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  1. If it's one thing i hate in a name it's numbers... numbers, they are stupid to have in a name...Thats my opinion so don't hate m if you think diffrently. Having no numbers in your name a is allready a win, unless you choose a stupid name, you know what i mean. 8/10 Your name probably has a message thats why i gave you 8/10 Trough it all
  2. I get the humor in it, but i don't think it's very funny, but that doesn't mean i don't like it. Probably trying to display my real life picture! It's original, and i'm all for originiality! 7/10 Edit: that was for boris5000
  3. Not going to school anymore but the school i went to had some dumb rules: No smoking infront of the school gate (everyone did it across the street) Then a new rule came: No smoking arodund the school building or across the street. Everyone ignored this :P People started bringing their skateboards to school, a new rule got made: No bringing skateboards to school (wtf) A window got kicked in while playing soccer A new rule got made: No soccer (everyone ignored this) School pause lasts 10 minutes (used to last 15 minutes but they tought that was to long) Then they tought 10 minutes was to long and it's down to 8 minutes now (LOL!)
  4. Mom should know better, both sons have a loose screw aswell, even if you're drunk it's not an excuse to have sex with your mother WADDAHELL! All 3 should go to a mental institution.
  5. There is no reason to alch it when you will be the only one with crackers -.- I tought of that once, but it's impossible
  6. Never heard of him, but nice find nonethless. I found one myself, never shared this though it's probably been noticed before. The word canafis means wolf in latin
  7. Darn, that's very beautifull, i bet it will looks a lot nicer when finished, so what are you waiting for?
  8. Fighting boots? They lower your stats -.- DO NOT USE THEM! You should be fine with those stats, but bring some rune! And lobsters are recommended.
  9. I got sick on that easter, just as i did on every other easter, but i haven't been sick since that last easter, so i missed bunny ears :( I watched my older brother getting some though, but i couldn't stand on my legs lol Players should receive those items into their bank when they missed it somehow :(
  10. Those are just the basics to give the people an idea. Yeah anti poison is another good idea :)
  11. Very nice, i like the sunglasses :) 8/10
  12. This ain't a bug, it's been out since the release of rs2
  13. Why has agility been made? To acces limited areas.. Those potions do the same but they give you special abilitys aswell, can be used in quests, the fire elemental can manipulate lava and can walk trough it etc...
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