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  1. Yeah I know, I can't wait to get it. 510xp towards Slayer compared to 340xp, I love it.
  2. Genie Lamp: Level * 10 New Tome: Level * 15 :D
  3. Here's a layout of my house. Also, here's a video of my house on YouTube for anybody interested. :) http://youtube.com/watch?v=loJF0Qetk3o
  4. If you take all of the capital letters (IHAHJLOGOAHUNN) you get "Ha Ha! Join 'n' ghoul.". o.O Interesting... http://www.anagramgenius.com/server.php ... &seen=true
  5. Yeah Firemaking is mostly pointless, but it has it's uses. I have the Cape (just got it like, last week), and I love it. :D
  6. I don't really have any proof that I've been playing as long as I have, except for a TON of old pictures I took over the years of RSC. I've been playing since 2000. :D Ian (one of the RuneScape creators) trading me full Rune before it was even out (about a week before it came out in the Guild). Lightning in Edge bank, with Thehate talking to her (I think, if I remember correctly). This picture was taken the day Strength Potions became yellow. There was a bug that allowed one of my potions to stay purple, while all others were turned yellow. I thought the other person's was bugged until I found out that was how they were supposed to be. :lol: If anybody is an old player, they will remember this guy. He was the only Jagex staff that lived in the United States (might not have been the ONLY one, but he was the only one I knew of). He was around 17 I believe and lived in Flordia, one of the coolest Moderators Runescape has EVER seen. :) Now this guy WAS the coolest Moderator ever. The man known as "Moderator". I remember talking to him once at the Port Sarim Jail and he told me that he lived less than a mile away from Andrew Gower, but they never even met once. 8-)
  7. That's been there for over a month now (week or two before Hunter came out)...
  8. Yeah this happened to me a few weeks ago too. I had all 4 Healers on me but he wouldn't die. It took me rougly 30 seconds to get the Healers to come out, then I sat there for around 3 minutes trying to kill him but he kept getting healed. I was 100% sure that no Healers were on him either, as they were all attacking me. :evil:
  9. Combat Level: 3 Skill Total: 932 Best Skill: 99 Fletching
  10. It's been like that for months now. Ever since the D2H came out.
  11. They only changed Guthans Skirt and Ahrims Top / Bottom. Also, pic of updated Dragon Chain.
  12. Yeah, it happened in today's update. Nobody knows why they did that, no JMod has given an answer yet.
  13. Combat appears under your Staff's name (Staffs only).
  14. Crappy update, nothing too special/good... I thought you got to keep your Canoe, but you have to make a new 1 everytime you want to go on a trip. Image hosted by: Rs-Gallery.Com Image hosted by: Rs-Gallery.Com Image hosted by: Rs-Gallery.Com Image hosted by: Rs-Gallery.Com Image hosted by: Rs-Gallery.Com Hidden update! Zeros now have a line through them, so no more "00 O00 O O" names.
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