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  1. My progress on the materials for the Cloak of Seasons. I hope i get some lucky spins or I doubt I'll make it.
  2. I took a picture of the new... "improved" female character model.
  3. 10/10 update, because I like redheads
  4. Tokens don't cost anything? The only fee you pay for is to recharge it, which is very miniscule. Tokens cost quite a lot. The concept of opportunity cost is, quite literally, the first thing they teach you in a basic economics course. (At least, in my state's textbooks it is.) The cost of a Chaotic Shield is, at a minimum, 400k Dungeoneering xp. Would you reduce your level by nearly half a million xp for this shield? Would you trade a Chaotic Rapier for it? Would you trade a bonecrusher, scroll of augury, and arcane stream necklace for it? Because that's what you have to do--you need to choose between the shield and all of those things and more. If you take the shield, you lose out on everything else you could have bought with that 400k--or you do until you make it another third of the way to lv99, anyway. The fact that you don't come out with less cash than you started is irrelevant, as nothing you can possibly do will ever make you come out behind in cash--you start out the game with 0 gp. I can spend 120m on 99 prayer and still come out with no net loss. TL;DR: time is money
  5. isn't that how the idea of prestige-ing is in most games?
  6. Sounds like fun. Even if there isn't a special item, I will still try to go.
  7. good luck on your thieving, might as well bump ur bloggeh while im browsin tif.
  8. So that's the guy who took all his stuff. Classy. rofl :lol: Actually I don't think that Bird guy was one of the hackers. No point in packing that much food if u just need to stand around for 3 minutes waiting to get out right? I think he was actually going to play BH but he happened to kill Hellslayer. eh people carry 1/2 brews only to tank out time... most people use them when xfering. Im pretty sure he was the hacker, or affiliated with them.
  9. so we can agree that its more updates to the ways we use spells or equipment that we would like? not exclusively more power?
  10. Agreed about the EMR chat. Although Mumm is power-crazy thinking that he/she (idk, lol) controls the world. thats impossible. he has a beard to control everything for him.
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