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  1. I totally agree with this. You mentioned smithing. But I think allot of features and skills are superfluous nowadays. For example: almost all the bows, axes and pickaxes are totally useless.
  2. RuneScape Name:aviansieh I need a member of: Black Arms Quest:Heroes When I'll be on:22 and 23 Januari World/Location:Everywhere How to contact me:In game PM and leave a message in my inbox.
  3. Happy birthday. Finally an adult eh? :)

  4. Achievement: 1 : the act of achieving : accomplishment 2 a : a result gained by effort b : a great or heroic deed 3 : the quality and quantity of a student's work http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/achievement This person put (some) effort in playing this game and gained a result. So in the sense of the word, it is an achievement. Whether it is good or not, you may decide. We will probably will continue the discussion for ever until someone grows tired of it and admits he or she is wrong. I personally think playing 9 hours of Runescape, or generally sitting before a screen and watching it and clicking a little bit is unhealthy at the least. Even if she had to lay down in bed for all those years. I think we all can agree that. If you do no agree with me, you probably do something similar like her. I advice you to quit doing that and do something different for a few weeks, like reading or just go outside. I can guarantee you that you life will change in a good way.
  5. I feel sorry for you, but I don't think it has anything to do with luck. When going to dangerous dungeons, you should be very cautious. Even reading a guide on it is very useful. And the second thing could be avoided too. This might be a guess, but that parental control might be there for a reason. No purely to annoy you.
  6. http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Herblaw It is a British word, so you are partially right.
  7. Purely to restore the combat triangle, I think F2P magic could use a boost. I also think Jagex said once that F2P is not a demo. P2P is just an expansion for those who wish to pay money for the game.
  8. I personally admire all skillcapes because I find it hard to even get something relatively easy like 99 fletching or cooking. It just takes allot of time, and I don't have the patient for it. But if someone would offer me a 99 in a skill, the skill I certainly wouldn't chose would be firemaking. I find it pretty useless to have a 99 in that skill because I think it's the most useless skill. The cape actually looks pretty good IMO.
  9. I agree that it is possible to get any untrimmed skill cape, but the rarest and probably hardest would be summoning IMO. It is even possible to train slayer with all the combat methods.
  10. I think a 1000+ world for F2P is cool, for P2P it's useless because it's pretty easy to get that skill total. Also, I think the F2P world should be 1000+ for members only skills and the P2P world should be at least 1500.
  11. I especially hate it when moderators start to shout out their merch clan. It really makes me world hop.
  12. How are you aware of what Jagex wants of their game? If the game was exactly how Jagex wanted it to be, the why are we continously recieving updates? And yes, this entire debate is based off opinion, so are all other agruments; if they were fact, then what is there to debate? But we can still support our opinions, and if your supporting facts/ideas are strong enough, then your opinion is a completely a valid argument. You're essentially arguing that all opinions, editorials, and political thought are baseless, which is false. And arguments can too be based on many things. And the only argument I have seen is that F2P works hard enough. That's simply not an argument because working hard on Runescape does not entitle you to anything, except for what Jagex gives you. Paying for the game gives everything the game has to offer. So please disprove this statement: working hard on Runescape does not entitle you to anything
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