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  1. Pff once a botter always a botter.. Nah but anyway nice pictures, hard to keep so many over the years. Hope you keep enjoying the game and good luck with the rest of college :]
  2. When they released free trade they said they had the means to actively control botting to an extent. Now they want to talk about their plans to combat bots. We will see. Be interesting to hear from all the other insiders sessions too.
  3. Should be a good weekend, going to make some pots for a herb level and then it''s off to train agility hopefully until 1.1x, but I'll probably get bored and go slaying. Once at 1.1 its summoning time ofc. Looking forward to it I guess. Have a good one everyone. :thumbsup:
  4. So with the free trade returning, will Tip.It begin having slave auctions again? I'm looking for someone to get down and do my dirty work, and a slave would be very useful indeed.
  5. Tyvm for the fast and informative post. Just one quick question, in the base gear you have rune defender but is dragon defender a better option? I assume it is and you've just copied some guide. Thanks never the less.
  6. OKAAAY So it has come to the point where I have decided to raise my attack and strength up. At the moment they are 70 and 73 and I plan on raising them via slayer. Now I know basically nothing in terms of combat training etc and need as much help as possible in guiding me in the right direction. So can you helpful fellas please give me some advice on what I should be training with/items to bring and so on. What type of food should I use? Should I be using a familiar? ( Am level 57 summoning) Should I be using pots? What kind? Should I be using piety when doing tasks? What kind of armour should I be looking to use? And is there any quests I should do that will help me out? As you can seeeeeee I need a lot of help I can get and any help is appreciated :) kthx
  7. I'm so confused. This guy has posted like 5 topics or something? He posted this today right? 16 days after he got the exp? But didn't he just post like 110 or even 100m? But now he has 119.5M exp. ??? So if you did get this 16 days ago, you've gained 8.3M exp in 16 days which is like 10 hours of agility per day. ..grats.
  8. Xxgod, stop putting down mining achievments just because of LRC. You don't see people complaining about other skills like woodcutting with the introduction of ivy. I know this is rate this, and you can have any opinion on someone's achievements, but your whining is seriously getting old. MetalManiac9, you are one persistent, perhaps crazy, Runescaper. Training mining by mining coal and iron, and then making them into cannonballs for 99 smithing makes me cringe. How you do it, I don't know. Gl for the future.
  9. Grats, superheating is a very nice smith and mage combo, i too am raising magic like that. Keep up the good work :D
  10. Your blog is great. It might not be of some high ranked or extraordinary rich player, but of an average player. But that is what makes you special. You're not playing the game to become number 1, achieve 99's or become rich. Instead you play for fun, and I think that is what a lot of Runescape players are missing now days. Runescape players often take the game way too serious and that causes them to be often stuck up and not particularly friendly, even these forums are getting that way. Anyway, you play for fun and I think that's the way the game was intended to be played way back in RSC, so I applaud you for having a great blog and a great way of playing. Keep it up and keep having fun!
  11. I just read the whole thread's comments, and I must say that Runescape has messed with the brains of you guys. Anyway well done Saru on everything so far, keep it up.
  12. You got some very nice stats, especially Herb, Farm and of course the 99s. Good luck with any goals you do decided on in the future, and good luck with Uni. =p
  13. There's one at shantys pass I believe.
  14. Don't worry I'm using it, along with my trusty magic secateurs. ;-) Well thanks, I really appreciate the replies.
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