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  1. Probably already mentioned but can't see why people would want to do either of these any more. Nat runners - This was at one point profitable, around 2005 people would generally trade 35 nats or ~12kgp for 25/26 ess and give noted ess if not stocked shops. 400 each nat at that point so essentially getting 6k profit per trade. Bit before free trade being removed the very least people would expect would be 2 nat:1 ess, some people offering more to get the exp as runners were less common - more money making methods. Also meant to be like 45k/hr for exp. FFA I'd never cared about or wanted to bother with, though I'd heard that was meant to be like 25k/hr max, not good for p2p but pretty good f2p. Guess it's good for earlier levels. FFL was 30k/hr max, heavily dependant on the runner:crafter ratio. So basically you can do runners slower than ZMI, at a cost, more click intensive to trade constantly, plus typing to tell people you're open (FFL), plus a lot more people are exp focused now than previously so I would imagine less runners, though as that's low levels it could go either way. Not to mention you could slay and get effigy's instead of having to trade people.
  2. But then there's the whole f2p money making thing and lack of avas, so you either have to power range with addy or pick them up constantly. afaik they generally power range with steel but I don't take interest in it, just what I'd heard.
  3. I don't see how being level 105 really makes you so much better. 100 is more useful for an extra bind, sure but can't just give a static number and say you're good now. Have to have some leeway.
  4. Considering Kayle's sling gives +5 range attack +6.5 range strength (KB) surely you could do even faster actually using knives/darts? Like the common steel knives are +8 and +7 allowing the shield boost. Dragon darts would be +18 +20 and not an awful price.
  5. I did do for strength, otherwise I couldn't care.
  6. Well the flaw in this is basic, you won't hit 600 every sgs spec and will hit 0 quite a bit. Justification for that claim would be that close to when it was released it replaced guthans entirely and was the most viable healing option and even on slayer with aggressive prayers active it was nowhere near to that. I'd still be skeptical even with an average hit of 400. Also worth noting that excal can spec and still hit with your main weapon when timed well, whereas spec with sgs requires 2 attacks with a slower weapon when compared to most training weapons and weaker when compared to chaotic. Then there's the addition of sgs being 2 handed, meaning you always need 2 invent spaces to use the spec as opposed to 1 with excal. Aside from maybe spear at corp/maul at TD's I can't see any reason to use a 2 handed weapon, so you'll always have rapier+defender.
  7. I'd attempted that previously, it's slower. Even excluding the extra time resetting up teams, cancelling and such it's something like 1-5 4+ times to equal 1-10. Don't remember exactly what we'd found as it was back when the horn came out but yeah, wasn't worth it basically.
  8. RC is 60k an hour. Agility is 100k an hour. Mining is 100k an hour, more than that if you do LRC superheat(considering the speed of the two other skills). RC is the best thing to use lamps on, no matter what. I'm fairly sure that if you aren't great at merchanting or are opposed to it it would be much more efficient to kill frost dragons/TD's for your RC xp(at around 40k xp an hour). Where are you gettin the xp/h rates? From his behind as usual. 65-70k at the barbarian course is reasonable. 50-55k at the living caverns is reasonable. Actually 100k/hr's correct, if you can put up with requiring a team for BA. Especially going for 200m exp I wouldn't fancy it just for being team based, though with a good team you can complete all BA waves for a full horn in 3 hours, have done a few times myself. 65-75k/hr at barb agil normally, depending on focus/timing. If you take 65k as an average, 9.2 hours to use up a full horn (600k exp). Meaning the 1.2m exp gained is 18.4 hours cut down to 12.2 which is at 98k/hr. Whilst it is a major speed boost it is annoying to find the teams and keep a single team for the 3 hour period and i wouldn't really do it long term. For the normal rates; 65-75k/hr barb course. 65-80k just mining, depending on if banking or superheat/drop/alch.
  9. double exp weekend smart people use charms on 110% weekend, so i guess a non-intelligent person could still get over 1:1 summon: salyer I was getting more like 0.5 su to the end of my last load of slayer for skipping fiends and doing tbirds and ice wyrms. I don't touch gold/green and aside from black demons and nechs there's not many to be found (my skiplist is enough to have gained 2000 points or so in 30m exp).
  10. Effigy I choose on the most time consuming/highest costing/one i dislike most.. Firemaking > Cooking. FM pretty boring, cooking piss easy. Farming > Fishing. No brainer. Farming costs over 20 gp/xp and 130k exp/day, fishing's entirely afk. Fletching > Woodcutting. Woodcutting's entirely afk so preferable not to use on that, unless you have 200m. Fletching costs a bit, hard to buy. RC >= Summon. I've switched between both at times, stuck with rc though. Summon's worth going for if you don't want to collect charms and have too much melee exp outside of slayer. Mining >= smithing. Smithing's probably the better one to take here, I'm just still in the mindset of mining = granite Con > Thieving. Both are fast, con's 20gp/xp or similar. Agility > Crafting. Agil's much slower. Crafting can still be done cheaply Herb > Hunter. Just the expense of herb justifies this.
  11. Plus ZMi being a bit over 2* faster, not worth doing nats especially at the prices they are now. RC can essentially be written off from any real profit. Slayer is more break even than profit when you do it quickly - cannoning what you can, titan+scrolls, overloads and such equipment whilst skipping slow high/mid dropping tasks like abyssals, non-ice strykewyrms, aquas and smage.
  12. That's likely to be more along the lines of to save the time in banking than the actual cost but yeah.
  13. Well I'm sure you've all heard of his begging for donation ways; when you have that little gp you're not going to waste any, especially bearing in mind superheating is over 3 million gold bars which did probably start off at like 150-200 each, still about 300m if he's kept all banked. Banking's probably preferable regardless for that little bit less effort.
  14. If they are leeching off society its one thing, however if they won the lotto and can financially support their habit who are you to judge them? Or even if they live with their parents who are you to call them a leech? If they can support themselves or live with someone who can then i see no problem with playing 10 hours a day. 10 hours a day really isn't a huge amount. Even if you work 9-5, add 1/day for travelling and 1 for food shops, 46 hours offline a week. If you then play up until midnight and 18 hours on weekends (ignoring the possibility of playing a little before heading out), it's a total of 67.5 hours/week. Sure, it's not social but it's not leeching either.
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