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  1. Things I couldn't go without in a day... A daily fix of soccer/football (playing or watching, though preferably playing). Food and sleep are a given :P. And my sister and I have some late night talks just about everynight that are basically tradition now. Yeah, that's about it.
  2. Psychology (funny since it's my toughest course, though most interesting) and Biology (specifically the genetics course I took).
  3. NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs Football/Soccer: EPL: Arsenal (woo, 1-0 over Real Madrid ;)) La Liga: Barca Ligue 1: Marseille
  4. I unfourtunatly didn't get to watch it... a replays being shown at midnight here though :\. From what I heard, Terry played fantastic but Ronaldinho, Messi, and Deco were just teasing them at the end of the 2nd half. PS: Really wish you hadn't put the score in the subject/title line. Some people may have wanted to catch a replay without knowing the score yet (I already knew the score as I was being told everything that was happening through a friend).
  5. Alright so, i'm slightly bored... should be sleeping but I have a few things on my mind and decided to make this in an attempt to get them off for awhile! I was reading an article somewhere and one of the questions was: What do you feel are your best assests/virtues and worst faults? Just thought i'd ask it to anyone bored or up for answering it. For me... I don't really have the answer yet but one of my worst faults its being too critical of myself (which can be good and bad) and sometimes diving into things without thinking them through first. Oh, and procrastination lol :P. Oh, and an edit to say... yeeeeahh Arsenal ;).
  6. EPL is shown a lot over in North America. Infact, more games are shown in the US than in Canada (Fox Sports World Canada doesn't show as many as the American one). On topic: SO glad to hear Liverpool won. The game was on pay per view here so I didn't watch it... i'll just catch the highlights or a replay of the match :).
  7. I'm definitaly going to be watching it, though think i'll miss some of the opening due to midterms :(. I'm watching bobsled for sure (there's actually a Jamaican born on the Canadian team), hockey, short track/speed skating... as much as I can get in :).
  8. I'm really liking Imogen Heap (Speak For Yourself) right now.
  9. My thoughts exactly apinagez. What gives anyone the right to burn down embassies, or anyone elses property, etc.? Violence doesn't prove a thing. In my eyes, it does show that someone is "undereducated". Tell me... do you believe that what they're doing is right (the violent protests)? Firstly, I do think they're in the right being mad. But I wouldn't protest with violence, whether the person has insulted what I believed in in one of the worst ways possible or not. Their religion says that that is a sin and that those people are their enemies and have to be killed or something like that... You're totally right, but in your example you used the Christian religion, which is really different from the Muslim religion. From what I know, their religion tells them that they have to burn down buildings and kill people that blaspheme that much. But it's still not their fault, and they're not immature or uneducated or something else. So i'm confused - their religion tells them they have to burn down buildings and kill people?? I'm sorry, I know quite a few Muslim's and I guess they're going against their religion because they definitaly don't go around burning a building down or killing people because they were insulted (to a high or low degree). I've seen a few been insulted due to their religion and yeah, they get pissed off by it (who wouln't get mad if you were insulted??) but there's a point where you just need to stop at mad instead of going to insane actions. square 101, I agree very much with what you've said. I mean come on... this is a bit ridiculous: :\
  10. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/4678368.stm This happened last night, pretty shocking. I think only 100 people have been found and the rest are still missing.
  11. Well, it's kind of a relationship between the person (or well, their "individuality"/identity) and the place and how they're interconnected/one. It doesn't matter at all what the area is like. Scenery doesn't really need to express mood. I guess I should've given an example film (i'd use it myself but I know of 4 others using it so don't want to); The Shipping News. Basically, it needs to show a connection between an individuals character traits and their surroundings. I can use different individuals as well so it doesn't need to be just one person. Hmm... I don't know of this will make it more confusing, but another example could be: (if you haven't) imagine you've moved away from your childhood home (a place). What was home to you though? Did you identify it through the people there, the grass, the neighbourhood, etc. - what gave "home" meaning to you? So in saying that, if you were to go there today, it'd probably be very different - could you still call it "home"? I guess that's sort of what i'm trying to get across. A place and how it has meaning to you.
  12. Hey guys, I have an assignment to do, and basically in it we're suppose to reference a book and/or movie (among various articles). The general idea behind the assignment is a link between how a big change in an area or how an area can affect a person (in simple terms at least :P). I'm not asking anyone to do my work - I actually quite like writing papers - but i'm asking for ideas on what film I could use for this. I'm having a block on movies right now so, hence the post. Your help's greatly appreciated :).
  13. The Phantom of the Opera (2004) - Andrew Lloyd Webber. Probably the 10th time i've watched it :P. What can I say? I'm a sucker for love stories and musicals... put 'em together and i'm guaranteed to love it ;) (yes, I love Moulin Rouge too :o). Love the music and think, although an odd role for Gerard Butler, he did a great job.
  14. Fabulous job:)! Really like this. (like it even more because it's not pixel :P - nothing against pixel art I just do not like it at all) Also, love your current sig too.
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