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  1. As a PvM player I loved killing the bosses, regardless of drops, they would just fund it. I personally would LOVE to have GWD back, however, I do agree on the nerf to the drops of the aviansies, and a nerf to Armadyl Godsword if that's what the majority wants.
  2. suckitlosers first to 40M exp.
  3. http://crystalmathlabs.com/tracker/ This may be of use to a lot of you! It is an experience gain tracker for 2007Scape.
  4. http://i.imgur.com/enb3kHH.jpg Good job everyone who voted so far, honestly I'm not sure if I do want it to hit 500k. But we'll see I guess.
  5. 147 days 11 hours for me. Melee skills 99 (that's 4 of em), under 100M overall xp. Talk about banksitting. :( I am the reigning king of inefficiency. 165 days 19 hours 2160 total levels 143,371,769 total expees 99 Mage, 99 wc, 99 fletch and 99 cooking. Talk about pro. 148 days. 1996 total. XP: 65,252,044. 99 Construction. I win!
  6. Mollerz


    This is extremely old and was called "The Lying Down Game". It is old, it happened, it's coming back under a new name.
  7. Still can't be friends? I don't even remember why we weren't to be honest. I was on and off playing, every time I returned from my breaks you just seemed to be phasing out of the community, I never really knew what happened, just hopped on the bandwagon that the community was back then. To be quite honest I don't give any sort of [cabbage] that happened what, 3 years ago now? I don't even play anymore, I just hang around the community, I don't see why we can't be friends. We are completely different people now.
  8. I only come online during raid times, since flasks and food are provided with the feasts and cauldrons and we get guild repairs, I have no other reason to come online outside of raid times.
  9. I'm at sort of the other end of the spectrum to you guys. Guild is 6/13 HC and we are facing a brick wall of Ascendant Council HC. We can do it, we've got to P3 enough times, it's just getting that perfect try. We still don't have CoW HC or Omnitron HC down and this is because we wanted server first of Ascendant Council HC. However, the GM is getting pissed off that we can't kill it because of people with lack of focus and such and everyone in the guild is worried that if he goes, so will the guild. Which is pretty much true. We are such a tight-nit group and it would suck if if raiding stopped, that's the only reason most of us still play.
  10. HC: Magmaw down, world 1000 or so. We tried HC: Valiona & Theralion and that should go down tomorrow. I shouldn't think HC: Conclave of Wind and HC: Omnitron should be too far behind that either.
  11. I've been playing on and off lately. Recently got Malphite, Rammus and Amumu jungle properly working and also Malphite solo lane. I'm still stuck hovering around 1500 but that's because I've been trying new characters lately more than anything. Also, since a bunch of friends are stuck with this too, I thought I'd post this here... Tips to get from 1200-1500+ AP carries are best, Kassadin, Malzahar, LeBlanc, Veigar perhaps. This means your can just take someone out 1v1 most of the time. Assume your team won't teamfight, and focus on pushing, but don't overextend and play safe, Flash/Ghost is a good combination, perhaps teleport if you feel it would work. However, keep an eye on your team and if they want to teamfight, then stick with them, wait for the tank to go in, if the enemy start attacking then go in. All too often I see a tank go in and then the carry straight in after, but the enemy are just actually sitting around the tank not doing anything, waiting for you. If you can't play carries, or there is a competent carry on your team, play support. There's nothing like a good support character. Janna, Soraka, Zilean, Sona, Kayle, Nidalee. You can solo with Nidalee and you can jungle with Soraka and Kayle (But practice a lot, they are hard to jungle with). They aren't particularly fast, but they are extremely effective gankers, since Soraka means you can towerdive at level 3 and Kayle's damage is beyond ridiculous. You can properly babysit someone in lane, let them get most, if not all of the last hits, and you can sit there and heal, shield, etc. whilst they harass and get kills (Unless you are Zilean then do the harass yourself). If you are stuck at 1200, or below, learn to play tanks. You can 1v5 a team as a tank, all you need is your team to follow you. Malphite, Shen, Amumu, Mordekaiser and Rammus especially. Rammus and Amumu are junglers, the other 3 are solo but if you have to you can jungle with them. You can jungle with Shen without any masteries or runes too it's just a little slower. If you can learn to pick those times when your team is in a good position, and you can initiate, do it. If you are one of those tanks who goes in, takes a bit of damage and runs, you are bad. You must learn that, even if you are on 4hp, taunting the enemy carry and killing him whilst you also die is better than not getting killed and not killing him. If you die, it doesn't matter. I've won games playing perfectly, going 0/6/11 because I sacrifice myself for 2, 3 or 4 kills which allowed us to win. Ideally, you should be able to play every champion perfectly, but this is not always the case. I recommend you learn 2 of each role. So a couple of carries, maybe Kassadin and Malzahar, 2 tanks, doesn't really matter, 2 support characters and a couple of AD sidelane carries, Ashe and Miss Fortune are a good start. Build upon this and you shouldn't have too much trouble breaking the higher ELO.
