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  1. Best thing is that you feel rebuilt and you sound happy. You're ready to rock. Good on you! :thumbup:
  2. Good to see you back Lee :) If you need a guide to find the way I........uh hmm nope... If you need expert advice I.......err nope OK this is better..... Anything you think you suck at.......I can do worse. Don't forget! ;)
  3. Eight years and still a noob That brought back fond memories of my own start in Runescape. I might not have made as much progress in the quite considerable time I've played but I do still enjoy it very much. Thanks for the enjoyable read.
  4. First article ;-) "Where is the middle? Im certain that there is no set, definitive line in the sand which delineates the happy medium between the skill-obsessed and the happy doddlers. What do people tend to appreciate more: those that toil away at goals relentlessly, or others who lackadaisically meander about the face of Runescape with seemingly no point or focus?" Meh! There is no middle. You do what you do and enjoy it anyway Stormy. Perhaps I need to seek you out and try once again to divert you from your goals. It's never worked before but I love being a pain in your neck and whizzing around you when you're head down and bum up skilling :D Perhaps I'll drag another pain in the neck along - don't lock that door!
  5. Yes gal! Thank you I've always had trouble with puzzles and that made them look easy :D
  6. Good one Stormy. I read and actually understood it. There are still a few pure skillers out there and I'd love to hear what they think and how changes have affected them.
  7. My key was in the grove of trees slightly north west of the Chaos Temple :) And my descendant was Juliet Leptoc
  8. *pokes the Toitle wiv a stick* Ooooerrr she bit me! Good choice admins!!! \
  9. :D Congratulations to you. Tis a rather splendid cape. Sadly all my frantic poking of keys and running around you to get a good pic didn't work - I didn't catch the emote animation lol *frowns at computer lag and typical clumsiness of computer operator* As for that luck thing....well from what I hear you may need to take something old. Works like a charm for some :lol:
  10. Someone told me in a gentle but stern voice "there is more than one forum on Tip It Brammy!". And luckily too or I wouldn't have known about this announcement. May I offer my best wishes to you both and apologise in advance for not attending. Your Sunday is my Monday in which case I'll be head down and backside up at work while you'll be sipping on champagne or slayer juice of some sort. Cheers to you both and I'll toast you with my mug of coffee at the appointed time :)
  11. Ah but like all good monsters he shall respawn again. Isn't runescape grand like that :)
  12. :D It truly is a great story of the ultimate warrior sacrificing himself. I was one of the huddlers in the background although I'd died before Leesters did and I wasn't doing anything even remotely heroic except yowling in excitement and generally being a noob pest to him. At least I tried to untangle myself from everyone's feet before dying :roll: And might I add that Trojann was another hero backing up the ultimate warrior along with another friend of theirs. Thanks you guys :thumbsup:
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