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  1. What music do you guys listen to while playing runescape? Rap? Rock? Do you actually like the runescape songs lol? I like techno, one my of fave techno vids: Or maybe you like watching TV? Eating? What do you do while playing runescape?
  2. html code for hiding text? test [hide=test]test[/hide]
  3. this is exactly the f2p attidude,they get something,still not happy :shame: The combination of the 30 minute rule and no spec will limit these items market. Thats the problem. Items that don't produce more than they are worth will not be used much. There are many examples. But I agree in that the corrupted weapons were a bonus. I see what everyone is saying..that f2p shouldn't have gotten the corrupted in the first place. I agree. But I guess the problem come in when...lets say you kill someone in full rune...and what is your drop? 2 pieces of rune? well what happened to everything else? idk... the game just swallowed it I can definitely foresee that the supply of armour...even in p2p..will be depleting more than being created. I guess it is something like construction where the game just swallows your gp. :?
  4. Gah...why more stuff for meleers in f2p... Some of us that are disappointed in the f2p aspect of pking are also members...like me. So dont assume that just because I care about f2p that i am f2p.
  5. the gloves arent tradeable are they?
  6. no spec attack? well they suck even more now... has anyone even gotten any of them yet? it seems like jagex didnt even add them into the game
  7. Jagex re-added it when PvP worlds were released. Well...Then i guess...ok Thats a pretty crazy team... I guess you could bring in an even bigger team to wipe those guys out then huh...
  8. Tbh, i feel jagex pooped on f2p with this update... How unoriginal can you get? lets use the exact same armour thats been around for years...but hey...lets let them use it only for 30 minutes, and then the lets turn them into dust. harhar sounds like a great idea... we need more crap that degrades after a time limit and why only melee items? wtf is that about... what happened to rangers and magers? now the gap got bigger what a load of [cabbage] for f2p...it really is at least they could have extended the time limit to like a few hours... to make them reasonable...that way at least you can try to make a profit from pking more this 30 min time limit will limit the market for these items...honestly who wants a dragon chain for 30 minutes for ... 400k... who the heck earns that much money in f2p to compensate for that price? no one is going to want to buy it until it goes down...and there goes profit and there goes any reason to use dragon weapons in the first place. Gah, im so angry and members as well...yeah sure the abilities are nice...but good luck trying to pk every piece that you would like to have...oh but wait..it degrades as well... well who wants that? and brawling gloves arent tradeable? wth? Gah!
  9. Wow, we need more [cabbage] that has a time limit to it like barrows and fog items and how original with the f2p corrupt dragon loot...good job jagex so far the pvp suck massive @**, at least the loot system does wtf is with the 75k thing? you need to risk a hell of a lot more worth to get a kill... decent pking stuff might include rune armour, a whip, a dds...well over 75k so wtf is with the 75k threshold
  10. I always thought about this, kebab is the highest healing food in f2p. But the downside is of its randomness... I sure dont want to be pking with kebabs...
  11. I know the first two that I got, but I don't know of the order... It was a left half shield from a black demon (when left halfs were worth something : ) And a dragon med helm from a metal dragon (also when they were worth something)
  12. Didn't jagex mention that the new high hitting weapons or armour were going to degradable? like an accelerated barrows degradation? if its true, then by all means the armour might be tougher than rune... btw...the new stuff will be tradeable - otherwise i dont see how it can be profitable as jagex stated.
  13. All I know is that when G.E. came to, it fixed and messed up trading.
  14. Arguing over what? Personally I don't recall reading that BH loot system will be removed. So, what's the argument over? rofl...
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