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  1. If you could sell demonic thrones, I bet some ppl would even buy it for like 40mil :wink: Why ? Its only a pixell Doesnt do much lol
  2. Ill still be on runescape,Not as much To be honest,and not on my normal account uk_swat Ill be on 00 nwa 0o and taking up the challenge of getting it quite good as its not amazing atm. I wont be on everyday,But id love for poeple to add me as i really cant be bothered going thu Uk's list and nwa is blanked out in the game :( lol
  3. Hey everyone,i decided im stopping playing on runescape now.. Summer life is amazing,Going out with frreinds etc.. The main reason being so bored of pking now,And thats all i used to do. I wont be quit for good mind you! I have another account which im taking up the challenge to try and get it a ownage low lvl pker, Its early days so far and bassically If anyone wants to add me 00 nwa 0o Thats the account name,And still remember me as UK ,just with a different accuount :) Hope ya'll have a nice day and be chatting to you soon :D
  4. youze really come,Gl i know your gunna get it!
  5. i saw a lvl with a bronze axe omg! :lol:
  6. My brother who left 2 years ago,put caemera in the teachers toilet,Got a vid of the headmaster taking a dump and got it on projector in whole school assemblley,about 2 thousand ppl saw the heaadmaster having a [cabbage] and whiping his but lol
  7. i was bored once,and in a silly mood. We was in physic,our class conists of 30 boys 8-) and no1 listens to the teacher,we are basically all 4ft taller than him and he has no control on us and we wanted to take the pis bassically. So all these freinds that new about runescape past players and stuff,we decided to go pking irl in class runnin around the class shouting "tbed takeover" "f hell hes smiting my whip tag tag tag" "omg 2 hit rofl" loadsa crap like that, It was just a nerdy moment was funny as tho,the teacher was like" WTF " lol literally 30 boys runnin around his lab jumping ova desks and stuff... lol _____________________________________________________________ Another one was, We brouht 3 salmon into school,and like 4 tins of tuna fish ( I think you can guess the rest ) Basiically we cut the salmon up and boom,stuck it down the radiator lmfao,The tuna was spead in un belivable places,where the teacher didnt know,So when we came back monday monring,Leaving a nice 2 days for the smell to settle,the whole mostly downstairs department was shut down and had to be refurbished of some crap lmfao.
  8. Hmm silliest,most dumbest question i have ever heard srry.
  9. i registered on the forums,just to see bank pics i think,ages ago tho :wink:
  10. you took his items you scammer! :P Lol gj,bet he was pised.
  11. You broke a rule,You got punished maybe a bit too harshly though.
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