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  1. Which set is better for training if I am using c bow with broad bolts? I'm sure void would be better for low-def monsters, but I'm going to being training ranged on slayer monsters from Duradel. (I probably won't be potting or using prayer) Also, I have the void set, so the time to get it isn't an issue.
  2. Wow, the employees would be rich...but there are taxes, interest, and other payments too. The workers don't get all the money.
  3. How does one go about getting these new clothes? Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't you be better off if you wanted to repair your anchor for 700k instead of paying the 700k having someone kill you, give you the 230k, and then buying it cheaper? There's probably something I'm missing but that seems to make sense to me. Lumberjack Clothes While escorting adventurers from Paterdomus to Burgh de Rott, or refugees from Burgh de Rott to Paterdomus in the Temple Trekking / Burgh de Rott Ramble minigame, you may find some lumberjack clothes dropped by the dire undead lumberjacks of Mort Myre. You will need a Woodcutting level of 44 to wear lumberjack clothes. [image] [image] [image] [image] Each of these items of clothing provides a slight experience boost when Woodcutting, with an extra bonus for wearing all of them together. It's in the woodcutting section of the knowledge base.
  4. Lots of people use skill calculators. Isn't that lazy as well? Why don't you go and try to manually calculate the amount of experience you need by paper? You like doing that?! If the skill calculators were embedded into the browser, is that too convienient? What is too convienient?
  5. The problem I'm having is that the advertisements on Runescape don't show up on any of my browsers. They just appear as a white "?" or sometimes the ad is just blank white. This next problem isn't Runescape-related: I have the latest Shockwave for a site that requires it for some games. The CPU usage for some reason [bleep]es up to 100%. It works on other shockwave games from other sites. Could anyone help me on either of these problems?
  6. Did you read what I wrote? I quoted it from someone else on the official forums. Read next time. Here's the code to the topic once more: Quick find code: 15-16-992-37069354 Maybe if you read i said whoever said it, meaning the person who told you. Read next time. Sorry, thought you meant me.
  7. Did you read what I wrote? I quoted it from someone else on the official forums. Read next time. Here's the code to the topic once more: Quick find code: 15-16-992-37069354
  8. 3 new 3rd age items a day, and how many new members a day? its the relative ratio of 3rd age items vs total active members that may cause these items to stay up there rising in price for a looong time... There's a topic on the official runescape about this: Quick find code: 15-16-992-37069354 And here's one of the quotes: "Paul Gower said that: The chance of getting a piece of 3rd age armour is precisely the same as getting a left half shield from a skeleton! Okay... And the drop rate for getting a shield left half is about 1 out of 10,000. That means you have a 0.0001% chance of getting a piece of 3rd age armour every time you do a clue. " 1/10000 is way greater than 1/1000. Also, I don't think that 3000 clues will be done in a day now. The holidays are over.
  9. Here's my take on red chinchompas: 80 hunter: 60k/hr 81 hunter: 65k/hr 86 hunter: 72k/hr And red salamanders: 75 hunter: 74k/hr 86 hunter: 76k/hr After a while, hunting red salamanders wasn't any faster for me.
  10. Can the bow use brutal and ogre arrows? Also, can the mind shield protect against the skeletal wyvern (from slayer) like the elemental one?
  11. When I go on runescape, my cpu usage increases by more than 50%. Does runescape usually use 110k of mem power? I've been having trouble in fixing that and downloading the latest Java didn't help at all.
  12. No, I've had my private chat off. My friend asked me why I go to other worlds and log out quickly once.
  13. When I log in, i usually have my private chat "off". But I've heard from my friends that they see me log in and then out. Sometimes I don't want my friends knowing where I am and I'd rather not have others that I logged in. Anyway I can stop others from knowing that I have logged in and then out? I've tried adding my friend to ignore and that didn't work.
  14. Really? Do you think so? Looking at construction, I've sat on a bench and there's a glitch already (parts of my character's body goes through the bench). How could a beta tester miss that?
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