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  1. i really dont' care anymore. this fight was in your timezone, it started at 7 pm est (12 am gmt) on a Wednesday when a lot of people have school. claim the victory all you want, i don't care. your clan is full of no names and people who managed to get to 120 combat in 6 months, and after switching forums, yo ulost 20 members. you hide behind your numbers and your combat average, both of which you beef up. enjoy your ride at the "top," because it will soon be over.
  2. Do you realise that DS also had to fight these clans ? do you realize that anarchy was solely targetting di members?
  3. i don't really remember if i was at that fight or not, nor do i really care. if you would use your precious spy again, you would notice that fnk was just doing his job as advisor, he was putting an idea out and nothing came of it. you people shouldn't take everything so seriously, or if you're going to spy, at least read the rest of the topic..
  4. i love how ds claim we had max ops when we had barely over 300. i also love how they claim they "cleared out the spectators" when that was clearly not the case. we have plenty of pictures to prove otherwise, we also have pictures of various di members getting fire blasted. it was a [cabbage] war, and you guys claiming we won't "accept your terms" for this war, when we were the ones who declared in the first place, is also [cabbage].
  5. Your wrong. And you talked about someone elses grammar :roll: I think DI will win if this goes on, only because they are a big group of determined 10 year olds. nice flaming. di's average age is like 17 or 18. the war isn't going to happen, ds are claiming we wont accept their terms, but they won't answer brian's (ghjjf) pms. don't even try to make it out like we declined anything.
  6. You're wrong, I don't have the picture atm, but my friend asked a jagex mod if it were possible to raise the level cap without whiping everyone, and the mod answered that it was. I'll see if I can find the picture.
  7. How long did it take 4 di 2 mass 175 opts 5 hours ? :roll: try 5 minutes. we can easily muster 200+ ops in 5 minutes.
  8. the past 2 fights we haven't even allowed guests and we had 300 options of just di. we only allowed guests after we were teamed by ds and rsd.
  9. Well when the one person that does post it is a senior member in DI, then I do blame it on all DI. Not one member spoke up and said it was wrong and should not have been done. It was removed only after DS made it public, causing them to lose credibility. DI took it down to save their own skin, not because they thought it was wrong. Correct me if i'm wrong but wasn't the list given out by a senior ds member?
  10. guess i need to research international copyright laws then
  11. wll i tell the world my secret of how much di piss me [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ TUNE IN NEXT [email protected]@@@@@[email protected]!#[email protected]#%&* OMFGAWD HAXOR Do we really make u mad irl? o.0 :o not mad but it bugs the crap outa me when some di people just act like tards and flame etc, thats why i dont really play rs much these days, di wrecked it. Oh please, DI single handedly ruined RS for the entire RS population
  12. so did you actually go out and get a copyright for your members list? because i doubt it. you probably just wrote it on there for [cabbage]s and giggles. If i'm reading this correctly, I don't think you can get a copyright on a members list, since it would be considered a fact, at least in my opinion. Edit:
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