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  1. looks pretty good, wat game is ur bro making?
  2. cheers n yeah made it all myself to my style :D although when u tihnk about it doesnt seem hard... just the idea is good i think... :?
  3. ill try n give this a go when i got time sounds like fun
  4. i made a new sig, dbgt style :D watcha all think? the dragonball looks cool yeah? :D
  5. ok ill just haf to wait to see it sounds like a lot of work though hey goodluck with it
  6. looks good man, n lots of detail in the guns 8/10 maybe add to it with a bg or something or get rid of the white bg
  7. btw watcha gonna do with it? if u dont mind me askin
  8. here u go man, hope u like coz i like lol
  9. hmmm... first shot wasnt so good i think this ones a bit better hope u like
  10. looks great hey ur style rocks dude keep it up
  11. heres my shot, id say its a bit different anyways hope u like
  12. they look cool man, second one was unexpected, saw a really cool first one n then i scrolled down a bit n it made me laugh hey the second one is cool too just didnt expect it to be funny if ya get wat i mean anyways keep it up hey
  13. well imo i reckon u should lower the guys shoulders or them thingos on his shoulders, makes him look hunchbak i think
  14. i remember this too, i gave it a go but didnt win heres a new attempt at this, will get rid of sample if u buy it
  15. thx again guys for the comments n cell snake i duno i fill make another one soon, stressing out about life atm
  16. not bad dude, but personally im not a fan of that font hey n yeah well done on the second one ;)
  17. cheers fellas n yeah i should make it bit bigger but takes too much time to actually make a good bg hey, like so far i dont even use diff shades lol but if im bored n stuff i mite give it a go hey thx for the feedbak
  18. well i made a new sig, pixelly kinda just begun doin these so yeah anyways tell me wat u tihnk plz cheers
  19. hmmm... just thought id give this a go with the one i made for ur last comp i tihnk? anyways here it is
  20. DruNKeN_T


    heres my shot, my first time doin one of these pixely pics so it may not be that good anyways hope u like
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