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  1. Yeah its real hard to believe whats real and whats not, I live life one day at a time and will do so untill I die, I dont think about dying, or dead people and dont think about if there is a Heaven or Hell. There People That Believe there Ghost, Aliens, Heaven and Hell and other things. Witches, Warlocks and what not. Is any of this real? Maybe. Only Thing We will find out is if there really a Heaven or Hell, When we Die we will find out. Hell when we die its probly a very deep dead asleep that we can never wake up from. There many things that people believe in and people who doesnt. as for me are these real? Ghost? Possibly Heaven and Hell? Could Be Witches and Warlocks? Doubtful (Made up story such as the Vampire, WareWolf etc to me. Aliens? Very Doubtful (Earth has been here for a long time now, and nothing happen, yeah there has been missing people that has never been found but really doubtful if aliens came and got them. If there was they should have been spotted clear as day by now. These above is my Thoughts other people has their own.
  2. I had it thinking it was Gay, Thought that was funny but maybe not to others so forgive me if I offended anyone but I didnt save that convo. Also lost alot of other Convos from not knowing it didnt have any scroll to scroll down. That was my bad on that part. I am being lazy, didnt post the Convos as it should be, so its all tossed around.
  3. well, Yeah sorta what Peter Said, Big House tons of rooms, Space etc Big Garage to fit houses, near the ocean etc just one hell of a big house thats bigger then the White House even lol. As for the Job nope, Sit back relax and wished I had like 25 billion in the bank, rofl.
  4. Fact or Fiction 1: I was walking down the road going to the gastaion few blocks away from my house, Half way there all of a sudden I was shoved to the side of the building on the sidewalk. Banged my head a little but I was fine, I looked around there wasnt anyone there but the odd thing was There was no one in front of me nor the side of me and There was no foot steps other then mine. There wasnt even a Single Car out on that street at that Time. 2: I was sitting in my favorite Char half asleep watching my program while out of corner of my eye I see a bright light, I didnt bother turning my head to see whats there because I was spooked knowing there was no window in that area so it couldnt have been a car light or anything. 3: I was hunting in the woods late afternoon walking around looking for a good place to set up camp to hunt deer's. While walking I saw something hair big as a Bear but thought to myself no it couldnt of been not here I got scared and ran but feel into this hole but I couldnt get out few moments later I see part of a arm and hand tossed in a huge log for me to climb out, When I got to the top there was no one around. Could it be what I saw was BigFoot or was it nothing and just seeing things. Is any of these Fact or Fiction? I'll Let you Decide...
  5. isnt ff7 with Squall or something like that and Zell
  6. or go clubing for about 1/3 of the cost...and you get to drink! I did that last night well in my room, bought an 18 pack of budweiser because my birthday is on the 11th of this month ^^ Will be 22 very soon.
  7. dude, she is very good looking, HOT !! , I may not care for her songs but I would go to her concert just to watch her all night.
  8. well, once when i was younger i flew down the hill, flew off the bike, didnt get any broken bones but got skinned up abit. LOL
  9. When i was younger im sure i got lost, but cant remember ever getting lost in the store before.
  10. lol, some of those is really funny.
  11. Ouchie, well i better get some sun block then, because it burns up here. :S
  12. I Honestly think he guilty, but on the other hand he may not be, just some parents trying to milk him out of money that he doesnt really have from what i heard.
  13. looks like the type of boots someone would wear in aspine or any other ski place. edit opps had sky when it should have been ski lol typo
  14. tupac and elvis is dead, trust me im sure they would have been spotted if they are still alive.
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