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  1. If you tack on some watermelons to the end of your herb run, you get a decent amount of xp, and it doesn't take too long to harvest them. I end my herb runs at the fally patch, so i can get the bonus xp for my watermelons with the fally shield.
  2. This. Summoning is one of the few skills that doesn't need any more content at the moment.
  3. Some noob tried to get me to buy him a cape for tree fitty gold. I almost did it, but then i noticed something strange. It wasn't a noob at all, but the blasted Loch Ness Monster! Needless to say, i blame the Loch Ness Monster for the spike in cape prices.
  4. Runescape has gone to the dogs. All dogs go to heaven. Heaven is awesome. Therefore, Runescape is awesome. You can't argue with logic.
  5. I'd guess that the screencap was taken while the xp was still counting up?
  6. Posts like this prove how [cabbage]ty even the tip.it forums have become. Lol, wait, you're saying you're a shining member of the runescape community? Looks to me like you're annoyingly arrogant, laughing because somebody is a certain level. (This is how it appears, for all i know you just think 124 is a funny number)
  7. What's the cabbage game? Some variation of the flower game?
  8. Is this some sort of indirect way of polling us on our genders? I have a bonesack
  9. He seems to be milking his "quitting" for all that it's worth. Maybe he's going to come back if he get's donations from his youtube fans? :-D
  10. Onyx (i) should function as a RoW too, now a waste of time to MA. Maybe incorporate a "luck" stat on rings, and say a wealth gives +10 luck, the (i) rings give a lesser/greater amount.
  11. I think using overloads would let you brew without needing a restore. But, i have no experience with ovls, just something i've heard.
  12. Wow, i had no idea you could do this. #-o
  13. -Farming run -Circus -Barbarian fishing while alching or cutting teaks while plank making (I'm right in assuming i can multi-task like this, right?) -Using up charms when i get to 1.1x
  14. When people complain about every single update.
  15. No way, we still have Sailing to look forward to!
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