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  1. I saw this guy and he was walking. Then all of a sudden he follows someone, and instead of going closer, he was moving away in a backwards direction. How do people do this? Note: This was not lag since the guy did it several times and others noticed and became curious.
  2. This was on the front page: Doesn't this mean they made their staff larger?
  3. It says on the front page that they have made their team larger.
  4. Having dragon weapons in their inventory won't give the exact value. It'd probably be better and more faster if someone simply alched their fire cape...
  5. I'm curious about the fire cape "low alching" value to know if i would keep it in a 3-item death. Also does the d-axe break from cutting ents and does it split into an axehead?
  6. In Castle Wars, when i right-click someone, there is a "Take From Player" option. What does it do? I have tried using it and it does not let me take the flag from a player that has it.
  7. Sorry if this has been asked, but does a higher ranged lvl increase ranged def?
  8. I'm guessing that too. Probably there will be two kinds of yews, one that can only be for fletching and the other that can only be for firemaking.
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