step away from melee distance of the demon so you only have to switch between range and mage prayers (assuming that is what you do). Basically a more thorough explanation of the process of actually killing the demons would be nice, as I (and I'm sure many others) have never done them. :wink: Also I'm only 87 range atm, It'd be worth it for me to chin to 95ish I'm assuming?
  6. i can understand 8 kills per hour if ur learning or just rusty, but after 300 kills you really should have gotten enough practice are you using piety? eagle eye? supersets? are you switching weapons and prayers fast enough? is your ranged/attack/strength level below 90 by any chance? 8 kills per hour just sounds too low 90+ stats with piety, eagle eye, and good switching should really net you at least 12 kills per hour, 14-16 if you're good I'm currently 95 attack, 99 strength, 89 defence, 95 hits, 70 prayer, 87 ranged (and 70 herblore, no extremes). I have NEVER done TDs before, although I've wondered about it. That's why I want to know if it'd be faster money than what I'm doing now. I can make 1M/h right now or I can lose 15M to get 88 summoning, lose 20M to chin to 96ish range in order to kill TDs really good. I'm trying to figure out if it'd be worth it or if I'd be smarter sticking to what I'm doing.
  7. How many kills can you get per hour? And this includes EVERYTHING (banking, getting there, etc.). I know that it's hard to tell exactly, but I'm sure someone can give me some sort of idea, since I have none. The reason I ask is that I can currently make ~1M/h. I'll ASSUME the drop rate of claws is 1/300 based on averages that I've heard and reading multiple drop logs. In order for claws to be more profitable than what I'm doing, I must be able to kill more than 7.9 demons per hour (including EVERYTHING). Why? 300 kills / 38 hours =7.89 (300 kills assumes I would get one claws drop in 300 kills and 38 hours because making 1M/h is the same as getting 38M from one claw drop) Now I know that most people would guess over 7.89 kills per hour, but that would need to include learning (I've never done TD's), dying, picking up stuff, learning the lure, killing the dragons, banking etc. I imagine most people would overestimate the number of kills they could get per hour. However, any contributions would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Two guys in game who were at Lapalok blocked: Steel Dragons, Waterfiends, Hellhounds, Aquanites and Steel Dragons, Waterfiends, Warped Terrorbird, Bloodveld Maybe I'll start a tally... hmmm...
  9. Hey, If anyone is a serious slayer out there, I would like a little advice. ^_^ What are the best monsters to block for Slayer? I use Duradel/Lapalok AKA 'Shilo' (Hardest Master). Duradel/Lapalok can assign the following: [hide]Aberrant spectres Abyssal demon Aquanite Black demon Black dragon Bloodveld Dagannoth Dark beast Dust devil Fire giant Gargoyle Gorak Greater demon Hellhound Iron dragon Kalphite Mithril Dragon Nechryael Scabarites Skeletal Wyvern Spiritual Mage Steel dragon Suqah Warped terrorbird Waterfiend[/hide] Axe Man Jack in his 'Master Slayer Guide' says he blocks: Steel Dragons, Iron Dragons, Black demons, and Warped Terrorbirds Another Guide I've found suggests blocking some of the following: Steel Dragons, Greater Demons, Iron Dragons, Black Dragons, Warped Terrorbirds, Goraks, or Mithril Dragons A guy I know with 30M Slayer Exp has the following blocked: Kalphites, Steel Dragons, Scabarites, and Warped Terrorbirds Anyone wanna provide me with some extra insight?
  10. Turns out it's a safezone anyways, even during mid-quest.
  11. Were they one of the founders for the Tainted Ones (old bug abuse clan)? I also really enjoy reading about bugs, or watching them. I've downloaded videos of people bug abusing, read the Tainted Ones history, etc.. I'm fascinated by the brilliance of bug abusers, because I don't think the right way to ever be one. I'd never bug abuse though, my account is far too valuable...
  12. Oh right, I forgot about those; I'll add that to the list. I know, I realize this. However my pure is only level 50 and it's kind of fun to have. I'm just the type of person who would want to do all the quests first before training. I'm not as serious about him as I may look lol.
