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  1. Got a level 4 from Bronze Dragon's after 20 kills, reward was: Armadyl d'hide body 2 Snapdragon 1 Palm Seed Rune platebody Crystal key Took 3 celtic knots, 4 direction arrows, 2 scan clues and 2 puzzles.
  2. I got a raven egg casually cutting a few logs, probably rarer?
  3. Ha ha ha, that embarassing stats quote is possibly the most pathetic and 'nerdiest' thing I have ever heard. Is it really embarassing to have a life?
  4. To be honest you have to be pretty socially withdrawn to be a high level anyway, it's almost impossible to have both a life and a great RuneScape account at the same time so this is why people get an impression of their odd acting.
  5. Yeah nice achievement but don't forget about real life, don't let this game suck you in dude.
  6. Major waste if you ask me. I get around 50/60k XP training Slayer, which means charms for Summoning, Slayer XP, Hitpoints XP and tons of money in drops. I definetely would have spent that on Prayer. At 2k per dragon bone you had a lot of cash there and could have trained Strength another way.
  7. "You don't know RuneScape addiction. Last year, I was playing 8 hours a day on school days, with absolutely no exaggeration. I passed only 2 of my subjects." You don't know RuneScape addiction. This is what I have got my 'addiction' down to. I quit school just to play, my timer would sometimes go up to 16 hours a day on bad days when I decided to choose RuneScape over sleep.
  8. I don't understand how you are making money on an item that is going down every day?
  9. I know what you mean dude. RuneScape is ruining my life. I find that I can either be REALLY into it and play it 3-4 hours a day or not play it at all. There is no inbetween, no playing for 30 mins or an hour because then I have to lose interest and get on with real life things. RuneScaep is the worst addiction I have come across, that is how I would describe it.
  10. Only use your RuneScape password for your RuneScape account and nothing else.
  11. "My friend lost his torso in the wildy, as a result he was uberpissed. Next day he took all his anger out in football practice and will be playing on the Varsity Game this week." I LOL'd
  12. Not a very bright 'figure of speech' when choosing Blue Phat, hypocrite.
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