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  1. Pretty deep article :-k I agree though, some people just play for the sake of playing. And I'm gonna buy a battle axe just to try the "Did you know?..." :XD:
  2. Very good article. There are too many people in the game that play just to be the best at something or to get rare items. This is not the best way to play and like The Editor said it's the journey that counts. Reading the first couple posts on this topic you can see who didn't actually read the article but just wanted to post first :shame: :XD:
  3. I wanted to get 76 fishing then gave up on that. Then went for other things I can't even remember but of course got bored. Luckily all these half baked goals got me to my last goal of all skills 60+ \
  4. If I would've counted combat skills I guess I would've had more :-k
  5. The mini-map on the dragon wings doesn't match the screen :-k Other than that good job. Loved the first Chuck Norris one. :XD:
  6. Radgex


    Looks pretty good. Only thing would be to space out the mages a little and move the text around so it doesn't overlap. Pretty much just looks a little over balanced to the left, like to much happening.
  7. I voted before saw the pictures on the forum, thought it meant collapsable news announcements #-o Oh well, I voted "No Opinion" anyways \
  8. Thanks for the legs :XD: :thumbsup:
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