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  1. And no one alerted Ziddy to the glorious thread? Damn you, lazy oldbies! Now I need to get that contact info so I can talk with the great man, himself. Thank god the Freak Train was mentioned. -ZidaneCT
  2. So, we meet again, Blipo. I have over three years of plot and story formulated in my head that I could possibly use for a snippet of story, but sadly it is based on the universe of Fullmetal Alchemist. The characters are of my own creation, and the story takes place with the original cast dead - but even so, it's still null and void. In either scenario, I am too lazy to write anyway. But not all fanfiction works are terrible, but the majority of them are. Plus you have folks who just butcher the source material anyway. Best of luck to anyone who does enter. And to all the complainers - atleast they are giving you cash, rather than a large trade of cabbage in-game (if you can even do that nowadays with this damned trading system). -ZidaneCT
  3. I ain't complaining... For my official Zidane fanclub, consisting of Shazarabbit and Topazjewel thus far, this pretty boring picture is for you! But it atleast pays tribute to where it is due. [hide][/hide] More to come later, if I am not lazy - or if I get inspiration. ~ZidaneCT
  4. New: Newer than the previous one: That's it! I've had it with these motha' plastic snakes of my motha' plastic plane! Cockatiels! And I am done.... it is 4:14 in the morning... ~ZidaneCT
  5. Author Notes: The idea for this chapter (and the overall storyline) is based on about two years of thought processes. Still, until I got words on paper, I really didn't know how it would turn out. The main thing, I was lazy to write this - so this was actually a three parter I wrote for my "Expression Workshops" in English 101. This is based on the FMA universe, and this would be about ~85 years since the end of the Anime. Melanie is related to Edward in bloodline (we assume Edward/Al returned to the world of Alchemy, that's explained further in the plot). This chapter itself is about 2/5th into the story. This was really a test to see what I could do, and I believe I have a better idea of where to go. Any comments, constructive criticism, or hate mail would be fine. Enjoy. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- { The Alchemist from the Other Side ÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Ãâ New Aquroya } ~ By Matthew Russell ~ [ Draft V.2.1 ] Stepping off the train, onto the concrete platform of the train station, Matthew glanced at the golden margined paper he held between his fingers. It was just yesterday that he had officially became a State Alchemist, by sheer luck at first, and through hard work studying and passing the state alchemy exams. He glanced at his official title shown on the paper, with a smirk on his face ÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Ãâ the ÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ãâ¦Ã¢â¬ÅTwin Bladed Alchemist.ÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬ÃâÃ
  6. Well, the event is over and out. We had a small crowd, and I was tired (due to playing WoW to 5:00 AM last night), so I had trouble with falling into my random nature. Maybe the concept of the event was a bit too broad? It wasn't my proudest event by far, but it was successful in it's role of being an experiment and by testing the waters. For EwE's next event, I'll give more time for coverage, and push advertisement more. The next event will be a classic Freak Train, on the 19th. Thank you to all who came out, whether you had an enjoyable time or not. Special thanks for Honest1 for stopping by as well! [( Action League Now! Promotional Team Shot )] ~ZidaneCT
  7. Bah. Double posting due to forum errors is for the lose. Ah. I'll use this edited post as the 30 minute reminder. I'll finish the countdown in the title itself, from here on. See you there. ~ZidaneCT
  8. Falador Abandoned Mansion is the empty building, devoid of NPCs, east of the park. 40 Minutes to go. ~ZidaneCT
  9. Reminder that the event is tommorrow. Since it's a bit late to be finishing the post, I won't. I'm lazy like that. Just come with your wacky super-hero title, costume, personality, and role-playing nature - and we'll be set. And Evil better be there. ~ZidaneCT
  10. From RPHC, to TET, to Honest1 Productions in between, and not to forget your journey and achievement of 99 Fishing - you've always been one who proudly wanted to bring fun to the Tip.it Community. I remember vouching for you to bring you into TET, shortly after it was founded with the fall of Scapeboard. Who would have known the impact you would have amongst us? Your "Retired TET Member" custom title shines proudly for all us ex-members without it, and I hope it inspires today's TET generation whom we've passed the torch to - as what one can achieve within one's event hosting career. Keep on being honest; keep on being dedicated to the endeavors in your life, as you were in your service to TET. Feel free to stop by my events when you get the chance. In real life and any new games you come across - I wish you the best of luck. ~ZidaneCT (RPHC Founder, ex TET Founder & Member, Tip.it Troll)
  11. With the "Gold Farmer" debate in full swing due today's news on the main Runescape site - the selected "Action League Now!" team of five will be stopping by trees to try to take down various packs of level 3 gold farmers. I still haven't written the storyline or in-depth information yet - but the quick and easy summary in the second paragraph and the "party details at a glance" is all you really need. Same goes with explaining what "Eternal Wind Events" is. I thought that after a four month break I'd be set - but I still loathe writing event posts. I'll get it done within the next two days. Since this is my first foray in the 'User Event Boards' - I don't expect much of a crowd outside #runescape (Tip.it's IRC Chat) and a few others that enjoy creative events, and aren't just going for material gain. It's an experiment at best, will more attention be brought to this forum? Who knows - but small crowds aren't bad at all, you get to meet and greet people in a closer fashion. 3 Days to Go, ~ZidaneCT
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