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  1. haven't played this game in a looooooongg time. anyone ever notice the monks dont heal themselves when you fight them anymore?
  2. thats why i ended up quitting, i cant even walk 4 steps without it losing connection. yet i can play world of warcraft..
  3. thank you for the people who are helpful, and thank you to speedofsound.
  4. im not the biggest kid 6'0 185, but its not for being big, its a personal thing, my last name is lating and it translates to powerful in battle, i dont want my last name on my back for obvious reasons but im proud of it and i wanted to pull it back to its latin roots.
  5. I was wondering if anyone spoke or new latin. I'm looking to get a tattoo that says "powerful in battle" in latin, but i cant trust an online translator for something as permanent as this. So i was wondering if anyone took latin classes that could help me out? thanks!
  6. thats right the gas station down the street from me was robbed by 2 girl ninjas, theres even a video http://www.thepittsburghchannel.com/new ... etail.html
  7. what are some creative ways of asking some, i was gonna go to the girl's soccer game, but someone told me someone did that to her before so i bailed, any ideas?
  8. Hiter did some wrong things, but if it wasn't for hitler germany wouldnt exist today. I believe someone could easily make a princess leia from star wars with the new hair style and a white dress type thing
  9. i cant get new clothes because in order to change clothes, i have to take off my gloves boots and cape, and im f2p wearing a legends cape desert boots and cooking gloves, i cant deposit into my bank ether. so no new clothes for me :-(
  10. i really dont know how you guys are reading it for a second or even third time. I got the book at 12:05 on friday and ive been reading it when i have the time and i just finished now 11:50 pm on the 23rd. I worked long hours and such but i dont know how you guys read that fast, 3 times in 3 days is rediculous, i dont think ive ever read a book twice. All i can say is, after reading half-blood prince i knew i wanted to see it in movie version, and now after reading this i can not wait for the movie. the whole time i read the book i was picturing it in my mind and its gonna be phenominal.
  11. if only people with party hats on would die around me :-(
  12. its just another hood, not like there isnt a hood for HAM, every skillcape, and ahrims
  13. Swordfish hands down. some notable ones: Donnie Darko Memento
  14. There in my hearts, a girl who i knew who graduated last year from my school got shot 3 times, but she is ok.
  15. i guess i can put my small switchblade in there, even though id rather have my nifty butterfly knife :-)
  16. If i leave a knife in my glove compartment or something just incase i do need to use it and i get pulled over and they ask if i have any weapons and i say yes, can i get charged for carrying a knife? Even if im not hiding it or anything. just wondering after a little mishap last night where a knife would of been very helpful, but i dont wanna get screwed even more if im like speeding and its in there
  17. According to dnscoop.com, tip.it is worth an estimated value of $815,500 thats awesome, google is also worth in the billion range. Anyone else have some fun sites that are worth a bunch?
  18. flamestrike


    That was one of the best movies ive ever seen. im going to go see it again when i get a chance
  19. i searched the same thing and went through 2 pages of useless information, and fake programs with virus's in them
  20. anyone know where to get a converter to convert .ogg video files to something like avi or mp4 so i can watch them?
  21. i could play a tet member if you needed.
  22. Well first off, i can not figure out how to get the video off my camera onto the media player, id rather use another program
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