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  1. there is nothing unbalanced about final destination. if you allow the other person to get far enough away to use range attacks enough to where it becomes annoying, you probably aren't playing very well.
  2. got a santa and scythe, but missed bunny ears and yoyo drops. and then i quit for a long time after rubber chickens and missed everything after that :(
  3. if you use desktop shortcuts to worlds, and the world is full, it will give you an error message Was working fine yesterday, I use a shortcut to 6 so i can play barb assault
  4. I thought about this awhile ago but forgot to make a thread about it. It seems as items get more and more expensive, items spend less time being shown off and more time exchanging between hands of greedy merchants. Three years ago masks and party hats were EVERYWHERE. Now if I'm "lucky", I'll see a santa hat every few hours... But that's not really the point. My point is, rares are getting rarer, which brings me to my question: do you own a christmas cracker? And if not, have you ever known anybody who has? Or known a person who knew a person? Or are they just a figment of our imagination?
  5. Unless they somehow manage to bring it up to the amazingness (graphic and depth-wise) of games such as Oblivion, console gamers who have never played runescape before will just skip it. The only ones to purchase it would be the fans. Since when is Jagex any good at creating games for consoles anyway? They program in java for god's sakes. All in all it would be a big time and money sink that would ultimately flop.
  6. kaizez - he was an rs role model for me back in the day. taught me how to solo KBD back when rune thrown axes actually worked well. then i quit and he kept playing sort of, then he came to play maplestory, and after that i never heard from him again. he has 30 farming and no hunter/cons so my guess is he quit soon after that came out. he was one of those people who i always wondered what he was really like since he seemed to "stretch" the truth a bit. was anyone else friends with him?
  7. how many babies were killed in the making of that awful music?
  8. I think the people who are scammed are just as bad as the scammers. I was about to make a topic on this but I won't waste anybody's time with that. It seems every 5 seconds you hear someone complaining about "Oh I just got scammed out of 10m" or "sorry I can't pk with you I got scammed for 4634872 dollarz and a pony". Sure, it's horrible for people to attempt to cheat others out of their money, but THAT'S WHAT THE SECOND TRADE WINDOW IS FOR. How in god's name do you make a 10m trade and NOT CHECK THE DAMN WINDOW? "Oh look, I was going to buy a gold rune plate, but there is no (g) next to it, I wonder if there is anything wrong with this? Oh well I'll trade anyway, must be a glitch". DURRRRR \ =D> \ =D> Complaining about scammers is cool, but complaining about being scammed is not. I lose all e-respect for any person who falls for a trade scam. It's such a cop-out excuse.
  9. i don't really talk to anybody on RS either. and my rl friends all think runescape is gay (as do I), but I play it just for a timesink. I have like 20 people on my list, and probly 17 of them are people I added for some stupid reason and never deleted. runescape loner and proud of it
  10. I wanna try crafting airs for people in world 16, since I just read about someone else doing it really fast, but could someone explain how it works? Like what is supposed to be traded for what, and what people expect? I caught on to the "Open" thing, but I'm not sure what I should be trading to people. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  11. This thread is meant most to be a journal for me personally just so I can see how far I've progressed in RS. I've recently come back after a 2 year break with my ex-p2p main (zx cold eye, level 90 combat) full of members items and unable to deposit in the bank, so, remembering how much fun I had pking with my old clan, I decided to start a f2p pker. I'm basically gonna post stats so I can see how my training is going. And also if people want to give suggestions, I'd LOVE to hear them. PS: I have no friends (on runescape!!), add me if you want to talk or pk with me sometime =) Goals: 40 attack 60 strength Day 3: Day 4: Day 5: (today) Training at goblins in the stronghold of security. Will have 40 attack by the end of today.
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