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  1. I was scammed out of my purple phat by a friend of one year. I had never enjoyed talking to someone as much as I did her. She made me feel so much better at crappy times in my life. She must have been one hell of a con artist. On the rs forums she is different, more trollish. I tried to respond to her on the forum recently and she claimed she didn't know who I was =/. I don't know if anything she ever told me on msn or rs was true about her. It's hard to think she had this plan all along. She never ever asked for anything from me. I can't believe our friendship had a price tag on it all along...
  2. I think there is a possibility that a good friend just stole something from me. I gave my friend my purple partyhat last night to go take a forum picture with. She was my favorite person on the world wide web, we got along very well. She didn't play runescape too much either, we mostly chatted on msn. She was mature, and we talked about everything to do with our lives and she helped me through some tough times and vice versa through the last year. So I handed her my purple and she went to go get the picture, then she complained that her internet was dieing (actually this happens a lot to her, she can often be gone for days). And said she was rushing back to me. I later looked on the forums and discovered that she had been on at least 30 minutes after taking that picture. It sure didn't seem like 30 minutes to me before she lost connection. She claimed that she had the phat for awhile, and had other rares (I only know of her blue mask that I sold to her long ago). She is the type to tell little lies for kicks sometimes though. She was also on forums earlier today, but I've been in the lobby all day waiting for her ( purple phat went up like 80m+ today, and really want to sell for profit) and she never got on. Maybe she is on some kind of mobile device to post on the forums, but she'd have to use the same internet connection right? If she did steal from me at least I know her true nature, and I'll probably quit runescape if that is the case. There are better things out there at 21 years old. It just would amaze me if she really did end up keeping it, after all the things we shared.. It's still very possible that she will get on and return it, just needed to rant at the possibility. I have trusted another friend with my 800M cash pile and he gave it right back, though I knew him for 4 years.
  3. To get a White partyhat, I never thought it would ever be possible with the current trade limits. But now once they are removed I will do all I can to achieve this. I have a Yellow and 200M to work from, now I need a reliable way to make 5M plus (preferably 10M) a day once free trade comes out. I'm hoping white doesn't go above 1.2b.
  4. Sell it when it hits 20M market price for max in 3-5 more days or less, thats what I'm going to do. Haven't you seen all those guys buying 4-5 Santa hats (the Santa suit only adds to their confidence)? Their all waiting for Christmas like mad to sell them, and when christmas day hits and even before then the market will be flooded with massive amounts of Santa hats, because most people only care about making money off them. I may even sell when max comes to 20M if it doesn't start rising faster. Then start making cash, and near Christmas when the market floods with them buy 2 and wait for the new year sky rocket. You have to be ahead of everyone, remember the merchanter takes advantage of the real spender, and you've got to take advantage of the merchanter :P.
  5. I sent four lists and got four auto replys from a mod, all saying the same thing, thank you but, you should do it the other way, which sucks cause it's a slow way to do it, inless your a mod and can report for macroing every secound, plus no thanks from jagex cause they don't even see the report for macro's.
  6. Hey adam, if your still checking this thread out, did you by chance know a moderator before you became one, I think maybe that might have something to do with it, or did you just report alot of people over very long spans of time?
  7. Well I usualy ask them all repeatidly if there bots or humans.
  8. What is the RSOF, I'd love to join the runescape police, I just reported around 200 people for macroing (only can send 5 messages at a time though, so I got 2 more lists), I'm bored with runescape lately.
  9. It might be hard to pk but I don't pk often, and a group of people to pk with might solve that. I don't think the vast amount of players would think that, everyone wants to say they befriended a mod.
  10. yeah I agree it makes me angrey to see some guy running around saying folow me and spam I hate the jews, and I'm not able to mute them, I saw a mod but he must not have noticed, now that I think about it I should have asked that mod to mute him. I think I read that guide, the one where it tells you to add them as a friend and turn public to friends I reported 3 teams of scammers today with that, you know people buying charcoal for 2m and selling for 200k, I've even followed a trust scammer to another world to report him cause he logged out before saying the words, "trade me good stuff and I'll trade you back"
  11. Player moderators can, as they know what they did to become player moderators. I still don't get the point in why you guys don't like "wannabe moderators". What's wrong with wanting to make the game a better place for all? In other games i've played, this has been encouraged by others, not discouraged. (I was a moderator for a game called KnightFight) I hate to go all biblical, but wannabee mods remind me of the parable of the Pharisee and the publican. My last day of members, I spent fishing at Catherby. And there was a wannabee there making great boasts about how he was reporting this person and that person for telling "yo mama" jokes that might possibly have offended someone. And how he was certain to be a mod soon at the rate he was going. I chewed him out for clogging up the reporting system with all his reports and taking Jagex' time away from the real problems in Runescape. I further asked him why he was making such a public demonstration of all his "reporting" when he could have quietly submitted his reports and accomplished the same thing. So I fired off a few "yo mama"s of my own. His response was to urge every one there to report me. Of course, nothing came of his reports on me. :P But it just goes to show you just how messed up the entire player mod system is. The lengths some people will go to in order to get a crown by their name... I don't think it's messed up I think it's quite genious jagex is making people earn the title, there not just giving it away to people who report people 100 times a day for stupid stuff.
  12. I read that, I know how to become one, I'm just not sure about certain aspects such as, is jagex against people who dilibertly go out of there way to find scamers. The reason I bring it up is I heard in other topics that it was bad to do, but maybe they refered to people reporting for stupid reasons.
  13. Thank you for the answer, I have never told anyone on runescape that I want to be a mod (though I honestly do, I just didn't want people flaming me on this thread, but I think I get it now) I also have never told anyone to report someone, and I have never told a person I reported them. Though honestly if jagex never promoted me to mod then I would not mind, I like reporting people who scam others it makes me feel like I make a diffrence, the main thing I report is trust scams and item scams, and advertisements sometimes too. SURGE Troy I agree with you on that, why don't people want more people taking responsibility of the rules, runescape is full to the brim with scammers.
  14. Hey I seriously wasn't thinking of becoming a mod, but I was wondering if a person went around all day reporting people with trust scams, and item scams by actually looking for them, lets say they reported 10-15 people in one day, now how does jagex feel about that, do they like it, do they not really want it but not mind, or do they totaly disoprove of it? and do mods actually become mods by just hunting for scammers to report?
  15. I Think I can work on this in my free time, so you want person2 to be pounding the ground with there fists on all fours with a rune 2 hand about to be stabbed in there back from person1, and a maple short bow on the ground next to them?
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