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  1. +1, claw rushing is embaressingly boring, ever wondered what it feels like to actually pk properly? ~Cracky Lol you clearly don't know who you're talking to.
  2. A pure wouldn't be able to effectively use a healer, since any monster worth using a healer on would rip through a pure's defence too fast. Prayer potions = Win. Yeay but without defense any monster would be worth using a healer on. Prayer potions = expensive
  3. A clear sign of maturity is the ability to cope with less mature people. Btw, I find those noobs screaming and yelling at me quite amusing.
  4. [/hide] :-w :-w :-w a little prank O:) Care to elaborate?
  5. People people be nice to eachother! Nice luck man.
  6. 18 with a rune scimmy my cabbage. I've been hit for at least 24s in pvp. Still, ranged owns. I've got 87 ranged and I'm lvl 100 cmbt, meaning I gotta fight 90 str+ pures and I must say I'm not doing bad. Ranged rips right trough them monk robes and it's 1.5 times as fast as a scimmy, meaning I can do alot of damage. Just be sure to take a r2h to KO.
  7. Nice read on a thursday night. Actually like the questions, made them give funny answers wich are always better then the ones they'd give on future content related questions.
  8. Awesome pure, now get that hot new cool pvp drop! Oh wait, it's only a statue...
  9. I like you. OT: That was weird, what was even weirder was that when I took evasive action it stayed in spot and was still fully able to attack me without moving: Haxor ice warrior I'd say.
  10. Maybe there are trees in the way? Meh look at the difference in distance, even with trees.
  11. Right, so ok I'm not that good in explaining things on pics. Anyway, as you can clearly see on my pic is that my chars keeps takin this ridiculous route, stupid route finding update.
  12. Nice man, if you need more shows search for Oz. The most brutal series there is.
  13. 8.5/10 for the patience. 17.5/10 for your epic flame war starting skills, u pro.
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