  13. Hey, Well on my 1 Defence account I'm trying to do all the quests that are beneficial, but I don't feel like focusing on my pure and since my main has a QP cape... I'm kinda sick of them. These are the quests that I've done, I tried to sort them: Exp Rewards: Fight Arena (Attack Exp) Imp Catcher (Mage Exp) Ghosts Ahoy (Prayer Exp) Mountain Daughter (Prayer Exp) Priest In Paril (Prayer Exp) Recruitment Drive (Prayer Exp) The Restless Ghost (Prayer Exp) Spirits of the Elid (Prayer Exp) Vampire Slayer (Attack Exp) Waterfall (Attack Exp) Item Rewards: Death Plateau (Climbing Boots) Horror From the Deep (God Book) Lost City (Dragon Dagger) Monkey Madness (Dragon Scimmy) Recipe for Disaster - Addy Gloves DONE Prerequisite only: Big Chompy Bird Hunting (RFD) Black Knight's Fortress (Recruitment Drive) Cook's Assistant (RFD) Demon Slayer (RFD) Druidic Ritual (Recruitment Drive) Ernest the Chicken (Animal Magnitism) Fishing Contest (RFD) Gertrudes Cat (RFD) Goblin Diplomacy (RFD) The Golem (RFD) The Grand Tree (Monkey Madness) Shadow of the Storm (RFD) Tree Gnome Village (Monkey Madness) Now, these are the ones that I know that I need to get or I can see being beneficial: Animal Magnetism - Get Ava's Accumulator Dwarf Cannon - Be able to use Cannon The Giant Dwarf - Ability to buy a longer lasting gravestone Family Crest - Chaos Gauntlets Plague City - Unlock Teleport to Ardougne Watchtower - Unlock Teleport to Watchtower Eadgar's Ruse - Unlock Teleport to Trollheim And although I'm only a low level right now... Desert Treasure - Unlock Ancient Magicks And the Prerequisites for the above quests: Troll Stronghold (Eadgar's Ruse, DT) The Digsite (DT) The Tourist Trap (DT) Temple of Ikov (DT) As far as I know... once I do all of those quests I'm done right? Like after that I'd be questing just for fun? I think I got all the important quests for a 1 defence pure... if anyone can think of one that I'm missing can you please tell me? Thanks as always
  14. I've done monkey madness, what's a good strategy to cutting teaks there?
  15. Hi, I am currently 73 woodcutting, and am looking to get 80. I am P2P. I can afford a dragon axe. I'm wondering what the best log to chop is... I know that willows are best for exp, but they're impossible to sell >.< I'm also not poor, although I wouldn't mind making some money in the process. I could switch around too, or use a sacred clay hatchet (are they worth using)? I've thought about cutting some willows and then switching to yews (or magics) for the last little bit, using a sacred clay hatchet for them. I've heard a sacred clay hatchet lasts for around 9k exp (or is it 9k logs :? ), so I only think it would be worth it on magics or yews. Another option would be to cut only maples, but how would that compare between splitting willows and yews? Also: Willow logs: 67.5 exp, 18GP Maple logs:100 exp, 42 GP (I have a seers headband 2 so I would actually earn 110 exp per log :thumbsup: ) Yew logs: 175 exp, 502 GP Magic logs: 250 exp, 1368 GP I would assume that woodcutting yews and magics gives about the same amount of money. In order to make 100k woodcutting you would have to cut 200 yews (35k exp) or 74 magics (18.5k exp). So yews are more exp? I'll try to sum up what I'm asking: How long does a sacred clay hatchet last for? If it is as fast as a rune axe, is it worth using over a dragon axe considering the time it takes to get it? Are yews or magics better? And most importantly: What path would you recommend I take to get 80 woodcutting? Thanks everyone who helps! :) :thumbsup:
  16. Forum Name: killordie18 RuneScape Name: Killordie18 Name to use on picture: Killordie18 Picture: URL: http://img4.imageshack.us/my.php?image=13882014.png I'm not sure why mine didn't go transparent in the background... I did everything right. Sorry to the person who has to go on photoshop and fix it for me :|
  17. Although I have pretty low RC level, I've always found super energies to be worth it.
  18. I think I actually remember reading somewhere how someone figured that you get the most experience per hour if you do someone that's pretty low level requirement (like Vanaka). I'm not sure where I read it, or the exact calculations, but since in slayer you get exp per damage, you can do 1000 damage faster on something like guards then black demons. You'd want to do the last guy on your 10th and 50th tasks though to get your bonus points =)
  19. Hey, Well recently I decided that I could afford dragon claws, and lend them out to people. It seemed like an okay idea because I have enough money anyways, and people rent those out for quite a bit of money. The only problem is that I don't have any 'junk'. So I'm wondering if there's a fast way to make some. Because for example, if I can only make 100k worth of junk an hour, it's not really worth my time, since I can usually make around 300-400k an hour doing other methods. Is there any way to accumulate a lot of expensive junk (even if it normally NEVER sells) in order for this to be worth my time? Thanks.
  20. If you're on world 60 you could join one of the penguin finding clan chats. Pretty pointless stuff but it's always busy. Penguins W60 or Riods2525
  21. My brother camped at dust devils with bones to peaches tabs.
  22. So just kingdom management stuff then that's it? o.O
  23. Lately there's been a lot of things introduced by Jagex that you can do only once per day or once per week. This is what I know so far: Dailys: Kill Bork Kill the Phoenix Buy Seaweed/Pineapples from Arhein (or whatever his name is) Buy Battlestaffs in Varrock Collect Flax after Seers diary Collect Bucket of Sand from Bert Kill the Jade vine (not exactly a daily, but pretty close) Weeklys: Tears of Guthix Circus Penguin Spotting Is there any more that I am not doing, or forgot about? Thanks
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