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  1. ok one more try at this by me hope u like, ive noticed smileys r popular so here it is
  2. man! i luv ur sigs hey im yet to see a bad one by u keep em coming dude
  3. heres my go at this hope u like, n any suggestions?
  4. i like it hey u could make that into a nice sig hey
  5. hey nadril i remember one of ur early sigs, i think it was u u no the one with the alien? man uve improved soooooo much hey n still improving
  6. i duno wat i was thnkin, just experimentin i guess but looks bad i reckon bad bg, just took a pic n pasted it, tried to do some fancy effects woah, add that all up n u got urself one of ur worst thingos its good to see ur improvements though hey
  7. theres too many worst ones, but ill find one just for u after lookin thru my comp heres one this is prolly my worst imo (no wonder the guy didnt buy it lol) very bad...
  8. well these ones of mine i liked this one i liked coz of the guy i drew n coloured i like this one coz its simple n different n looks cool :D this was an early one n ive just liked it anyways i reckon these r my best hey including my lil sheep (check current sig)
  9. DruNKeN_T


    cheers man, im on 3 week break atm so thats y im bak but will prolly be gone for a while again later
  10. DruNKeN_T


    orite cool, so where should we meet up etc?
  11. heres my shot stats hafnt been updated anyways hope u like, its different in style id say but meh~
  12. isnt her askin us to rate his sig? n im assuming that sig is the one hes using, i dunno i could be wrong but if it is that sig, it looks good but if u just got a pic n added the writing etc woulda been easy yeah but i guess u said that, 5 mins bit anyways keep workin at it
  13. DruNKeN_T


    hey dude heres my shot, its not animated though hope u like it
  14. looks cool hey, i like it, nice n simple as well
  15. well u cant see ur name properly, maybe add a shadow on it or something also imo i reckon the rectangle strip is a bit big n stuff but looks good
  16. hey looks cool man, cept the trees r a bit blurry but good job man
  17. thx nadril, n yeah im bak dunno how long for also i agree with nad, make the writing stand out more
  18. ok hafnt done this in a while hopefully ppl will still like it anyways heres my shot
  19. hmmm... well i hafnt made sigs for a while so i duno wat the style is nowadays but id rate it 6.5, prolly try n improve the background n the writing... maybe write something there rather then just some random stuff anyways keep it up n gl
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