  12. Heroic: Chimaeron and Heroic: Atramedes down. Now 4/12 HC. Valiona/Conclace/Magmaw/Omnitron next. We're trying them all.
  13. Mages are broken, there is ignite munching. Say I crit for 40k, my ignite will tick for 5k damage for 4 seconds, then my living bomb tick crits for 4k. Instead of stacking together to have an ignite ticking for 5.1k, it just overwrites it. Haste > Crit >= Mastery We've had roster issues too, I joined the guild while the progression was 5/12 because a DK left. Then we got hunter loot only for the best part of 8 weeks. Our restoration shaman has the best restoration gear for the whole server, and he is the best geared enhancement shaman, and elemental shaman also. Yet our holy paladin has 7 blues, fury warrior 6 blues etc.
  14. http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostwhisper/yttrium/advanced Me. Also; [bleep] Chimaeron Heroic.
  15. Indeed they are harder apart from a couple. Atramedes and Al'Akir. Doesn't help that our holy paladin still has 7 blues and our fury warrior has 8 blues. Yet our restoration shaman is fully decked out in gear for all 3 specs. All we get is mail loot. Our hunter was best geared on the server until he couldn't raid anymore.
  16. Our guild is 2/13 HC so far. Halfus and Maloriak down. Chimaeron is easy, we have the tactic, but RNG prevents us from the kill, beautiful.
  17. I am now a Taurus, no longer Gemini. Having read the description for Taurus, that is me. So I don't mind switching.
  18. If you have a protadin the mortal strike drake is a joke because you can bubble the debuff away at 12-15 stacks. By the time you get to 5 stacks again your first drake/whelps should be down and it's facerolling all the way till stun phase. And we all know hard he gets at the stun phase :P. Yeah our DK tank is gearing up a protadin at the moment for next patch because he wanted to re-roll anyway. :D
  19. Nefarian down finally. We still have Conclave up, tried it on heroic and we got passed the first boss ultimate once on our last try for the night. Heroics are hard. Love it. We should get Chimaeron, Atramaedes and Maloriak on Heroic since that is our focus, however Halfus is a complete arse on 10-man so we may delay that a bit but we will try it at least. We beat the enrage with the Mortal Strike Drake, Shadow Nova Drake and Whelps up doing 8-man. I don't think heroic will be too much of a push.
  20. Just played Lux since you wanted to make me play her, 24/1/7 at 25 minutes. Then played Kassadin in lane, 28/0/1 at 20 minutes. I just went around raping whilst rest pushed. I think my ELO decayed a lot since I haven't played much recently. Also played Ashe twice in ranked went 12/1/10 and 8/0/14 as carry in middle. Working on a jungle rune page for Olaf at the moment and need a few more runes for Amumu jungle. Then I need to work on Soraka jungle (Oh yes sirs, it is possible).
  21. Derp. Crit is still good, it's just harder to get to that amount of crit because if you think about it, most of your gear will contain hit, where as at ICC maybe 2 or 3 pieces had it and you were capped.
  22. I just got my DK to 60 and started Herbalism and Mining on him to farm materials for money/flasks/potions.
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