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  1. I admire your honesty. Best of luck on requesting ban reisntatement (BAR) from Mod SteveW on the rs forums.

  2. Sorry for not answering your questions, I didn't how they had any relevance to points I am trying to make. People complaining about how its easier to train their character now with new updates should have had those options all along make no sense. You are right the game does change. Those are in game changes and updates... The Reinstatement of Banned Accounts isn't an in game update such as things added to the game. It is so different it makes no sense to lump them together. It just makes our debate confusing and way off topic. I understand what you are getting at here, but the difference between training in game changing throughout the years is way different than changing the way people can cheat and get away with it throughout the years. I am not debating people losing items fairly in game due to wilderness pking and such, being scammed, killed by monsters their items back, that is completely ludicris and has nothing to do with what I am saying. I can see how you being a new player could take me as an "I am better than you because I have seniority" or whatever, but that isn't what I am using for validation to receive fair treatment in getting my account back just like everyone else who has ever been banned. I think I have received cruel or unusual punishment based on how easy people can get away with cheating these days. I didn't think that way before this was released. All I am arguing is its unjust to just pick a date and say, ok you cheaters can get away with giving us money for your account back, and all y'all before can't. Thats all.
  3. What does lying about bans have anything to do with the points I am trying to make. How does Jagex rate one crime worse than another? Was I some jerk stealing peoples items? No. I was that jerk trying to unfairly get level 99 mining while also having a real life outside of Runescape, thats all. I am not trying to fool anyone, I've been completely honest with admitting my wrongdoings in this game. I've admitted I deserved to be banned. My argument lies with I don't think I deserve a permanent ban, when people now are being allowed to fork over mommy and daddies money to wash away their wrongdoings and giving longtime players of the past no such option. If I ran the game I'd want to help out the players who were there in 2001 and 2002 giving me $5 a month to start building this game from a [cabbage]ty nearly 2d game, into what it is today. Instead of giving handouts to the bandwagon kids of the last several years and forgetting their older players. Just be fair and give this option to everyone if you are going to make it an option at all. For example, a friend who showed this macro software to me during the month I made the mistake was also using it on fishing. He used it to fish from somewhere in the 80s to level 98. When he got on one day his fishing level just happened to be 92, so he quit playing. I am just frusterated and really questioning the people who sit behind Jagex desks looking at cheating customers. Are some laid back and like, oh i'll just rollback the dudes stats a bit... (this same character was also permanently muted several years prior) Did I just get some jagex employee who was having a bad day read up on my case? Saw that I was macroing in Rimmington on iron ores, and instead of noticing, well hey, this guy has gained quite a bit of mining xp in the last month, I could roll him back, but screw it, I am pissed at my girlfriend so I am going to take it out on this dude instead. no black marks...played since nearly the beginning of the game...oh well PERM BANNED with no chance of ever seeing daylight again. I guess so.
  4. I respect your opinion. Just believe me after a year and a half of being banned I have learned my lesson. I could have went on and just made a new account, but it wouldn't have been the same. That character was my only character, I am sure you know what its like having something you held so dearly. I threw it all away. I deserved it, i know... I am not in regret that I got caught, I was at first, but after over a year of sitting with my punishment I started to think what if I did get to 99 mining and didn't get caught? How dishonest. Living with the fact that the time in 8 years of my life invested into my character was completely negated by 1 month of cheating. The then importance of having 1 level 99 stat was greater than my character as a whole? I was wrong. My argument is not that I still deserve to be punished further. My argument is why is it fair that people who committed the same mistakes I have today, who have invested far less time into the game, and far less time being punished, deserve to have the easy buy out, and I don't? My argument is that this update should be for banned players of the past, not of the future. I didn't fully understand your point until I reread your statement and can agree that at first it seems like what you say makes sense, however I did play this game 8 years mistake free, and didn't get the chance that kids who have played this game for 6 months and make a mistake will get. It doesn't "seem" unfair. It is unfair. This was my first offense ever in all those years, my character would have been going on 10 years old now... that kind of loyalty to a game means nothing when they can let people with several offenses over long periods of time get appealed, and now bought back? For shame... now I am started to question if I even want to play a game where the creators have such distorted mindsets.
  5. My account (the only account I have ever played on) deserves this option. I really hope I get it. I started playing Runescape in September 2001. Was a member ever since it was an option. I played it religiously all through highschool with my group of friends. After highschool I took a bit of a break, but as old friends also got back into the game so did I. around 2009, 8 years of playing the game combat level 124 or so, I cheated. I wholeheartedly regret it. I was in a rough point in my life. I was the only person in my group of friends after 8 years of playing this game I still didn't have a level 99 skill. (96hp, 93 range, 83 mining) I wanted to get a 99 so bad, I was desperate. I heard of this autominer that my friend had been using for months. I used it and within a months time I had gotten up to level 97 mining. I really thought it was going to work, and I would have cheated my way to a level 99 that I had always wanted. Until one day I signed on and it was all over. Without a single offense ever in the 8 years of playing this game, my account, without warning was perm-banned. I felt crushed. I immediately regretted my decisions. After two failed apology appeals, that was it. I severed all my ties from this game. It was hard. Like an old love, it was painful to try to forget. Of course 8 years of my life wasn't worth cheating. I can look back and realize how desperate I was, but have learned my lesson. I will never make that mistake if I am ever given the chance to get my account back. I remember checking back at the 6 month and 1 year anniversaries of my ban really hoping I would get a last chance appeal or something, but never anything. It has now been a year and a half since I was banned. I have obviously learned my lesson. Even without my character or any real hopes of getting it back ever, I still find myself checking out Runescape. Seeing how the world I once loved so dearly has changed and evolved. Now that the wilderness and free trade are back, like the good old days that I was so fond of, the regret of cheating hurts far worse than ever before. I remembered last week getting some hope when I saw the release of Banned Account Reinstatement, thinking wow, I would make a great candidate for this. I am willing to "buy off" my penalties, if that means the month of my life I wasted running that stupid autominer and my mining reset back to level 82, I don't care I just want my account back. Anyone who has lost something they held so close for 8 years of their childhood, having been taken from them for a year and a half would learn their lesson, don't you think? I sure have, I am willing to pay for my wrongdoings. I would become a member again and obviously a honest playing player of the runescape community. I never received the option to buy my account back unfortunately. Is it for real only players banned after this update get this option? That is absolutely unfair. I find it hard to believe anyone can think of a more deserving player than I to deserve something like this. Jagex should be giving this to their now-adult players who have stuck with them since year 1, who have made 1 damn mistake and have done hard time for it, rather than letting new players slide and never really feel the hurt of being banned for so long. So who is with me?
  6. chill out, I started playing runescape in september of 2001, and failed to acheive a single level 99...
  7. oh goodness jagex... #-o ....HARSH! :twisted:
  8. Dragonite. :rolleyes: yeah, immature.
  9. I turned down $300 once, because I still played and wanted countless hours during highschool to be worth more than that to me, but since I haven't played runescape in over a year i'd totally take $300. PM Me if interested :thumbsup:
  10. never understood why people had to beg people to populate their threads...
  11. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!? I love LARP'ING I'd kill for my girlfriend to dress up like that now and then... :pray:
  12. 01-02 the good ole days.... :D
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